Jas 1d

In the dusk of war
Of my own personal battles
That seethed and wailed,
uprooted from the ground
Like weeds beneath the shallow mulch
Did my own fears come to fruition,
Seeds nestled between memories
Suckling on life as soon as it enters me.
Though rare and bleeding
Did spill into my life
At the same moment more people arrived -
Those who would do the cleaning
"Oh, come now," they said
For I'd been mulling about in
My own person,
Not as much as I'd been swimming in
A glass of Merlot and cherry wine;
For I'd drowned in a solution so pure before -
All besides the sting and reverberating warmth of
The lord in my glass
Would be toxic for me.

All else must be choked down willingly
And the audience an unworthy witness.

i am not one for making bets
but i bet your heart skipped too
when my soul recognized you

fika Jan 8

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost

Shook off the cold monotone and dreamed of something more
Recalled bright memories standing firm on fragile pages torn.  

In my mind I hear songs that take me back to that place
The words are important yet they’ve been all but erased.

Remembering days draped in clothing that happiness wore
And the praises whispered softly…and the promises we adored.

Gazed through a golden goblet and watched the bubbles rise
Looked up and thought of you as I searched the night skies.

Do you know that I still think of you nearly every day?
Can’t help but lean on you when I think there’s no way.

Tonight I’ll raise my glass to the sky and look up to the moon
Shed the skin of the past because there’s simply no room.

You’ll wink at me from that distant star, as you always do
And remind me to live with gratitude for all that is new.

I love you.

An homage to people I love and miss very much.
Cosmo Dec 2017

I remember this little toy
He was a happy little fellow
He taught us to do cartwheels in the yard
His name was Tigger

I remember that he was never there.
I don’t even remember him at all
If only if he would have stayed long
Maybe that’s the problem
I don’t remember

I remember all the long nights we had
The woods was our favourite place
The whole family would get together
And just talk around the campfire
I guess it's the little things that matter

Paula Sullaj Dec 2017

Perhaps        I        You
        our         could     could    
              lives        forget    remember  
entangl­ed        about    the          
           so      another  love      
               man     for
                          and     a            
                 you         But                             
                        it             in          You                    
             was         one        are          
       bad          of          not    
            timing        my         letting        
                   infinite         me      
                            universes         go                   
                                    How   ­   

But do I even cross your mind at late nights like this?
Do you?

You weren’t here when I open my eyes,
So I looked for you,
In the space where we breathed,
In the space where we do not,
You were still nowhere to be found.

And I realized,
You had never been here.

I was recalling a time,
A memory,
And a love song,
Where we had a happy ending.

But listen to me,
We never really did.

It’s amazing how I wrote this not because of myself but a ship

Many years had passed; the woman still worries the loss of the man--
She's still blaming herself; and keeps carrying the pain.
Whatever she wants to forget; she still wondered what she could do and asked herself what is her plan?--
The damage has been done; but why still remain?

She keeps remembering the pain that she have done; she remembered that she's the only reason--
She's the reason why she lost her love; she's the reason why her loved ones were gone.
She's crying again; she's hurt and she thought that she had treason--
Many people told her that she need to forget it and it's not her fault for what had happened; but she still can't move on.

So this is the part two of reminiscence the past, i hope you like it.
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