Mica Kluge Apr 12
Three years ago today,
We were strangers,
And I almost wish
We still were.

Two years ago today,
We said goodbye
To each other.
And I haven't seen you

One year ago today,
I realized the lesson
To be learned from
One year of loving

I thought about you,
And "almost" finally
Doesn't hurt anymore.
I keep reading
lovely tributes
to grandparents
to grandma
it seems

I smile
a tear
then a tug
remembering wishes
remembering dreams

I remember
kids at school
"headed to grandma's"
at the end of
school days

going to see her
going to play

I remember
my yearning
hearing about
the cookies she made

the stories she told
the hugs she gave

It might be
or nanny
or gran

they rang
in my ears
as I wished for
my own to listen
and understand

those names my lips
wanted badly
to form

my tongue to
fresh and warm

my arms wanted
to hug her

as she hugged me
back just right

my fingers ached to
fine silver hair

as I'd rock
there in her chair

to tenderly stroke it
away from soft eyes

as blue
as blue as the skies

my heart wanted
to say
I love you
I love you, I do
one day
I'll write a poem
just for you
I know grandparents are special. I just wish I knew it firsthand. My grandmothers both died before I was born and my grandfathers when I was far too young to remember them. Thank you to those of you who are/were lucky enough to have grandparents for the beautiful tributes I read here!
You. You.
Little loud voice.
You keep me up,
All night, with your
Whispers, whispers.

You shift to your side
Tectonic shifts,
To confound my sleep,
To sully my slumber,
To drown my dreams,

You keep, you keep,
You keep me up.
You played all night
With your little big band.
Jade Apr 1
Every Saturday it is the same
Every Saturday I sit
I stare at the ticking hands and wait
No need to tell me I've been tamed

As the seconds pass
I watch my reflection in the glass
It is a wonder, I think
That I still look the same as the second before that passed

Yet inside I know a little more has died
Each tick brings me one step closer
To where you have gone
To a place of peace and sound.

And one day, many years from now
Someone will sit and wait,
Looking at the face that that is at once theirs and not
And remember the hour of my passing,
Just as I sit and wait and remember yours.
Poetic T Mar 22
Every step is the canvas beneath our feet,
                                            when we pause,
                               we look back.
Seeing the picture
that hasn't fully been concluded.

And again we brush our feet on the earth,
                             hoping to finish that day
with either an enjoyable colour of our motions
                             or a master piece of remembering,
that will hang in our minds for a lifetime.
The things I have seen in my life make the sides of my heart hurt and makes my eyes want to weep.
Oskar Erikson Mar 13
than being unable to forget

who no longer thinks of
When the moon has set
And the blanket of night
Has been pulled back
To reveal my mangled silhouette
Will you remember me?

When the pieces of us
Are nothing but dust
Scattered into the winds
And blown from our hands
Will you remember me?

When my voice box gives out
And the screams and the shouts
For you to return
Are muffled and will go unheard
Will you still hear me?

When I reach out into the vastness
Looking for a hand
That has the lines and the patterns
That mold with my own
Will you still feel me?

Because I let you wonder
It was in your nature to go
I never held on
I just watched as you grew.

I watched as you ran
From everything that you knew
The pain and the pleasure
The lies and the truth.

It was never my intention
To clip your wings
Or put you in a cage
Just to watch you sing.

Remember me
Even after you've let me go
And the Earth comes back
To claim my bones.

Remember me.
For you.
TeeCrush Mar 8
Sometimes I do wonder
If you ever think of me
and just how much I loved you
and how you just left me to bleed.
Despite how much I’ve hurt,
even when I’m alone,
when I think of you,
my mind still feels at home.
TeeCrush Mar 8
Hey there old friend,
I miss you.

I remember we’d laugh till we cried,
or when we’d go on our own trips & rides.
Our jokes were really the funniest,
and in those moments, I could’ve sworn,
I was the luckiest.
You were there to catch my falls,
and only you answered my midnight calls.
Nobody understood me like you did,
and I wouldn’t be around if not for you, kid.
You marched with me through new things,
and provided the feathers for my wings.
You climbed with me to better heights,
and got me through the difficult nights.
It was an honor to have been your best friend for a while,
to have been the one to make you smile,
to have been the one to make you laugh,
and to once have shared your gilded path.
I hope our parting is no longer an issue
because if you’re reading this,
dear old friend,
I really do miss you.
Send this poem to an old friend you haven't reached out to in a long time. It'll make their day, I swear on it.
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