Othneil Gayle Feb 27
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,
Don't scorn me for realism, not ahead of time,
No , right now, everything I touch is decaying,
Or if not currently, inevitably will be one day and,
On the timeline of eternity, that's sooner than later,
We're all served an abrupt ending,
We're spoonfed and catered for,  
More akin to forcing it down our throats or,  
Being drowned in it by temporal limitation, more,
Of us need to come to the realization, that separating life From death is a violation of,
Logical reasoning,
Don't  succumb to the temptation of,
Turning to euphemistic lies for consolation,
Even celestial bodies: clusters and constellations,
Burn out and cease to be,
What does it mean to be indefinite?
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,

The laws of eventuality dictate all things that are bound to, Reality by chains of existence,
That's just how it is, no need to mention the crippling futility Of denial and resistance,
It's quite fitting that the day you were pushed out of your Mother's womb,
You were crying,
Because, not in terms of coffins and tombs,
But in a way it was the first day you really started dying,
Drying up like a flower pulled up from a field and planted in Desert,
All things have to come to an end,
We don't hold power change that so I yield and treasure the, Things that I have when I happen to have them,
I'm not burdened with the fear loss,
No extra baggage,
Not deadweight,
But it's our cross to bear,
Our yolk to wear,
Learn not to hold all eggs in the same basket,
As they all shall shatter,
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,

I've always been constructing a casket,
That's the cold, hard truth,
I've been struggling to grasp it,  
The very concept of life, I need to get past it,
Unmask it, remove the facade and expose it for what it really Is,
Not one moment, but an ever present demon, looming over The billions,
Conclusions are compulsory,
That's what I've been drilling into,
My head, there gaps and lapses in my thoughts,
But I've been filling in, what I can,
What I'm unable to, I just leave the spaces empty,
Speaking of vacancies,
Your skull must be one not to comprehend me,
you can resent me, if you want but I only speak truth,
Call my thinking ruthless,
But ignorance is useless,
If it fails to shield you from the outcome that is birthed from knowledge,
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,
Dead or dying
Seanathon Jan 30
Welcome change
Embrace its embrace
And you will grow new
In spite of the length
Of your shadowy face

Because long is the short
Of the time in this place
And though changes are made
At a self-perceived pace

We are meant to endure
We are meant to take place
Would you welcome the change?
In all of it's uncomfortable embrace
Wow... Deja Vu - It's like I've written this before
Sani Jan 25
The other day I was thinking
About my grandmother,
And how I love her so dearly,
How she use to make me tea,
And speak to me,
How she is so lovely,
And remind me of the  queen
As the years go by I am reminded
That she is temporary
And I yearn to see her again
For last time we were together
Was at my aunty’s funeral
She died of a stroke,
I miss her as well

Why the eternal?
Why will everything I love slip away?
I know for sure that I will cry,
On that fateful day,
I am an unbeliever,
But I am drawn to prayer,
Because my mother!
I don’t know what I would do
Without her
And papa,
Oh I love him so,
But even he too will go

Or is It I who will leave them?
Or will it be one of my friends?
I dread these dark thoughts,
But they remind me,
That this life is a precious gift,
Blessings to all who live!
Ken Rafiñan Jan 27
Times passes,
intense thoughts of—
what else:
but itself.

It is wanted,
and spent—
the self-sufficient narcissist.

It comes:
suddenly every time—
always punctual,
and without warning—
then goes:
leaving one paranoid,
and pre-empting.

and aching for the next one:
an almost lust for the inevitable.

in its own moment:

but not gone.

A presence insensible,
yet always known.

Immediately the who,
and how—
then not ever again,
until its second coming.

Because it can—
it did—
and it will.

No cause, no reason:
it is:
has been:
will be.

Bending every curve
and edge,
at all possible angles,
to its fitful will.

then not there.

Never enough,
or too much,
but absolutely just right.

A salutation,
and farewell—
all in the same sentence.
Maybe if I had tried
My parents in another damn fight
Seemed like it was every night
So I ran away and I lied
As the lightning flashed
And the storm lashed
With each boom I cried
I was just scared
Why was it so hard to say?

Why do we even try
I don't want to fight
Not another damn night
I hate it when you lie
As our time flashed
And my heart lashed
I couldn't help but cry
I'm just scared
Why is that so hard to say?
This is about how our values change as we grow and become what we used to hate.
sarah Jan 21
every time i hear your laugh or
catch a glimpse of that look you give only me
i can’t help but think of
how goddamn much it’s gonna hurt when you leave
Xaviera Allan Jan 15
our destiny was
written in the stars above
until the sunrise
Meyssy ibert Nov 2017
Your inevitable
Like the setting of the sun
Something beyond
My control
Like my phobias
So intense
Your all darkness.

It's irritating
And so thrilling  
The way we
Tiptoe around
The volcano
So close to the lava
You feed me fire
Until we're consumed
And yet I'm back
For more.
                                Meyssy. I
Ashton Oct 2017
Never get too comfortable
Nothing lasts forever
Change is inevitable
Certain things will always be
So be picky on who you spend time with
Be very selfish on what you invest your energy in
Unlike money and items
Time doesn't give refunds
Once it passes
Its in the past
Choose wisely on what and who you invest time and energy in
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