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Ariel 6d
Though you’re long dead and gone
I can’t help but wonder how it might’ve went
If you’d come in that day.
I wouldn’t have lost a part of my heart
I wouldn’t have cried out my eyes
I would’ve seen your beautiful smile
What I wouldn’t give to see it one last time.

Sometimes I think you were my first true love
More than a crush, because I remember you.
Your soft voice and your sweet eyes
You towered over me but you were so kind
You made me laugh and you made me cry
But, darling, why—
I didn’t want it to end that way.

I was going to ask you to homecoming.
I never got the chance.
I never knew how you felt, darling—
I wish I had more time.
Because I simply can’t stop remembering—
No, no matter how hard I try.

Though you’re dead and gone
Up amongst the stars
I can’t help but wonder
What we could’ve been like.
Days filled with laughter, sitting beneath the pines
Talking about everything and nothing
You could’ve been mine.

We danced that year
What a wonderful night
You were the first time my heartbeat raced
Dear old friend of mine.
I sometimes wish I could stop remembering
But I know that would be a lie.
Because though you’re dead and gone, darling,
I still wonder from time to time.
We were so young. I wish he never committed suicide.
echoes but does not return
the same lifeless message.
Only the stillness of the room reflects
such dreary gasps for color
and that still desire of the moth
longing to surpass its dull greys
for the wings of a fluttering butterfly
in its glory days.
this is from 3 yrs ago AND I NEVER POSTED IT HERE?
I thought I did
but nope, just on only
I'm a fool, but here
Carmen Jane Mar 30
My heart traveled all the way to you
As my eyelids pressed my soul
It lay upon your chest, above yours,
And stole your heartbeats.
My hearing stayed behind
As it was easy to remember,
The sound of your  gentle breathing.
A shiver traveled in waves,
Upon my skin,
Wearing the memory of your touch.
My ****** lips, were begging again
They were starving for your kiss,
I bit them, to feed them something,
My toenails, scratched the floor
To distract my ears
That taunted the returning heart
That weeped,
Cause it came back,
Without your heartbeats.
Carmen Jane Mar 24
Remember our giggles,
When we used to play that game
Where you trace letters, on my arm?
With your tickling and suave touch,
Of your feathery tip of your pointer,
We did that for hours,
And kissed for each guessed phrase...
Years went by, and we forgot about that game
Now we invented others,
For our two daughters.
Yet, I still remember, one phrase
And even its original place,I could trace
You wrote that you love me,
And then you spelled my name.
My man was a baby
he prefer milk than coffee
he watch cartoons than movies
he loves to cry when he miss me

My man was a baby
he called me immature
but we both know
all the argument came from him.

My man was a baby
he act nothing but
he get offended easily
oh beautiful baby with beard

My man was a baby
he was selfish
disliked communication
and prefer throwing tantrums

My man now is a man
he don't need me anymore
he prepare his own coffee
he cry no more, focus on his work.

My man now is a man
he become so cold and reserve
he act like nothing because he don't care
sulking no more.

I miss my baby.
how are you?
There's nothing better
in the evening,
thinking about you.
At night,
dreaming about you.
In the morning,
waking up
remembering you.
nabi 나비 Mar 10
i wonder if you ever think of me
when you see butterflies fluttering past
when you see an old book with yellowing pages
when you see daisies for sale at the farmers market
when you see gorgeous castles with large libraries
when you hear thunder pound on the roof at night
when you read poetry and see the profound meanings that lay behind it
when you smell lavender and incense float past you
do they remind you of me?
of all the moments and hundreds of conversations we had?
do you ever get reminded of all the things that make up me?
i remember all the things you used to write down about me so you wouldn't forget them
and i wonder if they stuck and ever remind you
and if they do, i deep down secretly hope that it hurts
Rose Mar 1
rusted vases light the hallway
as the sun breaks over the trees
pictures float from the cracked walls
tattered floors from the living we’ve done
a house that shows the life we've lived all here together. what a beautiful worn look we've made.
ImpliedLines Feb 25
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