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For the person
Like us
We yearn to understand
Every Colors
Various Shapes
Transient Moods
Amusing Lies
Even a slight change in expression
And every other details

But it's that vibe
Where we truly reside
That drives us

To portray you
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
I saw an angel,

Flying with hymns.

Suicide is never the sign.
Elaine Yu May 2020
Fall / by Elaine Yu

i know why it is called “fall”
Like a piece of heaven fall
Wait for us and never fade
Not until your laughter echoed in the valley
Not until the mud splashed on our shoes
Not until you conquered the hill and creek
Not until you gave me your precious self-made hiking stick
Not until you played enough in this fall

That year an angle fall
Ignite my world with a smile
And love I fall into
Never fall apart
Written on my son’s 14 year’s old birthday
Noticing some angle dust on the fances of my window
"attended to conquer the fiction, through my entire imagination"
was my consistent motto
got to eliminate the prison of mind
& Trying to get the whole world breathig!
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2019
~for Star BG~*

the visualization exists and persists like a pea burr
under a princess mattress,
the old poet in confession reveals he is a 180 degree sinner,
hail mary, yeah baby,
but the 90 degree was deemed so correct that blessed as right,
intuited and taught as the first of the geometric earth geo-phases,
first even before,
the Kabbalist circles found in early man’s cave
star drawings

who has time or patience to lean on a base tree trunk,
sitting, becoming an emboldened line compelling complimentary,
a human addition to seal a natural right angle,
blessed are they,
good luck to all of us,
for he who feels peace, brings it forth,
no messiah required,
when humans use their bodies and trees,
to make a rightful peace sign,
humans breathe the forest oxygen
preserving both
3/21 10:11am
a thank you poem.

in every comment and message,
you seed the next one!
Gods1son Mar 2019
All things bright and beautiful
All things night and pitiful
It all depends on the angle
It all depends on perspective
Love is pure
Love is poor
Again, angle and perspective
TheIntruder Jan 2019
Early morning bliss
Angel by my side
Gentle loving kiss
No more goodbyes
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
On four wheels
and on my knees.
Warm colorful tones
and cracking bones.
Up in the sky
and down to hell.
A trip I take everyday,
to feel well.
Foggy windows,
foggy minds
creating beautiful times.
Pulling the string
that makes me do things
which would make an angle
loose her wings.
She would forget to fly
and then peacefully die.
Özcan Sh Nov 2018
Big blue waves danced
I heard an angel sang
She wore a long white dress

She had a charming smile and
Her eyes were shone like stars

The angel in white came closer to me
And sat down next to me

Our hearts began to pound louder
I grabbed her delicate hand
Kissed her slowly to the neck

She laid her head on me
And we felt in love
With the beat in our chest.
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2018
the angel amongst us

~for Alexander, master splasher~

flexibility is important when poetry writing in a warm tub and a long day ahead is scheduled; so willingly accept the autocorrect
for I am both an experienced poet and bath soaker and
believer in wondrous mystery and unexpected fumbles
that lead to to miracle touchdowns


the two mathematicians examine the angle, measure the degree of difference at intersection and bless it with an identity,
calling it by its name,
perhaps obtuse, perhaps right, perhaps both

two sets of eyes examine the angle,
study its ****** expression

the old man says:
see the angle on the clock formed by the big handle on the twelve and the little hand on the eight?

this is angle of eight o’clock:
time to stop the splashing and start the get-readying
for we have miles to go before the ocean can say hello!

little angel says angle no go
and slashes the water with both
hands to establish the firmness of his views
and change Einstein’s time from present to future

the angle depends on the perspective of the viewer

the old poet comprehends leaving a warm tub is a regretful thing

but he measures the degree of difference at this
of time and bath and blesses it with an identity

“time to go”

the angle of my angel is now 2 pointed arms, pointed straight up,
at the twelve o'clock,

as he stands up in fevered protest,
my arms sweep his little legs to
a point at eight o’clock,
angel, commenting on his swift flight
disputes the grandfathers physics

"no go now,
now go later^"

though the angle is unchanged
the perspective of time and space
(and traffic),
yet differs

one sees an angle,
the angel sees time
eternally folding in on itself

that is the angle amongst us
^Surprising as it may be to most non-scientists and even to some scientists, Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. In 1952, in his book Relativity, in discussing Minkowski's Space World interpretation of his theory of relativity, Einstein writes:

Since there exists in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.
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