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Apr 2015 · 810
Sweet Dreams
I know.
I should be happy for them.
After all they are my best friends and
they found each other.
They deserve each other, deserve someone good.

It's just that I want her.
So much.
I will miss the nightly chats with her,
because she won't have time anymore.

She didn't know it,
but talking with her saved me.
She filled the gaping hole
my former girlfriend left.
She fixed the broken mirror
which was my soul.
She is the reason
I got sane

It hurts.
She never told she loved me anyway,
so why does it hurt?

How many days will it hurt, how many months?
My stomach crumbles, sun goes down.
I just want to sleep, sleep sweet
and dream that she chose me.
Apr 2015 · 580
The dragon slain
Leaving the harsh days behind,
their memories already being faded,
birds twittering all over the place,
regained peace at last.

My brain once full of things,
staying sharp now,
sleeping, working, playing,
my mind doesn't race anymore.

The sun warmth my mood,
my footsteps deep and strong,
no clouds darken the sky,
my dreams dance happily
in plain sight.
I once saw a little bird.
It was shy at first, when I approached.
Stepping back with every step I took,
I could see my wishes fade.

I tried the next day and the day after
but the result didn't change.
Neither I nor the bird seemed to understand
each other.

After awhile I stopped.
I sat down and just smiled at it.
And as the days went on and on
I stopped thinking.

"You should have tried harder,
coming closer day by day"
, a friend said,
telling me I had given up in the middle,
leaving an opportunity, wasted.

Grateful for his advice I replied, that he was right.
I could have tried longer and could have pushed harder
and maybe one day I would have come closer
even close enough to catch this little guy.

"You se...", he wanted to say, when I interrupted him:
"... but you know", I calmly said, *"I just forgot about this bird,
because I had already found a friend to sit around and share
some beautiful moments together."
Dec 2014 · 2.6k
Sometimes you have to say farewell
to find a new way
to continue
Nov 2014 · 582
November Rain
Again I'm sitting at my parent's home
nothing changed so far
putting the desk in front of me
and the furniture behind
like it was back in the old days.

I listen to the ticking of our pendulum clock,
bought by my grandfather and given to my dad
when he was around the age I am now,
while the rain keeps falling
like it was back in the old days.

Back in the old days
I dreamed of so many things
still full of wishes, heart at ease
like it only could have been by a child
watching the november rain.
Oct 2014 · 592
A girl so near as far
I'm dreaming of a girl so far
she'll never touch my hand,
but still she manages to reside
and assure my heart is bent.

Cosmic fate, what is your grand plan,
what is the meaning of this test?
Leaving my heart dazzled and my mind dazed,
the result will still break my chest.

Let me give you this flower, my vicious vision
to smoothen your unsteady sight
given that I've fallen long ago
at least listen to my bittersweet plight.
Oct 2014 · 685
dUbstePpinG liFe
Just felt my heart beating like crazy
as I got kissed by ecstasy
living right here right now
in the center of life.

every step an adventure
every path a story
every person a rainbow
every experience a chance

I**f you are invited to dance
then dance all night all day
never stop turning, never stop jumping
as life´s music never stops.
A homage to a track of one of my most beloved musicians named Roger Cicero, where he sings about life and the possibilities you have if you just take life as it is, never looking back, never regretting yourself, just going on ...
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
delusional days
Former goals long before gone,
broken dreams,
hidden in secret behind friends views,
a life in vain.

Doubtless efforts fruitless taken,
countless beatings endured,
still seeking path to milk and honey,
wondering if it hasn´t already resigned.

Value meaningless,
reduced to sheer nothingness,
clouded vision,
not able to recognize it´s worth.

