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Color 5d
where the sun is hot
and the sky is blue

where the moon shines all night
on me and you.

we are alive
shimmering and hot
violet and yellow and blue.

we are the heat
the boiling waves
that pull off the concrete below.

we are the cold
the crackling freeze
the ice and the wind and the rain.

we are the drowning
we live underwater
the deaf and the mute and the dead.

we are the giants
the huge and the mighty
the violent and the bold and the daring.

we are the fairies
the small and the vicious
the swift and the radiant and the glimmering.

we are the living
the blue and the yellow
the red and the green and the purple.
Maria Mitea May 15
when the geometry of sombra
seems to have a life of its own on the world's marmoring walls,
the underworld seems so close to my eyes, and
annoyance takes shape above
it is more intelligent than
I, who can see the train coming,
uncertainty won’t
bother impotence resting on earth’s shoulders, and
Sleeping Giant can wait forever for the lost sailor.
What a blessing!
Mikey Kania Dec 2019
dear tracy
i am listening to your words
listening to your voice

dear tracy i am listening to you because
you calm me

a morning is given grace
by your voice but first of all:

how could a day forgive?
heaven yeah: it can!

since a day is god
and god is a day
and god is inside everything
and god is inside everyone
and god forgives
god, without words, made me feel how to forgive

it's a lack of compassion that made the
cold-hearted so cold-hearted
the giants of our earth will fall
sooner or later.

i am talking about goliath
i am talking about donald
i am talking about supercilious creatures
who fight against themselves day by day
but who celebrate autonomy

dear tracy
i am listening to your words
listening to your voice

dear tracy
i am listening to you because
you're a good person.

a good person does the right thing;
and by spreading a strong spiritual vibe
you have been doing the right thing

dear tracy please:

spread the vibe
     and then

spread the vibe
     and then

speak the word.
Thank you, Tracy.

YouTube: Unsung Psalm - Tracy Chapman (Lyrics)
a little insane Dec 2019
she's big,
almost too big.
big enough to weigh more
than you.

she's hope,
that something betters to come.
that we won't be here forever.

she's always there,
haunting your every move.
in your way,
and on your lap.
but always exactly where you want her.

she's dying,
and we have to hold onto her,
before it's too late.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2019
It may be only
a little pearl.
But someone
reached out to it
peeping in the giant sea.
Abby M Dec 2018
I feel small
The world is a laughing giant
Wearing a coat to stop the cold
But all of her coats are too big for me
East Wind Nov 2018
I tried to reach the moon
It escaped me
Surrounded by people
feeling lonely
The nature of my kind
kind of funny
I tried to count the stars
They’re elusive
The moment that I doubt
I keep drowning
The nature of the world
Still astounds me

A Space Man asked me
What I was doing
Searching for meaning
Where you find nothing.
He said, "child why are you
Grasping for stars
When they’re clearly running from you?"

I tried to reach the moon
It escaped me
I was surrounded by strangers
Who all knew me
And I think I lost my keys last night
When I got home I was locked out
So I sat on my steps calling for the Space Man
But, I don’t know why I’m chasing the wind
When it’s clearly running from me!
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