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Shofi Ahmed Feb 1
The wind on the flow
to all directions south and north
paints on the lotus blooms on the sea
down the sky in lapis lazuli blue.
My daughter Zubeda Maya
asks me on the go
did you capture this fabulous mo?

Oh, where shall I start to roll
the Red Sea in Hurghada Egypt
puts on thousand and one show!
Chris Saitta Dec 2021
If I could love, I would take the best of marble and dove,
And craft her eyes like inlaid tombs in stone skyward flight.
Just so, the Egyptian khamsin wind, by way of Rhodes,
Alights with evenness on the trullo stone of Alberobello.
Just so, the weighing of the heart lies between marble and dove.
The weighing of the heart was part of the final judgement in the Egyptian journey to the afterlife where one’s deeds were weighed against the feather of the goddess Maat to determine if life had been honorable.
Crego Nov 2021
Bury me alive
In the tomb that I created
Jaded, complacent, frustrated
Substances left my mind
Completely vacant
Mummify my corpse
Lay it with my mistakes
Confined under infinite sand
In a desert that forsakes
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
and the King,
plagued up
to his neck
in denial,

turning remote
into staffs,
staffs into snakes,
and hounds,

shaking the sistrum,
singing gospels
full of mystery
to a god,
a girl,
and state of mind
he will never solve,

asking skies
of transulent
from the far corners
of his world,
for pharmacopia,

then granting
his freedom
in exchange
for a box
of hot glazed

and always
his little
wild petunia,
painted face
and percolating
skin smooth
as the eastern Delta,

her weighted down heart,
his tyranny,

his self-destructive tongue,
her asp

Carlo C Gomez Jul 2021
When Pharaoh
checked out at the Red Sea,
odd circumstance made a grab for his vacant scepter,

and kingdom collided
with plague to paint a mural
on the palace wall (or maybe, it was the hotel lobby),

of a dreamer's garden,
his wife in veils, her dance a cordial
invitation to a great many unmentionable things,

the feral sky had blown
itself out, and in muted candle
nightshade, the mistress of war disembarked,

and so somewhere
in those upper rooms, ruler
and consort, hearing the sound of running water,

mystified their carnal
senses by infusing themselves
with a little vigorous morphine of the soul

Chad Young Dec 2020
It is more than breathing forbearance, but
being forbearance itself. Like the back of my head is
pushed to the wall and I am allowing the Spirit
to push me further away from the middle.

The pyramid is the greatest source of God's Might
and is the most hidden retreat of Light: in the realm
of shapes and symbols.
The body takes on the quality of a pyramid.

There are man-made, divinely inspired, objects.
These are all micro aspects of the pyramid.
The city within the pyramid has many aspects hidden
behind "doors".
The letters and words written on the pyramid's parts allow
for the splendor of mankind.
All lights in this city get their power from the Divine.

The pyramid is the owner of Silence.
The sides of the pyramid are upheld by the
straight back of silence. Its apex is held by
the inner observer.
Silent meditation
HeWhoExplores Nov 2020
Oh queen! One of unjust passion
who leaves a gaping hole in my chest
With your two hands
One holding my beating heart
And the other a knife-
That rains down-
Down! From the heavens and impales with such sadness
With such ferocity, the damage is done
And with a single blow, the passion is over
Gone! As if never before seen again...
And in an instant, you destroy the living being that once loved you
Like Marc Anthony, a Roman conquerer
Whom to you was a lover, an overseas companion
Who captured your heart and womanly desires
Was just a mere mortal, in the end...
Undoubtedly imperfect for your ambitions
It pains one, oh dear Cleopatra
That our ways will more than likely
never cross again.
"Egypt will blow up
The Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam!
Ethiopia ,a symbol
of Pan Africanism,
Could forget
Its development map,
For Egypt will help
Carry on colonial legacy
In to the future,"
So  did
A verbal dosido
The ill-famed abuser.