Neither happiness nor sadness,
behind it´s emotionless face,
killing time with dusty distractions
and waiting for something to happen,
that relightens a fire
well known in former days.
Sometimes your best efforts haven´t the best outcome. And a heart in pain needs words in pain to feel understood. So take as long time as you need ... until you be the one relightening your fire by yourself.
Sep 2014 · 1.0k
I am no doctor, no laywer, no architect
no teacher, no painter, no designer
no psychologist, no musician, no writer
I'm just a simple guy
trying to be famous
in an infamous world
where everytime everything is open for everyone
except me.

And I fear
I will be left back
while all others drive along their ways
they've found in their lives
and I wonder
if I couldn't be one of them
driving along a simple route
enjoying to view outside
glad that I am.
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
Step down a bit, my friend

Leafs fall down the trees
colourful, shiny
withstanding drops
from rainy days.

and join me in a moment

I take a nip of my cup
wonderful shiny cup
brown and creamy companion, attached to a sugar island
joining me in my relaxing quest.

of pureness, passion and 

A timeless moment
a striking time
hot and tasty heaven
shining through the cold

Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Game of Life
Life isn't fair.
Sometimes it's taking more than it's giving.
Yell for justice, if you want or
dream of somebody saving you,
of someone giving you happiness
like buying it in a shop as a gift.
Get depressed, stay at home,
get isolated, get even more depressed,
get frustrated, get lost,
counting the chances passing by.

Life isn't complicated.
It's a complex simplicity, not a simple complexity.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose,
a simple truth of life,
you never learn in school from your teachers
or at home from your parents
or by listening to your friends
or watching anybody else.
It's something life tells

Life isn't serious.*
It tells you a joke almost every day;
a joke so surprisingely good, you will cry for months
a joke so intensely captivating, you won't be able to laugh
a joke so terrifyingly amusing, you cannot listen to it again
or it will burst your chest in hilariousness.
Laugh about it, loud and crazy,
don't retreat a chance to look,
as life's osbcure and obtrusive faible for grim sarcasm,
is always worth a level-up or two.*

Life is just living.
It's about hanging on, about clinging to it;
There is nothing special to it, no mysteries to be solved,
no desire and no craving, except you go for it.
It's a game you can't refuse without playing it anyway,
so trying to win is as good as loosing by doing nothing.
And when you are not satisfied with the outcome
or you always end up loosing despite your biggest efforts,
you can always change how, why and with who you play
and start anew.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
The world around me: Day after day it looks the same.
I hear the noise of the workers drilling in the basement
and watch people doing their business.
Here or anywhere other, it's the same.

Sometimes I think I am trapped. Trapped in former decisions;
decisions which always tend to reveal their full impact later.
I think about the mistakes I made and regret - what futile task
as past always stays past, petrifying words yelled and unspoken.

I'm not ungrateful - given my past suffering.
I'm not moaning - given freedom from my former pain.
I'm not unhappy - given that I was already happier tough.
I'm not doing nothing - given that it may look different to you.

Finally I got rid of this **** anxiety, which haunted me
from my first days at school to my last job,
these devastating thoughts of having to be better than everyone,
of being more, of deserving more
they just ate away at my soul
tearing myself apart
before hyenas did
their part.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
Hidden Within
My stomach aches.
It's been quite a while since my stomach ached
and I knew, something was wrong
with me.
Demons dangling.
soul shivering.
heart breaking.
life crushing.

I didn't know what happened to me
back then,
and just roughly do I know it

I used her, when I first met her
like a doll, like a puppet
a toy for pleasure, a plaything for my lust.
Later on I
adored her,
protected her,
trusted her,
loved her,

but I never said 'I love you',
till it was too late.
It was a sunny day
when you backstabbed me.

Sis say I've changed now,
but I am still the same man;
I just learned to understand valuing what I have
and not giving it away
Shame you, shame your decision
shame me, shame my tolerance
shame him, shame his sadism
shame you all and your egoism.

