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StormriderIX Jun 2021
It is not fire
that burns
          the most.

   It is not anger
of an untold
          story's ghost.

It is the
and the
             which it

Yet without
  our tiny stories
Mark Wanless Jun 2021
and the frog said
to the giraffe
kiss my tiny ***
Sindi May 2021
The tiny boy looked at the tiny tree
And it was big
The tiny tree looked at a tiny building
And it was huge
Tiny building looked at the tiny ocean
And it was large
The tiny ocean looked at the tiny space
And it was gigantic
The tiny earth looked at the tiny universe
And said it was enormous
© Sindi Kalumba
kayzamo Apr 2021
She thinks she's all grown up;
She walks in thinking that she's a full grown
Turning her ankle to show off that tiny heel.

She overdrew her lips
Higher than the empire state.
Her tiny eyes dart down the aisles.
Do you really think you can sniff out
A hot stud at the local WalMart?

Her soul tricked itself,
Roaring like it's a lion.
She'd do anything to make herself forget
That she's only a tiny girl.

And there she stands,
Scanning a tiny bag of chips,
Then stealing a beer at the self-checkout.
What a grown up thing to do.
I welcome critques. Thanks!
quinn Jan 2021
i like to imagine myself trekking across
a great desert, or tundra, or wasteland,
and it’s dark but the sky is glowing
with stars and the sun on the horizon
and everything is that beautiful natural violet.
there is nothing for miles and miles and miles
and in every direction is the same thing.
i walk over hills and through ditches
but in the hugeness of the landscape
they are nothing, and it’s still wide and flat.
i wonder and i dance and i shout at the sky
and i flail my arms around and trip over
and i yell and grin and shake to the stars
and to the space beyond them, that infinity.
i tip my head upwards and smile to
infinite amounts of infinite things up there.
i am confused and i am lost and i am scared
and in all of that i’ve found the most joy
that is even possible to be felt.
i scream at the infinity in a friendly way
as if i’ve figured out its secrets,
as if we’re on the same page.
i thank it and i laugh at it and i scold it
for everything that i feel and know and am
because one of the infinite things up there
must have given it to me,
whether it knows it or not,
and i feel safe and tiny and fleeting
and i am so happy to be the
tiny second of useless time and phenomena
that i am.
from the 22nd of november 2020. there's this song that i like and it makes me see this image and i think it's important.
Marlene Bailey Apr 2020
i feel.


in agony.

i feel like the world is ending
but I have no one to turn to.
i feel very happy for a moment
and very sad to the other.
i feel like i can't do anything right
as if it were mud, as if it didn't hurt,

as if i was worth nothing.
this is exactly how i feel right now, not my best work but i needed to vent
Olive Apr 2020
I feel like a remote.
A tiny remote in the hands of a giant
Toggling through channels
Accidentally pressing every other button than the intended
I have no control
I have lost sense of where I am in space
I am helpless
Vulnerable to the choices of the giant
Constantly fluctuating between states of fear
And peace
Never knowing when each state will change
Never knowing how long I will have peace
Before the fear arises
I am just a tiny remote
In the hands of a giant.
Currently battling feelings of trauma sneaking up and hijacking my peace of mind.
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