Pyrrha 3d
Two bold butterflies flutter by
Like lovers, reaching up to kiss the sky

Down swoops a radiant raven
Beak open and ready for the kill

Yet as it speeds down
It falters and glides past

Today it spares the lovers
While it carries on it's merry way looking for another meal

They were ignorant to the danger,
Consumed by eachothers love and blind to the world

The raven was like a warning of an unavoidable conflict
Possible to stall, inevitable in the end

But not today,
Today is for the butterflies
I wrote this after watching two butterflies avoid getting eaten by a bird at the park today while cloud gazing.
Robin Lemmen Jul 5
If every star must fall
I wonder why it is we
Ever met at all
Why the dreams I dreamt
Had your shining smile
Convincing me to stay
And the soft comfort of your eyes
Had me holding on for dear life
Come breathe me in
Help me discover the true meaning
Of dancing in the rain
And letting go of eternal pain
Must we fall, let’s make sure
It wasn’t in vain
mvssbecvming Jun 30
This heart I hold can't hold me back from you.
loving you to lose you
rob kistner Jun 12

when the fire of true love
flickers dims and dies
a solitary shadow falls
deep in darkening eyes
your once sweet words of love
become but empty lies

when that open door
to your tender heart
began its quiet close
ir was subtle at the start
but now you block all access
to the fragile part

what once so warm and effortless
now feels quite chilled and tight
the closing off began unseen
as but the passing of a night

until one morning no dawn breaks
no tenderness nor warmth awakes
and a loneliness encircles slow
you seek the one that you've loved so

she's here arms reach she shares your bed
you roll and turn and lift your head
you search her face in the predawn glow
but these eyes you see you no longer know

you feel no tears you feel no fight
a sadness rises from this night
your love once so sweet and light
will never agsin feel truly right

it's in this sober clarity
you realize you know
though you chose to stay asleep
your heart left long ago


rob kistner © 2013
(revised 2018)
This is a contemplation on the subtle growing loneliness of "falling out of love" and the deep sadness, yet strange calm of the moment you truly know.
rob kistner Jun 7

I slipped beneath
the waves
caught in a cloudy

no bottom in sight


rob kistner © 2013
contemplation on depression
Jenny Apr 21
he is a boy
a boy i only just met
with crazy colored curls
who melted my heart
with his voice
so soothing
so adorable
i don’t know why i blush seeing you
i don’t know why i love you so
i don’t know how you have me shivering from your fingertips
or how you hold me on your couch
and tell me once again the story of your parents
of how they fell out of love
how you don’t want a future like theirs
but enough about me what about you he asks me
i don’t know what to say
im just magnetized to you
the energy you radiate
and the rowdiness you create
mum calls you a bum
but i could care less
yeah you smoke cigarettes
yeah you were arrested twice
you, oh you
you have me whipped
have me in love
in love with the thought of you and with you
your lips only produce the most poetic of phrases
you’re so talented,
you can smile genuinely when speaking of something so sad
your voice, talk me to sleep babe
whisper with your arms around me
your head resting on mine
yeah he goes on tangents,
but that makes me even more in love
the rhythm of your voice inspires the beating of my heart
I’m so into you its unhealthy
help me oh gosh
yeah we made love on your twin sized mattress you had since you were 7
yeah you didn’t go to college
but who gives a fuck
he has dark eyebrows
dark hair
dark clothes
dark lungs
dark eyes
i stare into
they contain all the warmth i will need
they comfort me
yeah we imitated your parents
yeah the wine glasses were shattered from your pure rage
yeah my arms are covered in bruises
but my collar bones are covered in hickies
i don't think theres much of a difference in coloration
i guess your parents were on the right track when they became a statistic
i guess the butterflies in my stomach migrated
i guess we’re over
i guess falling out of love was inevitable
to the boy i only just met
Ashby Apr 14
The bridge to the past continues to crumble.
So take a bottle of wine and drink in the rubble.
Oliver D Apr 13
Do you see me?
I am yelling your name
But you look everywhere
But at me.

We're going to different places
In life, and I wish I could follow
You, and be there for you when
All else fails.

But we have been set
On separate paths, so
I'm afraid we will drift
Away, in the end.

'Twas a pleasure.
A fear of mine.
Sometimes i wonder what happened to us,
And it's so ironic,
'Cause i am the one always saying
And preaching about how
Inevitable change is..

Not that i was unrealistic,
It's just that
you're one change
One change
i hoped wouldn't happen..

i miss what  we used to be ...
Surface shallow information not good enough for the individual but powerful enough for a nation
Tiny bubbles
Giant games
That’s what you make inside a cage
To keep things busy
So afraid to be still
Sitting in silence could make you restless and ill
The only time when things finally get clearer and the whole world finally sees the angle of the mirrors
Trapped inside
Wanted out
Got distracted by what we thought about
Got it made
Boy been played
The hand was bitten in good faith
That nature takes a breath and wakes
What’s the trouble yet to come?
Can you hear the beating of that drum?
Fighting fading
Reflex gravy
Kind of moment that will make you crazy
About that time getting near
No one ever listens to a seer
Let it go
Some will know
Even one will count and the seed will grow
Impulse has taken my spirit
It’s married to good fortune
And opportunity it’s mistress
Balance a forefather who sacrificed himself to be the vessel we dwell within
Though I may slip, the counter will always be there calculating and adjusting
Remember that it’s always better to fall forward then back
At least then I’m not blind to the fall and can attempt a catch
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