Lost my love, lost my job, lost myself
I'm trying to make better,
to grow,
fighting the enemy hidden
within us.
When one has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil, one finds pleasure in listening to good teachings; when one has these feelings and appreciates them, one is free of fear. (Buddha)
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
Turning Point
up, down
down, up
you turn around your life
your life turns around you
leaving you with riddles
seldom with a clue

"What is life's purpose?"
"What shall I do now?"
"Should I end it here?"

struggling with ourselves
misfortune as chance
arising from ourselves
endless possibilities emerge
your path in life still blocked
time to change yourself

"This pain shall fade, please."
"I'm sorry I did it, I never wanted to hurt you."
"Please, I wish to atone for my sins."

every moment in life
gives you a possibility to change
repairing yourself, repairing your faults
creating something new
reaching out of the void
the emptiness within you
Aug 2014 · 336
Happy now
Nowadays it hurts just occasionally
not like back then when you decided
to go another way
with another man.

So much time has passed since you went away
and still I consider you irreplacable in my life.
I ask myself how I could survive without you
and I have no answer to this question.

The only thing I know for sure:
I miss you, still after all this time.
Although it's just a ghost knocking at the door
messing with my sanity.

I want to thank you for everything you gave me
and say sorry because I made so many things wrong
but I don't think you really would care about
as you are happy now.
Aug 2014 · 421
Seasons changing, painting time
tears raining from above
dried by summer heat
shading my heart's rainbow

Colorful forms
glaring from it's sharp edges
masking the cruel of your act
behind it's sweetened looks

The case solved long ago
after you cut through our bond
the riddle still open to solve
why it was so easy for you
Aug 2014 · 593
Just a man
I'm a broken man,
breaking your life,
crushing your heart,
if you come too close to me.

I'm a broken man,
you are fascinated of,
hoping to help me,
with myself.

I'm a broken man,
living in stupid dreams,
ignoring my world
till it's broken itself.
Aug 2014 · 682
e f i L i f e

s I s

y e r V e r y

g n i t a r a l i h x E x h i l a r a t i n g
Aug 2014 · 2.4k
Before the night
Trees loosing her leaves
and time passing by.
Night is almost calling
appearing in the sky.

The last rays of sun,
a final farewell,
night is almost calling
as I'm already in my shell.

Goodnight life,
it was fun to play,
maybe we will play again
another life.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Warren's peace
A fine kid raised
in the thoughts of everybody around
applying to the norm
forged in wise conformity

Body and soul
by the coldness spoken
with your heart-warming voice

Creation abandoning
words become worlds
deforming reality
inside and outside your mind

Do as you please, fine kid
'cause justified your actions are
within the peace of your heart
and the ignorance in your soul

Education as weapon
in a war behind your eyes
freedom achieved
by awakening yourself

Fighting prohibited
fleeing futile
as truth lies when lies come true
will you transcend?
The title and also the poem itself are takes on a famous phrase out of George Orwell's '1984', beginning with 'War is peace'...
Aug 2014 · 3.1k
Farewell tides
Today I gave up following you,
I gave up to reach out my hand
and convince you to return
to the person you once were.

Today I have become free,
I have become independent of you,
as I don't await your presence in my life anymore
and no tears dwell in my wake-up eyes.

Today I am reborn,
living a new life, with new happiness,
but standing beside the sea, looking into horizon,
I still see echoes of your former self,
smiling sadly back at me.
Travel your path, my love, I'm sorry I can't follow it anymore.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
There is a prison in your head,
with ice-cold walls named bitterness,
with red-hot wardens called hatred,
and sharp-jagged bars made of disinterest.

There is a prison in your head,
a prison you know fairly well,
a prison visited quite often,
a prison life is always hell.

There is a prison in your head,**
which grows upon suffer,
and shrinks down by relief,
which doesn't grant releases,
as long as you haven't belief.
Aug 2014 · 507
Your best things in life you always recognize
when you already have lost them on your way.
Stupid life, stupid love, stupid you, stupid me.
History repeats, everything always the same
no lesson drawn out of the mistakes you've made.
Life goes on, with changed conditions,
rushing along the wrongs you've lost yourself.

