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Shofi Ahmed Nov 2020
When that's hand skin
shows up at night
it blooms into the first light.
When that leaves on the day
it reaches out to the stars
from the stairs of twilight!
Day in and day out
a footprint is unfound!
Shagun Aug 2020
It was a curve I was traversing
All the while I kept on cursing.
On the way to be someone they would love
Ignoring the grey clouds above.
In an instant the bubble popped
My armor dropped.
I had poured my heart out
But they still thought I was screaming loud.
I couldn’t hear my voice
Because it got subdued in the noise.
There I stood alone
Heard a crack in my bone.
I thought I was crumbling
But I turned around and started running
It was a curve I was traversing
It did not seem new
They used to fake-sing my praises
Now they talk about me in closed rooms.
I saw the sky turning blue.
They didn’t believe me then
They don’t believe me now
I reinvented myself
But still it wasn’t enough somehow.
This poem is inspired a personal experience of being in a toxic friend circle. The curve symbolizes the tricky ***** of a toxic friendship. The story is how we, as people, sometimes forget ourselves to be someone our friends would love and how we do anything to fit in. But the reality is far from it. They still backstab you, they still make that friendship suffocating. In the end the only way to save yourself is to get back on your feet and walk away. But never forget that they will still not find it enough.
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
college bound
smart as a whip
eager to please
always on time
100% truthful
some observed boyfriend qualities in a humorous bell curve shape
Liz Jun 2020
I let my hand slide
Slide down of the side
Straight - curve - straight - curve - straight
Then I grab
I hate
Hate the love I feel
Let the love be there
Sovit Pokhrel May 2020
I still remeber
that elegant curve,
On that beautiful frame.

I still remember,
How it made me feel.

shivers down the spine.

I still remember,
That elegant smile,
On that beautiful face.
A smile is the only jewellery you need.
Wear it everyday.
Mayara Giorno May 2020
Straight lines

Some curves

Straight lines

get you there faster

Curved lines

show mistakes
show loopholes
show limbo

Every single one of
our lives

have always
will always

be curved.

We must learn to tread
with these mistakes

We must learn to find
these loopholes

We must be willing to be
in constant limbo
in constant darkness

in order to reach the greener side.
I sit with my feet dangling into a circle
whose edge I rest on
as if it were a window sill.

From here the earth looks ancient.
It’s pull mothered by the curvature
of spacetime.
The spring blossoms curving
when they fall.

Our fate floating out there: intangible–
outside this circle where my toes abide
Our fate floating in us: tangible–
The place in which my torso resides

The debate seems fresh unlike the sagely soil. My limbs alive –life giving life– emerging like the pistil from a bellflower
unconcerned with philosophy.
Bhill Mar 2020
are we lost in the curves of life
winding in, and around, and straight through
straight through the crazy reality
in and around each other
all of us, surrounded by ourselves, but not really there

Brian Hill - 2020 # 78
building news
Scientists discovered a heart lost in the bemuda triangle.
far offshore was a man drowning in love
for sure the ocean was Valencia.
a curvy woman, he rose with tides as his hands hope to hold her.

breaking news
Love is a conspiracy theory formed in the chest like the triangular trade, we are slaves to our hearts. slowly dying in the hands of the ignorant.

in other news

insecurities are like sharks' caudal fins , tipping in our visibilities everytime we hide it.

Love comes when it's least expected.
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