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building news
Scientists discovered a heart lost in the bemuda triangle.
far offshore was a man drowning in love
for sure the ocean was Valencia.
a curvy woman, he rose with tides as his hands hope to hold her.

breaking news
Love is a conspiracy theory formed in the chest like the triangular trade, we are slaves to our hearts. slowly dying in the hands of the ignorant.

in other news

insecurities are like sharks' caudal fins , tipping in our visibilities everytime we hide it.

Love comes when it's least expected.
lila Feb 12
every line and curve
a new road to somewhere else
love them all the same
       -the only hiaku i’ll ever write
Rita Sailor Jan 24
with all the ******* we did
you could've thought we might at least got some of it right
                          but i felt twice as much when he took my hand tonight
                          i pulled away, of course...
                          at least i'm on a learning curve
Shofi Ahmed Jan 18
It's all open through
without leaving a gap.
Got the meat in the curve.
Najihah Nov 2018
How can you make a curve on your face when you know
Inside you is a chaos?
The curve on your face giving others less burdens
While nobody knows how heavy the burdens you're carrying.
I wish I could carry the burdens I have as easy as how I smile to others.
I'm sad knowing that I'll be moving soon. It's more sadder when I don't know who should I tell this. I just feel like wanna **** myself for thousand times.
Maria Etre Oct 2018
For all
the curveballs
life pitched
Thank You
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Come whichever way it is your choice  
Choose your way as you please.
The ground is laid down beneath you  
All around smooth simply a polished circle  
once you're in you are covered you won’t lose.  

Just as the sun never misses, is spot on!  
At the end of the day escapes into the dark  
mixes and rolls in the shadow of the moon.  
A light in the dark, a straight line in curve  
does its dance and bounce.
Tests and retests the golden ratio  
shining at the sunrise angle.
dream Aug 2018
Fat girl can,
And boy, she will.
Eat what she wants,
Sleep around just for thrills.
Fat girl should,
Exercise more
Inside her skin,
She’s healthy, she’s sure.
Fat girl might.
Beat an internal fight,
Your words fuel her fire,
And boy, she’s alight
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Art, a smile like the one
on the face of Mona Lisa.
Curved like the waxing moon
above the sea.
Light a flame before a face
yet to be seen.
What will it prevail,
will it show once for all
a slow tilt on the smiling lips
—a curve softly locks on
a rose from the sun,
or a shadow beneath the moon?
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
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