Look! - Don't lower your head

Learn! - For your own sake and the sake of your beloved

Remember! - And keep looking at what you've lost  

because in time your pain will fade along
the good memories already gone away.
Cities rebuild, which once were destroyed,
closed doors reopened again.
As time passes nothing ever stays the same,
so make sure something still does,
letting you remember what you've lost.
As crucial as it is to recover from pain
as crucial it is to remember it.
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Little grey riding hood
Once upon a time we were lovers,
we used to talk to each other lovely and respectful.
Fell into each others arms, hugging deeply,
making the pain of life worthwile for living now.

What happened to you, my little red riding hood?
Did the wolf catch you and bite his fangs into our bond
or was it you who wanted to get bitten, looking for it yourself?

What happened to you, my little red riding hood, please tell me,
so that I can see clearly through this forest of lies
you have planted upon what we were once.

Once upon a time I lived in a fairy tale
with bloomy colours all along my way,
not realizing it could end almost anytime
I let a gloomy wolf fade it into grey.
Jul 2014 · 593
Every pain will fade

and so will you


although you will return

Jul 2014 · 920
Thankful poetry
"How should I start", I'm asking myself
to tell you all how much you gave me up till now?
Your firm hands, your motivating words
rebuilt a skyscraper full of hope on which I'm standing now,
ready to let loose my thoughts into the morning breeze,
beginning again to feel the warmth of other peoples hearts.

"Maybe I shouldn't think so much about", I'm telling myself,    
as thoughts are racing on a track called mind,
competing for being the first to come and leave,
through my mouth, my face, my hands, my pen,
narrowing the gap between the you and me,
so that even crawled back into my snail shell
I am able to reach out to you:

"My colleagues, my friends,
my brothers and sisters in mind,
you, which are here with me at this time,
sharing your soul, writing down everything that's inside you,
take this plea of thankfulness with you, for all you've given me so far,
and let us continue our journey together
as far us our words may reach."

So may this poem stay as my gratitude to all of you,
till the final days
and even beyond
that our paths divide

Thank You
I am without words how much this community gave me. Every day I look into my account, reading the innermost thoughts of other people and sharing my own back and it's as if there is no gap between all of us writing here on ... and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you, giving me so much, that just this simple thing, writing, is giving me much more than all money could. I'm feeling happy here, expressing myself, giving my thoughts, spending my time... and seeing how others react positively makes it feel... somehow like a home, I suggest.
Jul 2014 · 880
What* is a home

If it is a place, is it the place where you were born?
Or would it be the place, you are staying now?
Does it move away, when your thoughts are littered by the wind?
Or is it their guide to safely return back, when their journey ends?

What is a home

If it is a someone, is it the one staying closest by your side?
Or is it the one your heart is longing at night?
Can you move it safely from someone to another one?
Or will it break even when touched most careful?

What is a home

If it is a time, is it the one you are facing?
Or the one fading from your happiest memories?
Would you risk a glimpse into it's hideout in your future?
Or would you rather live in it now?  

What is a home

If it is yourself, would it be your body?
Or would it be the place where all your dreams reside?
Does it vanish into dust, when your last breath of life is given?
Or does it still exist somewhere?
Jul 2014 · 2.1k
Debt everywhere
Everytime someone helps me or offers me something
I build up feelings of guilt and obligation and
I feel ashamed by disappointing the ones
which were nice to me before.

But in reality there is no debt, no obligation at all.
There are only decisions, decisions if you want to be obligated.
Forced upon you by yourself and the principles
you want to stay true in your life.

