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Celine Ngo Jun 2023
my anchor when i’m drifting out at sea
bringing me down to earth when i fly too high in the clouds and forget to leave
someone who accepts me as I am, flaws and ADHD
yet you’re still able to see my potential i hid underneath

my favourite and sacred novel i’d never want to lose
with meaning beyond the surface, metaphysical, spiritual, and so divine
not stereotypical or ordinary, not one about vices like drugs and *****
so darling, let’s have our past, present, and future intertwine

my sunshine illuminating the best in me
rays so warm that everyone can’t help but smile even if you’re far away
but even the sun can be obscured on gloomy days, so as your moon i’ll reflect your sunshine back so we can be a brighter we
i want to be by your side for the rest of our days

my rock by the riverside of a forest,
one that i can always return to
the soft and warm fire in my heart
that burns no matter if we’re together or apart

my guiding light showing me the way
taking things slow and steady
when other boys i’ve known just want to play
november 2021
Underneath, there are secrets
Kept safe from prying eyes
Held fast and secure
Behind a lame disguise

Would they think less of me
If everything was shown
I wonder, would their eyes still see
The person they have known
Mrs Timetable Sep 2022
I looked over
Saw her take your hand
Reminding me of a time
That never existed
And yet
I wanted so badly
To go there
Dad daughter bond
cea Aug 2022
it is beautiful
it is majestic
and it is guileful
and is eccentric

a speck on the tower of wall
that bridges and connects
two different enthralls
even fate dare not object

i was on its foot,
for i sought to grasp
and tried to peek
on the place it leads

i listen to the jarring echoes
the other side is full; a chaos
it seems, but i felt solace
in its mournful yet soulful melody

i heard words that are familiar
those that i chose to blur
in my being for a long strife
that i dwell to keep inside in an eternity

i ought to release the beautiful words
that is long chained
i long to feel the majestic emptiness
and sense the other side that is zestful
and clutch onto its empathetic possibilities

only if it bridges to a multitude,
only if perspective it will connect,
only if it is not unchained,
only if it is opened.
you hold me,
in your gentle embrace

you love me,
like there is no time to waste

your perfect protection
keeps me secure
keeps me safe

when you hold me,
the whole world fades away

when you hold me,
i know that we will be ok
when you hold me...
micaela drew Apr 2021
i miss you when things get hard

i miss your gentle voice and understanding

i miss your presence, sweet and commanding

i miss how you knew exactly what to say

i miss how you always brightened my day

but I really only miss you when things get hard

your love for me was completely unmarred

and I want to call and say I miss you

but I know it’s not entirely true

i miss the way you supported me

and saw me for all the things I could be

i don’t miss how we were

i miss the way you made me feel secure

- insecurity
hannah kay Nov 2020
i hope you will write to me
   years from now
when you have grown
when i am old
    when you are on your own

i hope you will write to me
     and remember my love
a heart-changing
lifetime lasting
    blessing from above

i hope you will write to me
    and realize just how proud
i am to be your mother
just me and you
    surviving all the doubt

i know you will always write to me
   because your heart is kind
you loved me well
more than i deserved
    forever intertwined
for my son.
Hazel grey Jul 2020
I feel so safe in his arms that even if the world crumbled in pieces, i would be the only survivor.
KHUSHI Jun 2020
She was sitting in Front
of a table  Filled with ,
crumbled papers….
There was a paper
with the heading ,
“in heaven” written
on top of it….
She was thinking what
It feels like to be in heaven,
How will it fell? ..
Her mind was filled in these
Kind of questions ,
She had heard people
Saying heaven was bright ,
Wonderful , full of light …
But she wants to know
How will it feel when
She Is in heaven,,,
She was thinking deeply
With her eyes closed..
She didn’t realize a pair
Of arms wrapped around
Her from behind she was
Feeling safe , secure ,
Full of life , in his ,
embrace in his arms ...
She was feeling like
She was in heaven…
Suddenly she open her
Eyes and now she knows …
how heavens feel like
She cut the heading
“in heaven” and write
“heaven in your arms”…
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