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Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, stuck in crowds makes me yearn for the invisible:)

such a shame to wish the invisible

anymore not compromising with the ****** gone inevitable

doubt the crowd

all hate all loud

sprinkling poison drops in sounds

unmerciful on my exquisite highs of skied clouds

last night would never come past this already nor around

Van Xuan Mar 13
Trying my best to cheer her up
Support her as much as possible
Yet I can't stop the inevitable
Staying only make things worst
It's too painful to see her pain
In the end I can't do anything for her

She needed to leave
And the only thing I can do
Is to support her decision
The feeling of unable to do anything is back
Salvador Kent Feb 13
time end
good bad
now you see
this be nature

things inevitable
in the grand scheme
this be nature

call absurdity to
old man on side of street
who with sign calls god
god god god see

for god
say he

so he point
mouth and brain
say very
primitive you be
this be nature

this this
be nature
the first in a series of deconstructions.
time makes things inevitable.
Brittany Ann Jan 29
The law of energy states

that energy can neither be

created nor destroyed;

rather, it can only be

transformed or transferred

from one form to another.

I beg the question

if this could also reflect

the human soul's expression

of pain.

And though this would seem that

we are fated to the burden of a force

much bigger than ourselves,

there still is a transcendental irony

in the way we have the ability to

transform what would be considered

Lunar Dec 2020
The pain in my head is real
Its been that way for years
Came and went
Died and grew
Slowed and sped
Hiding in the background but always reminding

They say time makes you learn to live rather than forget.
But that’s only when it’s gone...
So how long...
How long till my scars stop healing
How long before the meds stops working
How long before friends and family point fingers
How long before I forget love and memories
How long before I lose me
How long until I regret wanting to live...

Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
The soul purpose of
Is not to miss

Genre: Inspirational
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Don't you know what damage you do to me?
Obvious if you just look
Chaos easy to see
Can read me like a book

Love in the way I move
Embedding every cell
Impossible to decrease or remove
I am under some sort of spell

Dancing around corner housing truth
Afraid of what is lying in wait
Doesn't take an expert sleuth
To figure what signs indicate

With the time and effort I give
Hoping for resolution
Thought we would find a better way to live
Resulted in destitution

Don't you know you are the reason why
I tolerate array of abuse
Cheat on me
Yet somehow remain my constant muse

Potential picks up pieces
Each time illusions shatter
Infatuation never ceases
When promises scatter

And all that matters
The end of the day
Is overwhelming adoration I feel
Is worth the hefty price I pay
Experiencing something real

It is sad how I never cross your mind
In mine you never stop
Harbor peace I cannot find
Places wish we could swap

If love no longer hangs on heart
Inform so I can start to accept
Our bodies must be apart
Owe me at least that respect

Is it difficult to share
Thoughts inhabiting your brain?
Done my best to make you aware
Of both happiness and pain

Head spinning due to disappointment
Your silence says it all
Attempts to evoke enjoyment
Lead straight to a brick wall

Whisper prophecies in ear
How many moments til we're done?
Don not hide what I would rather not hear
Nowhere else to run

You do not dare to break the careful facade
Worked so hard to protect
In denial of behaviors flawed
Too badly to halt or correct

Somewhere along path we travel
Feet strayed from the planned route
We are forced to watch our dreams unravel
Trapped without a way out

Afraid problems are too high to rise above
Inevitable is here so quit trying to pretend
Don't you know there is nothing that can save our love?
Even the strongest relationship comes to an end
How can you be so naive?
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
My heart is broken
Without you.

Soul is void,
With you.

And I reconcile,
Heal and arise,
Within you.
Such strange kinda love
Tiana Nov 2020
is this cold feeling
I have inevitable,
or is it my mind
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