Do I follow my love? Do I follow my belief?
It's you, who decides, nobody else.
As it is your choice, as it is your responsibility,
shaping up the life you will have,
shaping up the life you will show.
We often think we must responst to something given by giving something back or to act in a specific way because of the way we were treated before. We feel debted thus forcing something upon us. But you alone decide who you want to be, what you want to stand for and what you want your life to mean for others.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Whacky Wicked Woods
Lately I walked deep into a forest near my house,
as I often spend there my afternoons and nights,
thinking about what happened in my life
and which of my available paths should be taken,
to lead me into future.

That's when I encountered a strange message
scratched in the bark of an old oak:
"Dear wanderer, please beware, as your life is on the line.
My wife, a very farseeing woman, went into these woods alone,
against my will, of course, as I have seen the dangers she might face,
Wolfes, inviting her nitty-gritty to a delicious meal,
Bears, rubbing their chubby cheeks at her,
Snakes, weaving wildly around her feet,
but most dangerous of all the whacky wicked witch,
keeping her from ever going back."

I remember sudden feelings of anxiousness and shiver
I had encountered only once before,
that was when a strange man came to my house
asking me if I had seen a pretty woman
with snowwhite hair and pretty face:
"I tried to find her all day and night long,
but I couldn't find her anywhere,
I fear my wife got lost - or worse...
as a whacky wicked witch is living here!"  

Lately I walked deep into a forest near my house,
as I often spend there my afternoons and nights,
thinking about what happened in my life
and who will be the next to come and visit
**me and my whacky wicked house.
Oh this was fun... so creepy, but so much fun ;-)...
Jul 2014 · 2.8k
I cannot change my loss                                            
                   in the past,
but I can believe for us                                          
                    ­    in my present,
to shape a new bond                                      
                      *in our future.
Dedicated to a young woman which still has to learn a lot about true love, real friendship and the strength of faith.
Jul 2014 · 386
To Love
To love* means
to long for somebody,
like he is longing for you.

If you are not loved by him,
so do not change,
because he doesn't deserve you.

But if you only love yourself,
and nobody else loves you instead,
you really should think about it.
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Even after the worst suffering there will come a time

when you are strong enough not to look back

and do the things necessary to move on in your life

*even if this means leaving behind your most beloved
Jul 2014 · 372
Because of me
Because loving her gave me the best and the worst time of my life

because of me still waking up with my heart calling her name

because feeling more than ever felt for anyone in my life

because eight months longing for her in exposed ******

because I am stronger even now than I was with her

and because to ever feel happyness again again in my life

I won't talk about her anymore
think about her anymore
and long for her anymore
but instead turn my back onto her


*walk away
Jul 2014 · 568
You left me
without ever turning around
I cried all the time
months long chained in pain

Pain fades

Your pictured deleted
Your letters burned
Your scents vanished
Your marks erased

Feelings fade

I loved you more than I ever imagined
in a formerly greyed out daylight
I've been hurt more than ever expected
in a nowadays pitch-black night skye

Memories fade

But as pain fades
and feelings fade
and memories fade
as everything related to you fades

*Will you be gone?
Everything about her seems to diminish. And as the pain fades, I start to forget all we had together, the joy I felt in my life with her
Jul 2014 · 410
I was where I am now
a long time before,
everything comes back
the tide of events begins anew

I have seen my future
as it resembles my past
footprints forgotten
erased by the sand of time

I live my life in circles
turning around
spinning around
but never breaking through
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Live everyday
No fear no pain,
nobody around me to share,
just the vast emptiness drowning
in an emotionless space
within everyday life.

I have encountered joy,
I have encountered pain,
I have encountered the deepest fears within me
only to see life as what it is
living an everyday life.

Nobody will scold me for my thoughts,
as I am seen by nobody,
in this city crowded
by millions of solitary souls
attached to everyday life.
Try to live your life to the fullest every moment you're given by every day of your life, even if it means fighting your fears.
Jul 2014 · 7.2k
sister of moon
mother of light
aunt of life
He** is smirking at me.
Still smirking, after I used a bucket full of ice-cold water on him.
Even smirking, when my fists crackle into his cheeks.
Why does he still smirk at me, when I press the cushion into his face?

