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Emillie 3d
We don't talk much but I need your help.
I am in your garden and so is he:
My apple.
These two years I have sat here,
Waiting for my apple to fall that I may take a bite, feel his sweet company beside me.
Yet the apple is distant.
He doesn't see me

So I drink this poison instead.
I sit here anticipating his company but he never shows
Cody Cooke Feb 11
They call me the Adam bomb ,
like I’m to be dropped over Eden ,
make flames of the birds in the sky
and name all of the wild beasts ash .
I am built of war and steel ,
still , stoic power ,
tucked up under this giant winged-thing ,
an egg ready to burst uranium yolk .

Hear the mechanic buzz of annihilation
as I’m carried to my glorified purpose .
From heaven , earth is gone ;
there’s only the dark and the loud machines ,
then the click ,
and then the floor opens .
I hover above white cloud-smears ,
feeling like Icarus : the power of the sun .
My cold creators with flat eyes and gloved hands
exchange a look
then I’m falling —

Sky screams , going down ,
I am neither Judgement nor Redemption .
I am not Grace; I am not the Fall ;
I am both the End and the Means ,
the “what Men stood for” , plummeting ,
wailing , ******—
the sound of the end .
mrc Feb 5
r u  n   n     i      n       g
t   i   p   n
  r   p   i   g
inspired by the singer, EDEN. idea credit goes to him.
I’m made of dust, dried bones and incomplete,
To be cursed for want of a stolen rib,
Barely alive with the faintest heartbeat,
A grown man like an orphan in his crib.

No room for a soul in my shriveled veins,
No life support for fragile loneliness,
To acquiesce in sadness given reins,
A flawed experiment in holiness.

To be alive gives no consolation,
My helpmate has absconded with my soul,
Turning my devotion to temptation
To fill a void when I should have been whole.

This lesson has been far too hard to learn!
To God-forsaken earth let me return!
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Maaz Jan 30
Upon the tree of eternity a man laid his gaze,
A sight that caused his thoughts to haze.
The words of the devil he could not trust,
yet gazing at this tree his heart filled with ****.
He stepped forward and took from the damnable tree,
A mistake, he soon realised, to doom him eternally.

Alas, the forbidden fruit had been consumed,
the dissolute nature of man finally exhumed.
As the consequences began to loom overhead,
"Oh, forgive me for my sin", he said,
"I have taken a bite from the forbidden fruit,
yet still I wish to confute,
The idea that I am inherently bad,
For I cannot bear to lose all that I've had"

To go from a world so green and lush
to one where the ground was covered with dust,
was the price this credulous man had to pay,
banished to earth,
to live out the rest of his days.
Our story of origin
Sean Jan 18
I met a man, a gardener,
Who told of an auspicious seed.
He worked the seed, carefully
Its flower never seen.

The villagers would glance at him,
In times when things were looking dim
His ambitious eyes and sallowed skin
Reminded them to not give in.

When his work-struck shoulder stiffened,
strained back outed,
He still worked his seed.
And it never sprouted.

Until one off-beat Thursday morn,
the man did not get out of bed.
He passed away that fateful night,
The patch was left an empty stead.

The village gathered for the mass
A crowd with eyes of glass,
They stood and spoke, with admiration,
Of his hard-laboured inspiration - unforgotten.

Outside the Church, in the man's humble patch,
A seed sprouted, flourished - hatched:

Eden would have paled to see
The tree that came from this mere seed,
Hard work and dedication-
A tribute to his legacy.
Sarah Dec 2018
I know

I would have stayed

In eternal Paradise with you

But snakes with their cursed tongues of silver

Stole away my forbidden fruit

Until you got a taste

Of your own
E B K Dec 2018
Have you found your way
To your Garden of Eden?
Walking on the gravel
Of your self-made path

The stars have emerged above you
As you enter your land of joy
The voices of your future
Begin to grow in laughs

You will soon laugh with them too

And yet, what have you
left behind?
The echo of your past
My voice
missing you,
longing for you,
Fading into black
The tears forming a stream
That you can go across

And I, what was I?
A pause in your journey?
A consideration of your story
That was eventually pushed away?

And so
As you get closer to your Garden
As the cross-hatched landscape
is fading into mist
The colors will get brighter
And more beautiful
And I
Will be already

Endings can be hard
Amanda Dec 2018
Water falls into turquoise lagoons
Where softly dusted butterfly wings
Chastely kiss a blue sky mirror
As the sun admires its reflection
Dressed up in cotton white clouds
Vibrant birds fluff out their feathered costumes
Listening as warm winds pass through talking trees
Hidden in a desert of lush green foliage
Enclosed in a ring of bleach white sand
As deep blue water guards the periphery
Of this last of Eden’s islands
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