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Game Of Thrones,
Game Of Thrones,
Game Of Thrones,
The hero for me was Tyrion Lannister,
He always tried to do what was right,
The small man with the great noble heart,
He knew the dragon queen was insane like her father,
So who sits on The Iron Throne?
Tyrion Lannister,
Tyrion Lannister,
Tyrion Lannister.
Regina May 3
Oh, "Game Of Thrones", I miss it so, with all the good looking gents,
what's an aging poetess to do,
but lament,
the sight of Kit Harington's assets,
(no, not the **** acting!),
made me want to take a trip down memory lane, so I got
this gray old hen remembers
teenage summer nights laying
on the sand, then-
getting quite sufficiently drunk
with delightful young men!
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
According to a new
Conspiracy theory,
The last season of
Game of Thrones
Never happened.
AceLione May 2019
The Lion and The Wolf met in the Dark
The Lion said that all the wolf could do was bark
But the wolf ignored The Lion as he got closer
The Lion felt like he would get rammed over by a bulldozer
However The Lion said hear me roar
It was loud and it scared, the stag, dragon and also the boar
The Lion is The King of Creatures
Golden pelt is one of its majestic features
I haven’t posted something in months I made this up in seconds for fun
sunshine Nov 2018
a white dove.
a simple lie.
sweet regret.
a mother's cry.
death's prayer.
a single lullaby.
a crow's caw.
deepest night.
a snowy mountain.
a lover's duet.
burning fires.
a war cry.
a queen's people.
far away.
a storm comes.
a war begins.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2018
The salt water washes away the sin
crashing on the rocks so violently,
trickling down tracing my skin
the most beautiful symphony.
There’s nothing that I detest more
than the sand encasing my toes,
but still my home sits on the shore
I love the depth and adore the lows.

Drag me down into the sea
where I’ve always been destined to be,
The waves strongly embracing
my heart stopping yet racing.

I’ll be a drowned god,
for what is dead may never die,
but rises again stronger and harder.
Among the bass and the cod
I’ll never again see the sky
sacrifice my heart to be a martyr.

You know sand is a kin to soil
for underwater the seaweed will grow,
and with passion the bubbles boil
we do not reap; we do not sow.
Hoarding a seashell collection
though I can not craft jewelry,
I’d still offer quite a selection
a salt crown was never meant for me.

Drag me down into the sea
where I’ve always been destined to be.
The tide will lock on and carry me
until I’m listing and sinking.

I’ll be a drowned god,
for what is dead may never die,
but rises again stronger and harder.
And I may be very flawed,
to that I could never deny
I can’t negotiate nor can I barter.

Drag me down to the sea
where I’ve always been destined to be.
An escape where no one can flee,
forever cursed to be drowning.

I’ll be a drowned god,
I’ll rise again but painfully slow.
No one will wait to applaud,
but we do not reap and we do not sow.

For what is dead may never die,
but rises instead stronger than I.
For what is dead may never die,
I never lead and following; I could never try.
red door and lemon tree; breathe for me
my heart of gold is quite a
currency; can’t you see?
he was no dragon
flames sweep my icy mane but his hand felt the whip grow
oh-so-hot; I know that smell
keratin-laden lemons part the sand,
give you life till they’re
hollow, then we’ll go;
he was no dragon but a waking fiend,
growing ill; I’m
seventeen and searing still;
by day, I’m their lilac-eyed abolitionist, their metallic metonym,
their mother, and we all ache for redolent citrus;
red door and lemon tree; set us free
by night, all doors are black and my
tears crater the sand;
one day you'll
carry me home
dany's a mess sometimes but I love her so far.

I do not intend to add anything to the GoT universe. This piece was merely an analysis of Dany's story arc in the form of poetry.
All places and characters described belong to George R.R. Martin
Atta Jul 2017
We are not dating
I don't like you.
You are one of my friends, and I love you as friend.

I saw your brown eyes in many ways:
when they're blue, I set your mood to red.
Setting fire so we could burn the whole blue horizon.

When they're grey, I laughed a lil bit because your idea of everything.
Listening to our dream and dancing till the day comes.

When they're brown, we went to our own world.
You were the king and i was the queen, ruling our kingdom and executing our sadness.

man, those were the days we looked at each others and said some *******.

then, the day came and we took different paths.

soon, I'll see you sit beside me, cheering the moment from our thrones.

As friend.
Really *** is this. I do have boyfriend- and he's one of the sweetest ******* ever. Im so sorry if there were grammar errors becuase i gave no **** when i wrotr this lol.
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