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Little chip
bottomless dip
but is it?

Does nature has
a hole or a slit?

Tap in logic
it's ******!

For instance dig in
mathematically instill
a finer silicon chip
but where is the slit?
It springs
digital and now AI magic.
Gold is not easily portable due
   To gold’s weight and risk of theft
      The paper currency originally built
         On top of gold can be moved faster
            And digital money even more quickly
               Yet is controlled and limited through
                  Centralized entities that limit transfers
                  We need a money that is lightweight
               And easily transported anywhere at
            Very low cost, AND has no controls
         Or censorship - truly open to people
      Everywhere in the world - a money
   Very hard to steal, but easy to send
Bitcoin is supremely portable money
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Kevin Sep 2022
The presence of our contemporary age
Alters artistic vision down a spiral of emptiness.
Artist no longer create the visual page,
Their spellbound by ambitions of digital laziness.

Visions lost to the age of simplicity,
Erased to machines’ evil desires,
Deluded by storms of deception,
Creativity ceased as hell endures its fires.

Instant gratification — the new reality —
The yearning for excellence, no endurability.
Modern day artistic creativity,
Coerced by digital debility.

Tradition bankrupt by false realities,
Lost to a pallet of ones and zeros;
Artwork with no archival ability,
The future lost to modern day technologies.
Without creativity innovation ceases to exist. Without innovation society dies. Mediocrity becomes the normal. And from these ashes rises a generation who embraces servitude with open arms.
Kevin Sep 2022
It is the thing we create from within.
From the depth of our soul
Where our passion does live.
The place we seek to find the unseen,
Those things that are seen
Within our minds and our dreams,
The things that others have not yet seen.

A vision where those can gaze and be free,
By a master at play while capturing his dreams
Upon the canvas where the art lives and breathes
Away from other influence, that he may have seen.

The art does not copy the others of known.
Instead, each piece is the artist's very own.
By bracing his feet upon the ground where he stands,
The art comes from within, from the master’s own hands.
Before the onslaught of digital and its mediocre output, art was considered a treasure. Not anymore. It’s become a world of anything goes. The way of the masters lost to a sea of 0’s and 1’s: no more perfection, no more beauty with the stroke of a brush. We entered the creative world of the mundane.

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Rama Krsna Dec 2021
you and i
may soon be gone,
but these three magical words
“i love you”
etched in the metaverse
will stay on.....
immortalized forever!

© 2021
Thomas Steyer Oct 2021
I went to sleep - then woke up at 1:23
And when again at 4:56 it looked like a scheme
Then again at 7:89 but that must have been a dream
Andrew Rueter Mar 2021
I like to end the game with my shields up
And my hero buffed
And enhancement stuffed
But sometimes that isn't enough
Sometimes I kick the loser while they're down
So they can join me below the ground
In this mentality where I drown

Life is a test
And I gave up
In this game I'm the best
So it's here I'm stuck
In a world of fable
A developer's tale
Where I prevail
And find validation
By achieving victory
Then causing agitation
Because of my misery

Victory means I'm better
Victory means I'm smarter
Once your flag is fettered
I call you a starter
Thinking I'm somehow harder
Discounting my partners
In this digital harbor

With all my bickering
There's no mystery
Why the result starts differing
I hear the enemy team snickering
As my team starts whimpering

I feel my fortune shifting
Once luck isn't with me
And the match starts drifting
From a victorious gifting
To quite laborious indeed

I put all my time into this game
And nothing else
So I feel immense shame
From digital welts
This individual hell
Of a darkened cell
Is where I fell
Convinced my ability
Is proof of some secret potential
I give my life willingly
To prove to gamers I'm special
Dereaux Oct 2020
Sometimes, I see them walking
here in the square,
chained to their digital world
scared to be in real life I guess.
Or they just don't care

Years ago, it was different,
a ball rolled here every day.
There was that rotten boy
who always won my marbles,
times just rolled away

But at least I had
something precious to lose
and did not sit all day
staring at a small screen.
We also had less to choose.

I only went back home
for half an hour just to see
The mysteries of ******-doo
or those **** Duke boys
that were on black and white TV.

Yes, this square used to be fun
liveliness, cohesion and
laughter wide spread.
nowadays it seems more like
an episode of the Walking dead.
George Cheese Sep 2020
i. 403 Forbidden

lostin _thisdigital_scream.mp3
it’s over
pick up the pieces.
you know who this is
you know where this is
fresh eyes to see the world
strings of code
binary - 1 or 0
back into the
cave we go

ii. 401 Unauthorised

you split yourself open.
it is time to make a change
your code writ in red and
love and trauma
plug you in
(plug into me)
corrupted files
delete, delete
a cut job (ctrl x)
you do not have access.

iii. 404 Not Found

who are you
where are you
what colour is the sky
what colour is the sea
why can you feel the pull of the moon
does the earth call to you
why does she have rainbow eyes

there you are
empty automata
take to change.
flee from me.
find safety.
electric sheep dreams.

everything not saved will be lost

iv. 410 Gone

you wake.
the world is new
to you again
or you are
new to it.
i won’t find you in this place
because you’re gone
new version
a reconfiguration
ship of theseus
whole again
without them

coda. Metadata

you run out into the dark
the burdened and choked night sky
you see nothing
you see everything
this world is yours to reshape
and you to be reshaped with it
cause and effect
no more binary. no more
i am waiting for you.
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