She is smirking at me.
Still smirking, watching me leaving the haven of sanity.
Even smirking, after she is placing the call.
Why does she still smirk at me, instead of bringing me back?

I am smirking at them.
Still smirking, when I hear the handcuffs locking.
Even smirking, facing the jurors wall of hatred and scorn.
Will I still smirk, after dawn has broken?
Based on  the nightmare I had tonight.
Jul 2014 · 10.7k
33rd selfishness
It's my 33rd birthday today
and I have so many people in my life
cheering for me
caring for me.

Honest people,
lovely people,
people I inspire,
and people I admire.

But all I want
is her love
back then
when we were together.

*Selfish, isn't it?
I wrote half of the verses when I wrote the notes for my poem 'Back then'. And back then I encountered, that they really could stand for their own
Jul 2014 · 430
Back then
Almost every day I saw you
living two streets across
I could immediatelly reach you
- back then I didn't want -

I remember the times
you knocked on my door
creating obscure faces
- back then I didn't care -

You left behind your beloved
because you couldn't imagine
being just one moment without me
- back then I didn't need -

Now I want, but you do not
Now I care, but you do not
Now I need you, more than anything I ever needed,
but you say it was too late
*~ back then ~
Dedicated to my former love Victoria, today on my 33rd birthday.
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
slowing down


opening gates




i breath in


i breath out




energy flowing


tension fading
Jul 2014 · 3.1k
It's cold outside,
rain falling down the sky,
foggy view, blurry sight,
I tremble with every step taken.

Not dream nor reality,
my consciousness fades,
words dance around their letters,
my beliefs collapsed.

a brighter world sprouts,
limitless possibilities,
junctions merging their paths.

Efforts rewarded
with the sand of time,
barricades undone
time rewinds.

Splashs of water running down my face,
worlds drifting apart,
existence reentered,
my walk proceeds.
Jul 2014 · 460
Change of hearts
My dear,

Lately there has been a change of my heart, a change of my feelings towards you, my dear. It encountered it first a few days before in the evening, and now It's the first time I encounter it in the morning and I can see, that because of your betrayal my feelings have changed from love to disgust. You might not see it this way, but you betrayed me as a lover, which is a bad thing, but also as a friend of yours, which is much worse. You poor lonely girl. You think you did yourself anything good? You think, you have found with him a fond lover, a man you can count and trust on more than you could me? I have news for you: What you have is a man without honor, a liar, someone torturing other's because for his own sake. And such a man is not capable of loving as he is looking at everything just as his personal playthings. Not more, not less.

I am not mad at you, nor am I admiring you neither. Not more at least. I pity you because you let yourself being fooled, let yourself being taken any worth and pride you had, just because you are begging to be loved by someone. And I did love you, of course. Even lots of years younger than me, having seen as good as nothing of the darkness of the world we live in, I admired you for the girl you are and the woman you would have become... if you wouldn't have thrown everything away in an instant, sacrificing me for someone padding your head, telling you whatever necessary to turn you around.

When we met last week, I was still too much of a lover. Because you are still to close to me. I respect the feelings I once had for you, but you are no longer the woman I fell in love with. Not that the woman I fell in love would have seen through his manipulative acts, but she would have seen my suffering. She would have thought twice about tossing me away and taking a lier instead, as you knew all along, that he was telling lies. And that's the reason why you are still weak, as weak as I was when I hurt you too much. But while I've tried to change and become strong you will remain week as long as you refuse to change, staying by his side and excusing his behaviours, thus supporting his destructive and inhuman being.

At least there is still hope for you.
It's because you still didn't cut every connection to your former self that is still around you.
It's because your compassion has still roots inside of you, even if you shed everything having grown of it so far.
It's because you acknowledged, that it was pretty unfair when you left me to rot in your absence, while you already had someone to carry you on.