"We dote on Egypt,
Terror sowing
In Ethiopia.
Ironically a terrorist
My self
I will strike out
Sudan from terrorist
If it sides Egypt
This is my edict!"
Trump’s Verbal D0-si-dos  

“Ethiopia is a country that navigated the tide of time with a firm belief on God the Almighty as well as the unity and perseverance of its people. Though some tried to dictate to it too much giving it too little it never relied on such quarters. It always relies on it children who are alacritous to see to its dictates scarifying their lives.
It is God the Almighty that created Ethiopia. And it is its children that built it. Because of the sacrifices its children made Ethiopia had made history that astounded the world. There were allies that stood by its side when it made such golden history.  On the contrary, there were others that stabbed it in the back. Ethiopia is no stranger to such unfolding.”
This is an excerpt from the statement released by the Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia concerning the unbefitting statement or verbal Do-si-dos president trump made on the GERD.
True, Ethiopia had been a lone runner in its fight for God-bestowed freedom and struggle for economic liberation. We very well know what the response we got upon lodging our complaint to the League of Nation when Italy, using banned poisonous gas, tried to occupy Ethiopia.
Ethiopia did try to make clear the blatant aggression was inimical not only to Ethiopia but also to the world at large.
In defending its sovereignty Ethiopia didn’t sit hands crossed for want of allies. It rather mounted a guerilla fight to dislodged occupants. Vesting hopes on God the Almighty, the greatest Judge, and cognizant that a justice cause at long last will triumph forefathers had shed their blood for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.
It must be known that Ethiopians never ever compromise their sovereignty. trump’s attempt to Twist Ethiopia’s arm with financial aid shows his ignorance about Ethiopia and world history.
As Ethiopia single handedly become a beacon of freedom to the world emerging triumphant on the battle of Adwa, nowadays fighting off the injustices on the use of the Blue Nile and actualizing the dam e Ethiopia in an equitable manner will once more turn out to be an emblem of economic deliverance based on self-reliance and faith in Almighty God.
Ethiopia has launched the GERD project pooling internal resources and using its own experts precluding donors who may pull strings by the virtue of their financial aid. Ethiopians exhibiting no difference along ethnic and religious lines are supporting the dam.
It is only for development and development only Ethiopia wants to use the river so as to break away from fettering poverty. Innumerable Ethiopian mothers carry firewood to prepare foods choking with smokes. They have many mouths to feed. Recent studies reveal that almost 67% percent Ethiopians lose their life every year owing to this reason. This sad episode takes place in Ethiopia famed for being the water tower of east Africa.
Based on the aforementioned fact any right-minded person will certainly pat on the back Ethiopia’s move to materialize hydropower Dam over Blue Nile.
trumph’s statement that the dam will holdback the water signifies his blind spot regarding hydropower dam. He should have reflected very recently Sudan and Egypt were inundated by flood .
In his statement “Egypt will blow up the dam!” he did not only attempt to disrespect Ethiopia’s sovereignty but also that of Egypt because he saw the latter as a remote control that can’t stand on its own feet.
His uncouth speech was also divorced from diplomatic norms and international water law. It also means lower riparian countries could blow up upper riparian countries’ hydropower dam say for instance Hover Dam. He did not realize that his speech could backfire. If the international water law is to be rewritten there must not be a preferential treatment.
The speech he made while an African solution is being sought for the dispute shows he had also infringed on the right of Africa.
Though his speech is  beingslammed from every corner let us wind up with two stunting comments one from an Economics professor(on ETV) and another from a small kid on u-tube(Ustaze Jemal Beshir) respectively.
“It is a pity that a great nation has a little (a mentally dwarf) leader!”
“Must Ethiopian mothers  be deprived of light and electricity? Such speech is unexpected of a grownup/”

The imbecile president that is a disgrace to America. Read the feedback from the link
Despite Blue-Nile
-lower-riparian countries' clamor
For possible dearth
Of water
So that GERD, condemned,
A reversal suffer
They are  now inundated
By the river.

Had GERD not been
Born to life
Imagine how their
Plight could be rife!

See how the stance of
So called a great leader
With a brain of a bird
Proved absurd.
Nature proved them wrong thx to God.
Read  my poem That wicked woman from a wicked man I wrote four years back
We are afraid
As we give you aid
We have the liberty
To maneuver your head
To the extent your are
Deprived a go ahead
To tend
Your  self-development
And self -reliance

"When money speaks
the truth is silent"
If you want to continue
Our client
Remember you're macilent
So  try not to be violent
Fighting back  with" Though
I'm poor I 'm somebody!"
'Cause, snobbish, we may prefer
This budy from that budy.
Don't be naughty
There is nothing
As such inviolable

A budy
That does not
Help  better optimize
Our advantage
Shoddy, could not
Come to the same page.

