Meyssy ibert Nov 3

Your inevitable
Like the setting of the sun
Something beyond
My control
Like my phobias
So intense
Your all darkness.

It's irritating
And so thrilling  
The way we
Tiptoe around
The volcano
So close to the lava
You feed me fire
Until we're consumed
And yet I'm back
For more.
                                Meyssy. I

Ashton Oct 20

Never get too comfortable
Nothing lasts forever
Change is inevitable
Certain things will always be
So be picky on who you spend time with
Be very selfish on what you invest your energy in
Unlike money and items
Time doesn't give refunds
Once it passes
Its in the past

Choose wisely on what and who you invest time and energy in
Nandan Sharma Oct 18

What do you feel.
Someone asked him.
Someone familiar
As familiar as water is to thirst.
Stone faced
He struggled to comprehend
The same way
As he dragged
Through the day
The certainty of the departed
The silence of the inevitable.

Sweet by and by,
You've gone away,
Not even your memory longs to stay,
So new to the world with ambitions fire,
They burn away with your desire.
You longed to go places and away you went,
With no one in heart your time was spent.
And to no end was there any repent,
For the world you got to admire.

Sweet by and by,
Now in that same Earth you'll forever lay
With no family or friend over your grave to pray.
You cared not for the consequence dire,
For you lived your dream and it brought you higher.
Poor lonely spirit away she's sent
Sweet by and by. . .

© Molly Shore

I Barker Sep 15

Some things are inevitable
Now there are two ways you can handle it
You can either accept it and move on
Or you can give up and let that decision be your

Maria Etre Aug 30

It is only fair
that life
takes time
away from me
and barters it
I visit
in my mind
from time to time

Seanathon Aug 29

I admire those who aren't caught in traps
Who can commit themselves to something else
And not feel trapped by the weight

Because time doesn't matter if you're content
And nothing is ever wasted if never spent

I admire those who don't fear their own fate
But embrace the fact that they've embraced

It's bound to happen after all...
Elin Roberts Jul 31

the heat from your gaze
reminded me of the sun

i knew if i got too close
i would inevitably get burnt

but did i care?

fuck no.

you're the sun to my moon
Zara rain Jul 31

I haven't really eaten in days,
but I've tasted manna from heaven.
Dancing under overcast stars,
drinking the essence of oblivion.
I haven't really tried to be sensible,
or act the reasonable way of society.
But people don't seem to care anyway.
They hunger for a smile, a touch that transfer only...
Unregarded affection
Payless affinity.
And so,
I live
Still roaming the treasures of life,
spending the few grains of hope
left inside me.
To find residues of love
that I might steal
From you
and you...

Hapless people
you are but one brief moment away
from swallowing the answer
of love.

Panzar maiden in full armor
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