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Josiah Bates Oct 12
Sitting on its haunch,
Bear drinking river water.
Alone. Safe. Secure.
A random Haiku sort of thing about how my day went.
PawanTube May 17
What should i say maa ?
How could i say thanks maa !
My thanks wouldn't seems  enough,
To describe you.....
Things you did for us,
Wouldn't i pay back, rest of my life.
The one who hold me with care
Whatever the pain is,
She knows the cure.
Your presence in my life
Like a treasure full of secure.
The simplicity to you.
No whisper toword our cause.
You look at us,
Before you see yours.
Proudly sacrifising the whole,
To see us hearty soul.
And goodness is that
You ment to my life, and
Forever i'm your..
a few words for my mumma
You saw me, you know me, you unravelled me
You were the vessel that contained me

You let me rest, in a place built for me
A place I had not known to exist in this universe
It was called safe
Existing in the quantum space, in the abyss
Where you held my naked skin with your bare hands
And it didn’t scar me
You stripped away my shame, masked all my horrors
And let me lay

We don’t live there anymore
But you know I love to revisit it
It was the only place that ever felt like home.
svdgrl Jan 14
RGB colors mind scramble on your ceiling,
like in our closest amusement park.
Playing underneath it, unicorns and feelings,
making flesh shapes in the dark of your room.
Bioluminescent in its black sea,
I can't swim good but I ride the waves you send me.
You can't read but you're rather well read to me.
Promises wont break, but please bend me
over and over again.
When did I become this sober again?
You get me wanting
to remodel the homes that belong to lonely songs
only so that they can fit a king bed,
extra cool on my side because you're a furnace
that I huddle into and cherish earnestly.
You let me ramble run-ons and babble
or be still and mute, be it
swimming in space or silently disputing
but I can never stay quiet too long.
I can't ever hide whats wrong to you.
Or what's right, so I write to remind you
how beloved this is, unparalleled to whats behind
and how eager I am for what's ahead.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Laying In dreams of you
Feeling secure beautiful
warm safe feeling loved
temporary detached from
the harsh realities of
To be able to reach Into
the dark and finding you there to snuggle Into your radiating warmth of you In my dream
Praying I'd never wake from my dream because I'd have to live again the realities of the real world
I had long since fallen
out of love
A beautiful dream I'm having please don't wake me up to spoil my dream
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
She tried her best
Out of her comfort zone
When nothing mattered
She stayed silent
Back to her comfort zone

But watchful
But listening
But breathing
But thoughtful
Genre: Observational
Theme: Comfort Zone, a secure world.
Sketcher Nov 2018
I understand pain can be found worldwide,
And pain can teach us things in life that can be applied,
To love and relationships alongside,
The fact that she has me feeling like Mr. Brightside,
What's the lesson I'm supposed to learn here,
To be strong, secure, solid, stable, and preserver,
I would rather trash feelings and disappear,
Getting right up and out of this putrid atmosphere,
Kiss me when you're high, love me when you're sober,
Reject me when you're sober, then crap, it's all over,
I can't portray reality like Donald Glover,
And I can't make you feel better in this month of October,
Getting with you would be like finding a four-leaf clover,
But I'll continue writing until I get a lot older.
ALC Oct 2018
Hold me in a dark embrace
In the black stillness of the night.
Vanish the light from the day,
Allow only the stars to come out to play.

Hide me in an obsidian blanket
Where I can sit in quite silence.
Let me disappear into the night,
Silently watching as an owl in flight.

Include me in your onyx cover
So that I may think in cleaver wonder,
As the moon creates a soothing calm
And my body stills in your nightly song.
J Oaks Sep 2018
The red boar sits on the shelf
Can your only window be secure?
The red boar only hates itself
Can your only window be secure?
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