Note also
We could pull strings
And  to loan givers tell
"When we speak
Wag  your tail!"
To Trump and World Bank///

Pat Ethiopia on the back than stab it in the back

Intolerant of a crushing poverty that bound Ethiopia hand and foot,   the country is dead set on escaping the daunting scenarios its citizens across generations had suffered. Members of this generation too have known the brunt all their lives. Population boom has been exacerbating the problem.
Despite the bounty and plenty the country boasts, for aeon, it was forced to go through the throes of poverty perplexed by its inaction.
The calamity of inclement weather such as droughts and subsequent shortages of food had been souring the country’s fate.
To add an insult to injury, Ethiopia could not get its economy off the ground rocked by internal turmoil that went on unabated fueled by struggle for power and also disturbed by the proxy wars and revolutions exported by those who want to emasculate the country depriving it the power to use its resources like its trans-boundary rivers.
Hence it was coerced to heavily lean on foreign aids, which resulted in dependency syndrome. As such, in molding its fate the country had no option than remain locked in the doldrums of inaction. True to the wisdom-packed saying “Give a man a fish you feed him a day. But teach him how to fish you will feed him the rest of his life!” it was this point international donors were laboring to ram home in lecturing Ethiopia and others. Ethiopia’s developmental ****** to feed itself and illumine the region is in consonance with this silver bullet.
But making 180 degree turn and contravening the aforementioned ideal more often than not they uphold, hypocrites in this set are forcing Ethiopia to compromise its national interest and brush aside its developmental drive simply to cheer up their pet country, depressed out of jealousy as Ethiopia is outstripping it in geopolitical importance. Hypocrites want to support those who sow the seed of terror abroad spoiling fifth columnists in Ethiopia, envisioning socioeconomic take off beyond its perimeter.
“When money speaks the truth remains silent!” runs the adage. That is to say the pauper and the feeble turn vulnerable, when the affluent wield power. This does not work for Ethiopia that never ever compromise its sovereignty even in the face of war inferno.
It is cogent that an enemy of your friend or your handyman is your enemy. With this mentality white supremacist that spare no effort to optimize their advantage are seen trying to twist Ethiopia’s arm “We could underwrite developmental aid to you if and only if you show alacrity to what we blindly dictate to you. There is no room for taking what we say with a grain of salt. If you fall out with our pet country a punitive measure expects you.”
Hypocrites and their pet country also leave no stone unturned to lure the rational minded countries to their side so that they fall out with Ethiopia. The pendulous behavior of the riparian and neighbor country, which was a votary of the truth up to recent times, testifies this disposition.
International donor organizations to which hypocrites attached their apron strings are revoltingly echoing the stance of hypocrites creating pretexts not giving a second thought to the fact that their action could be weighed by the global community as a double standard. Such tail wagging goes a long way in eroding international trust. Here, it is no wonder if one alludes to the true farce of Barban and Jesus. Hang the votary of regional growth and release the exporter of terrorism is the modern version of it.
Such a subtle attack is unfair and unjust. Besides, the donations of hypocrites were meant for mutual objective—maintaining peace in a strategic area of global importance. As such, the negative impact could not be seen as a unilateral one. Where is the picture perfect love of hypocrites to democracy?
GERD is  Ethiopia’s  flagship project that is reminiscent of the victory of Adwa that threw into shambles white supremacy and showcased colored people could square up to any challenge. Is it because of this,  for want of due protection, we are witnessing attacks on our flag in Europe in sharp contrast to the etiquettes of international diplomacy? Crime by omission is no less than crime by commission! The international community must heed this as put it emperor Hailesellasie before League of nations “today it is our turn tomorrow it is yours!”
Averse to the trend international donors wait on Ethiopia hand and foot, the country is harnessing its resources to its and regional benefits. In so doing, generating electricity it is garnering foreign currency. Extrapolation shows that if it presses ahead with this noble task the country could beef up its muscles to the extent of seeing developmental aid as something it could manage without.
Ironic as it may sound, lately the lower riparian countries are inundated by the water of Blue Nile though they were crying foul the first phase of the filling and subsequent filling of the dam could cause a dearth of water in their lands. As a kid cowers imagining a bogeyman, lower riparian countries must not shudder imagining unscientific and farfetched things. Besides their heart tells them Ethiopia is marked for considerateness to others.
Let it be known Ethiopia is not a pushover. It is a standard-bearer of bootstrapping. In cognizance of this fact the rational need to pat it on the back than stab it in the back.  //
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