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james Oct 7
its two in the morning
and i remember the nights when i was 11
and i tried to understand my true nature
and became afraid and confused

because the more i asked why i
felt or thought some thing or way
the less i was sure
that i had no ulterior motives

(this is how i spent my weekends
when i was not comparing
the local colleges-
yes, i was very fun at parties)

i hadn't words for it then
just frustration and shame
but tonight, in the moonlight
i found them

"the world is a story, and we are all nothing more than untrustworthy narrators," i thought
over popcorn and juice

but i was so young, too young
when i started to ponder
what my actions and beliefs
could really mean

i wouldnt say im smarter now
i wouldnt say im more at peace
but really, the best thing ive done done for myself
is forget how to think
i am not exaggerating
when i talk about not thinking.
once i didnt really like
a situation i was in
so i merely pictured television static
and a blank white room
and i spent the next twenty minutes
not thinking.
lua Oct 6
there are some people in the world
who we forget to say goodbye to
even if its simply going to school
or to work
to the moment their body lays limp on their deathbed
a simple "bye"
or a "see you later"
would suffice

if you can say hello
you can say goodbye.
before it's too late
I still think to call you sometimes
& the thought gets stuck
in my throat.
The pressure builds
and a tear breaks loose,
like your single note,
tattooed on the back of my hand.

I still hear your melody, softly,
as it joins the symphony
in my head;
it breaks free onto this page,
turns into this poem
of Love & Loss
Cyan Aug 12
If you’re looking hard enough
you’ll find
The Hotel of Sound,
a monument of memories to moments momentarily forgotten.

Stare into the sonogram
and open up a door.
If you listen very closely
You may just hear
your first breath.
Johnny walker Jul 13
Many times at night when I was unable to sleep laid watching my wife whilst she slept totally unaware I was watching or even
A ray light cast from a full  moon shone through a gap In our bedroom curtain that bathed her naked body In soothing l
My head resting on my arm as I laid watching the
the gentle rise and fall of her lovely breast with the sweetness of every
She then turnef on her side and then I'd gently snuggle In my body fitting like a glove perfectly Into the loverly curves of her nakedness
To feel her warmth a glow radiating from the natural curves of her beautiful naked body that wonderful perfume
I would feel my excitement
pressing hard against her bare flesh there upon she wake feeling my excitement pressed so hard against
She would turn over on her back then grabbing and kissing me with oh so much passion I would then caress her soft but firm breast
taking her excited stiffening ******* gently between my lips tweak them with my fingers tips she would open up to
I would enter her and we would make crazy mad  passionate love to each other exploring our bodies each others
fantasies and
we would collapse Into In heap of pure pleasure bodies glistening damp then drift off to sleep wrapped In each other loving  arms and fall
to peaceful
emily Sarker Jun 21
Your eyes.
The way they sparkled when they would lay on me....
That's all I have.
That's all I remember.
Cause if I think farther,
Remember more than that about you,
I'll break down and lose the girl I've been trying to make ever since you left.
So that's all I remember,
Your eyes.
Sorry I can't remember more of you love
Deep Aug 2018
So you are gone, I realized this tonight
At the thousandth night of our separation,
Stars glittering, Moon playing hide & seek
Same like the night you and I talked last,
How I hated change-
And how I found it at every step I took, is inexplicable.
The promises were not plenty to stay
Oaths were mere another words said in frenzy that
Washed with the first rain of the season.

All those texts that I wrote, stanzas I composed
Were not enough to win you.
I ask you; was I that bad?

I remember me; so different than now
Awake all night waiting for your call
to start talks having no purport,
To listen your gasps, kisses and breathe and yawn
Every moment felt like you were breathing unto me
Traversing miles, splashing on face
Warm in winters, cool in summer nights,
your breath reached;
Inhaling all, I stored it inside
Like a souvenir; to remind me how close we were once.

You said,
you “are weak in catching the hidden meanings
In my poems”. How ignorant I was to not listen
But if you were around now,
I'd explain those connotative lines
full with request and pleas,
I had typed in midnight emotions
tears gashing;
Only had simple meaning;
I long and yearn to live with you,
around you, beside you
every second.
If I’d known substitutes of hundred diverse
emotions spinning,
I'd have used it
to avoid your confusion.
But I didn’t find. My rotten luck!

Sometimes, I ponder
If you're there to see me awake all night for words
that can match you; your radiant beauty, then all
would have been different.
But you're not there to witness the devotion.

To my ill-fate, words carry only pictures
Reading depends on reader,
And you read it all different than I intended,
Maybe, it’s fault of my poetry
broken and stained in failure
Never achieved power to conquer you forever.

Every word I wrote haunt me onwards
See, the sorrow I'm indulged in,
When you have forgotten my existence,
and the love we shared.
Still, after all these years
I fighting with change
Waken all night
weary, tired, sleepy; Write you in poems!
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