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Tichozpytec Apr 2021
Followed by many
Giant among the giants
With an orange mark
Svetoslav Mar 2021
blinding aether sun
burnt grasses and branches cry
as ashen giants flight
Svetoslav Mar 2021
sunburnt grasses cry
branches, blinding aether sun
as ashen giants flight
EmperorOfMine Dec 2020
He's a gentle giant
Tiptoeing around his soul flower
Delicately nurturing the delicate entity
In awe, he gawks from suns to moons
Pondering in anticipation, this wonder flower's bloom
Such a marveling creation, he wants to support forever
But he's so very very big
He could crush the little thing
And so he can never get too close.

As gentle as he may be, he will never be so gentle it doesn't break the flower
So he may only enjoy the flower from a distance, never being able to entwine
Until one day the flower blooms and evolves from a flower to a tree
For a soul-flower is complex enough to be this free
And it's roots caressed the giant's body, gently uniting with its everlasting partner in time

Becoming one, like the tree on top of the giant hill
Together, they slumber forever, in each other's presence, content, and still.

People visit this soul tree from time and time
For many believe that this tree will grant you the sight to obtain your own true love, you'll see

There was a time where this giant thought it would never get to truly love the soul-flower but could nurture it from a distance, and it did so happily.

This nurturing little did the giant know, caused it to bloom big enough to withstand the giant's strength, forming its own strength, in which it used to become one with the giant, for the love of one was so powerful that it amplified the being of the other.
Alan S Bailey Nov 2020
To the tune of the song "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel

Verse 1
Hello toilet, my old friend
I've come to **** in you again
I've been waiting for a great while
This time I'm going the ex-tra mile
With a force that few have ever known
Will power alone
I'm taking...the ****...of GIANTS

Verse 2
In struggling feels I might pass out
There is much sweat upon my brows
And a straining-pushing as such
Upon a mountain where lightning struck
Where I felt the challenge
Seemed beyond my strength
What it might take
Attempting...the ****...of GIANTS

Verse 3
And in the end I can now feel
This force of nature makes me reel
Pushing a boulder that may not pass
Pushing a stone with such great mass
Making a log of the greatest immense size
Yes-in all my life
As this was...the ****...of GIANTS

Verse 4
By my word-I feel-that this is it
Upon this toilet throne I sit
Feeling like an explosion from inside
With no place in my mind left to hide
As this was-like a moose now giving birth
The enormous ****...of GIANTS

Verse 5
And my goal it now seems in sight
I give it all with all my might
In a strange vision this very moment
As this an unreal bowel movement
And soon I feel:
Like the clear shaking in the earth
That as making n' breaking waves
I'm stunned and dazed
From taking...the ****...of GIANTS
(Sang to the tune of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel)
I own nothing. Enjoy!
...well, nothing accept the world 'size of **** taken' record.
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