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My Mz. Moon
Make your love shine bright
4 U My Mz. Moon
I'll make Love 2 U all night, suspended in the air,
Make love 2 U that shows I care,
My Mz. Moon


I'll be making love 2 U,
On the Moon
Me and U 2 the moon,
We'll be making love girl,
On the Moon me and U,
2 the Moon,

I'll be making love 2 U,
On the Moon
Me and U 2 the moon,
We'll be making love girl,
On the Moon me and U,
2 the Moon,

Mz. Moon,
I'm making love 2 U
Mz. Moon,
I'm making love 2 U,
On the Moon girl,
Me and U girl,
2 the moon, we making love girl
On the moon girl,
My Mz. Moon,

Who ever U are meet me on the moon,

I'm making love 2 U, My Mz. Moon

I'm making love 2 U on the moon,

My Mz. Moon

© Copyright reserved 2019 by ED RJ.
Poetry In Motion: Strawberry Lemonade [Final Version/Re-Edit]

Pre Chrous:
Strawberry lemonade mix of us,
You can be yourself
I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade
I want to chill with you,
Acknowledge your self worth
Strawberry lemonade of your self love maintain your self care
Strawberry lemonade befriend your self-esteem
Strawberry lemonade be you, do you
Ignore what society says
Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry lemonade I want to chill with you,
I can be myself with you,
Strawberry lemonade you can chill with me,
You can be yourself with me
Come chill with me, you can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade come chill come thru
I can be myself with and you can be yourself with me
Strawberry lemonade get chilled with you

Strawberry lemonade
Chill with you
Strawberry lemonade
Chill with me
Strawberry lemonade
You can be yourself I can be myself
Come chill come Thru
you can be yourself I can be myself with you,
Strawberry lemonade mix of us
Be ourselves

You free to be yourself with me
I free to be myself with you
Free to be yourself free to be myself
Mix of strawberry lemonade
We free to be ourselves

Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
Be yourself with me I be myself with you

Strawberry lemonade forget what society says,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
Strawberry lemonade,
I want to get chilled with you,
You can be yourself I can be myself
We can love ourselves
Strawberry lemonade

A second Version of chill mode, Tell me what you think
an0nym0us Feb 2018
So high, so bright
Someone who tames everyone's sight
Everything about you looks right
Looks that no one can fight.

Cold sweat
Heavy breath
Face turns red
Hidding it is a test.

This feeling
I can't stop smilling
Cheecks keeps blushing
And knees won't stop shaking.

Oh its been a while
Since the last time
I saw someone so fine
To my eyes, he brightly shines.

Indeed, Im afraid
But not too great
I tried to make it fade
But it always stayed.

I like you,
I really do
I just don't know what to do
If you turn me down too.

I think you are the finest
Best among the rest
The girl you like must be the luckiest
Why? I just said, because she won the finest.

I don't expect to be lucky
I dont need to be one, really
I know my limitations completely
Simply seeing you makes me happy.
Pedro Batista Apr 2018
Floating slowly in space
Watching Earth from a million miles away
Waiting for the air to just fade
And all I can think is if she is okay

A fearful smile overtakes my face
As fear overcomes the pain
The less I care where I stay
All I want is for her to be okay

I hope she ain´t feeling the same
Cause this pain is making me insane
All I want is for her to enjoy her day
To smile and wave on a warm summer day

I hope I have told you everything you deserve
And even if so ill regret not saying more
I will never feel like I told you all
Words can't describe what truly is love

Please don't cry as I float away
All I want is for you to be okay
It's what pushes me through the day
Back on Earth or here in space
The feeling will always be the same
No matter how many miles away

Is this what love feels like
Even as the air runs dry and the fear goes wild
All I can think is about her smile
An astronaut lost in space, saying a final farewell to his love back in Earth
She brings the smile back to my face
It's not a race let's take this slow i don't wanna lose you
But she takes the blues from my life
She takes the knife from my hands
This is my final stand and i take it with her
When we are together all i see is a blur
And i will never tear our tether
Im feeling really happy today thanks for everyone's support on my "poetry" i haven't been writing for long and i find that it is a stress relief for me <3 you all
adira Feb 2018
there are seas of joy in a smile
that might convince people to stay awhile
a bonding thing full of power
a language at which none would cower
a smile is warm
and would create a swarm
of joy
Lara Oct 2017
Today I decided to be happy
So I woke up immediatly after my alarm clock went of,
wore my yellow polka dot dress,
made funny faces in the mirror while brushing my teeth,
ate breakfast untill my bely was full,
tried to smile at every stranger
and hummed along to my favourite song.

But it didn't work
for I was not happy in my soul.
It was still there, in the back of my mind,
how you kissed her
as if you were drowning and she was the oxygen.

I will never get to lose that sight.

Kristina E Feb 2016
Even as a child
my happyness
has been wired with fear.
When I laughed too hard at day
I had nightmares at night.

Is that the way we are taught to be?
When the day is bright
one should keep an eye opened for
the dark night yet to come.
And only speak of whishes
in murmur and undertone.

-A tradition passed on from father to son-
and even more subtly from a mother
to the woman that little girls is yet to become.
Are we afraid to be too happy?

Am I scared to breathe in full lungs?
I am quite sure fear is my predominant gene
and happyness is so illusive and intangible
that sometimes I doubit its even real
- but I want to scream out loud for once:
I am scared but I am thrilled to be here.

Jacob Cuadro Jan 2016
It started when I laid you down and our lips connected as I put your arms over your head, I can feel your nerves shaking the bed. The movement of our lips feel like we’re slowing down time and space, looking into your eyes and beauty gives me the adrenaline that makes my blood race. Your fingers and nails digging through my skin gives me comfort and the goosebumps my hair stands up when your heavy breath breathing on my neck I start to lift your legs as slowly taking your ****** raising it up to the sky, I can deeply see the lust in your eyes. The luscious smell of your lovely odor covers the whole room can feel your temperature getting hotter the closer I get to you, for this moment is about to become true. Kissing your legs and thigh as my mouth get near your magical gate way to heaven as my tongue moves up and down and twirls around you, the taste of your soft tender juicy wet soul dripping, sticky and thick gives me a craving to my sweet tooth. The moan of your voice are like musical notes in my ears your body moves closer to me making your feet curl as your back arch and the stretch of your spine, getting you trap where I want you to be making you all mine. As I get a ******* for you for this final moment to feel your warm wet paradise our lust and love feels like galaxies of stars falling all over us like glitter with the moon as our witness to a magical moment, a life time memory we both probably will never forget.
**Jacob Cuadro
This is my first *** poem hope you guys like it enjoy.
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