Finally it's always you to decide. Are you ready to face the difficult route or will you still take the easier one? Only one gives you the strength to look into your mirror, facing yourself standing upright, looking at yourself with pride.

Your former love
More a letter than a poem, but I hope it fits in. It was the change of your heart to a former pal of mine that finally led to a change of mine.
Jul 2014 · 624
Do you remember
Do you remember

when you jumped on my back,

and I carried you through the mall,

with everyone watching in disbelief?

Do you remember

when I held you tight inside my arms,

while we were watching the colourful leaves

dancing around during an autums breeze?

Do you remember

the times when we still used to smile at each other,

and everything seemed standing still in time

while our hearts seemed to melt each others?

Do you remember

Jul 2014 · 3.4k
About strength
How do I become strong?
Make the right decisions.

What is the right decision?
The one that's more difficult to face.

It's too difficult, why can't I switch to the easier one?
*Because you wanted to become strong.
Does muscles make me strong?
I may look more attractive,
be able to lift heavier stuff,
and do more damage in a fight...
but I may still feel sad,
still not be able to talk to the girl I love,
and still get hurt in a fight.

Does knowledge make me strong?
I may know more than anyone else,
be able to find a solution for every problem,
and get the job I always wanted to have...
but I still might have no friends,
still not get a result without flaws,
and still get bullied at work.

Does wealth make me strong?
I may have a big house with garden around,
be able to hire people for every task I have
and buy anything I ever want...
but I still may feel lonely around,
still not stop people from leaving me,
and still not get rid of feeling emptiness inside.

*So is there really nothing that can make me strong?
If you ask the wrong question, you may never find the right answer.
Once there was a heart
which had been born anew,
out of two hearts that loved
and pierced each other through.

Once there was a heart
with different ways to go,
unable to choose the one to follow
it split back into two.
Continuation of 'A tale of two hearts'
Jul 2014 · 621
A tale of two hearts
Once there were two hearts,
peeking at each other,
smiling at each other,
admiring each other,
till they fell in love.

Once there were two hearts,
reaching out to each other,
coming closer to each other,
attaching to each other,
till only one was left.
To be continued in 'A half hearted tale of one overblown heart'
Jul 2014 · 490
Long walk home
I've been played a lot in my life
causing scars and scratches on my soul
that nobody and nothing seems able to heal.
People involved, they do not respect me
nor do they regret what they've done.
They just live their lifes without conscience
sharing smiling faces behind my back.

"They shall know, what they did to my life!",
I shout out in my dreams, while tears drop down my cheeks.
"Those *******, I will never forgive them.",
I tell myself, while staring at myself in the mirror.
"Just dieing is too merciful, they have to feel my pain",
I pledge to heaven for justice
- though no one seems to listen.

Months pass by and my anger fades,
but my memories still remain.
Still not found peace in my life,
as they drag me back over and over again,
I start to realize that there are things
you cannot overcome
even if you try.

Someone told me, this is the time
when you are able to start forgiving yourself
for letting others hurt you.
Someone told me, this is the time
when you have found your way
back out of a prison of hate
ready to move on.
A friend once told me I was at a dark place without any perspective of returning to my former self ever and that was the reason she had to go. Glad she missed the outcome of her prediction, although everyting else was terrifyingly right.
Jul 2014 · 4.6k
Listen to me
before you regret,
because if you do,
you've already the fret.

Listen to me
and let trust take it's time
as trusting to quick
is a severe crime.

Listen to me
and look at the signs
as betrayal is cruel
and runs long through your veins.

Listen to me
it could save your life:
Never pull back nor
let someone take your wife!

Listen to me
and before you get hurt
stop being gentle
and let others eat dirt.

Listen to me
as this is made as a gift
to let you survive
a life (not) worth to be lived.
Betrayal is hard, but can be avoided if you stop trusting blindly, raise your awareness and stop ignoring facts. However raise it to high and you might end with a life long paranoia tough....
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