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I see us now
not sounding depth
of oceans found
we sailed on
seeking sun

with osprey wings
we'd soar on high
above the dross
all left

Remember how
we laughed and cried
no day expired
a hug

but waves delete
all fire shared
aboard life's deck
washed memories

I turn the page
old letters worn
once filled with
kisses sweet
now still

in ears stopped up
they speak and roar
for years have
passed and youth
has fled

no passage found
I'm left afloat
my breath is hoarse
I whisper pained:

I see you still
Coming across some old letters and cards these thoughts emerged...
Nikki Oct 11
A dream—
Perhaps it was nothing but a dream, though how real.
How real the gardens of childhood seemed
As they appeared to me, a sea of flowers:
Rubies and emeralds, with golden leaves.
And beyond the gates I saw you, ethereal arms outstretched,
As if to embrace me,
So full of life, it was difficult, though I remembered—
I remembered you were no longer that glittering garden.
Your leaves and petals were cold and black…
Vessels for forbidden memories.
This poem is very special to me. It's one of the earliest I ever wrote, and the first one I was really proud of. I was 16 or so at the time, still coping with the loss of my father two years prior.

Take a deep breath out there friends, and have a great day.
Mallory Oct 9
I forget what love feels like
pure, genuine, innocent,
untouched by demons
kind of love. To not be unhealthily consumed by unreciprocated feelings, to not question my efforts in affection, to want and to feel freely. I forget, now I just get high and have conversations with myself about all my loves that I’ve left, and that left me. And how love can feel so good and so evil simultaneously. I wanna be sixteen again, to feel love without conditions or consequence. Back to the very beginning, to feel a love so simple, so free. To write my premature poetry. To have this one, good, untainted experience of love solely. Looking back to when self care, and optimism seemed so easy. My heart is tired, fragile, and tender. When will I get to remember?
Rosie Sep 13
First the small details begin to fade
The exact shade of brown in his eyes
The slight rasp in his voice
The warmth of his arms wrapping around you

Second the small moments begin to fade
The smell of smoke tickling your nose
as you sit and roast marshmallows over the fire
The smack of rubber hitting your foot
as you kick the ball to the other side of the field
The pain in your cheeks
as you laugh until you cry because of his ridiculous joke

Lastly the important memories begin to fade
The dizzy feeling of confusion
when he tells you he’s sick and has to stay in the hospital
The burning feeling of anger
when he can’t go back to school like everyone else
The choking feeling of sadness
when he no longer can breathe even with the help of doctors

Eventually all you are left with are
a few foggy, rose-tinted flashes
of childhood memories
a never ending ache in your chest
fueled by unanswerable questions
and an hollowness in your soul
from the absence of your childhood best friend
Freddie Ruiz Sep 12
I remember so clear the day I found you wandering on the street.
I pulled over to see if you were ok and you were the cutest little thing.
I just opened my car door and you immediately got on the seat
and from that day on, you became my little queen.
Yesterday, saying goodbye to you wasn’t easy,
but in my heart you hold a place that will be yours only,
and although I won’t ever get to see you again,
my love for my Chiquita will always be the same.
Written on December 25, 2005
Composition number: 227
Freddie Ruiz Sep 8
Don't go away just yet, stay a little longer.
Sadness don’t seem so harsh when you are closer.
For some reason, you fill my heart with gladness,
even when all I have is your absence.

Don’t go away just yet, stay with me a little longer.
Fear isn’t so scary when you are there.
I remember the days when there was nothing but a big smile on your face.
Please, don’t make those days fade away just yet.

The memory of your smile is still alive in me
and every word you said is still recorded in me.
Holding on to you means letting go of fear
and I will hold on to you forever, my dear.

When I’m thinking of you I feel closer to you
and not even time’s been able to undo the way you soothe my soul.
And every song I hear, every poem I read reminds me of you.
In everything I do, I can’t forget you at all.
Written on February 10, 2016
Composition number: 545
Blade Maiden Sep 8

At the fjord
a body floats on a board
how it got there
no one knows

At seaside
you pushed against the tide
I didn't send you off
but you came back

I begged for you
at least stay true
keep away
your harmful attitude

There you are
washed ashore from afar
How did you get here
and why did you come?

It took me so many beaches
and seas just to reach this
a part of my own
somewhere to calm

You will never know
with what I fought and how
I can't make you more
than a in-the-back-of-my-head thought

I kneel down next to you
I don't know if you sacrificed and what you've been through
I'm feeling reluctant to cut you off
but it's too late for other choices

I smile, I'm sorry
I won't forget, don't worry
I take a rock
and end it then and there
Love slipped through my fingers
Like grains of sand
The little remnants remain
On my callous hand
To remind me
We once were.
Tøast Aug 30
Cleaning out old files in my mind.
Sweeping away rot and decay,
To make way for new mess.
This endless paradox of insanity.

Pushing the chair away,
Waiting for someone new to fill your space.
This table was once full,
A family of people.
Now it's just me. My poems,
Yet somehow it feels crowded.

An empty room with no air to breathe,
Suffocated in my minds inabilities.
Indecisiveness, breaking news!
"Hey look, everyone. This kid is insane."
In truth I don't know what I am,
Who I'll be or where I'm heading...

Terrified of behind left behind by my mind,
Stuck in a moment that happened years ago,
Clawing with every cigarette he smokes and bottle he drinks.
But the climb is never easy with whiskey stained hands and ash covered feet.
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