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Tony Tweedy Jun 25
We may not share the same path or length of time on life's journey.... but we do have in common that each day takes us one day nearer to its end.
Not difficult to see why I don't get invited to many parties.....
Tony Tweedy Jun 25
There is a scream that lives inside born of endless pain.
It takes me down by every thought residing in my brain,
So hard for me to keep a world that resembles even being sane.

A feeling of sad deep despair grown from within my inner core,
I feel it rise again and know that it is here to stay forever more.
So long the question I've asked myself "what do I go on for?"

There must be a reason and there has to be some way...
So many are the wounds that lead me to souls dark decay,
Struggling to find reason to go on even just for one more day.

When you know that love and hope and dreams are long dead,
How to stop the dark thoughts congealing within your head?
What is there left to keep your world sane and a soul well fed?

You know you gave everything and it has all become to tough,
And the face I show now to the world is all a front and only bluff.
When all the future I know lays ahead just cant be enough.

I have become pointless and a soul so depressed....
Not yet expired, but a ghost of who I was, not yet laid to rest.
And by my own judgement I have failed life's every test.
"I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky.... and one by one they disappear"..... Jeff Wayne... How sad when the last bird flies never to be seen again.... I feel my birds have flown and only winter and darkness are ahead.
Jace Joseph Jun 2
We're scared
Of Dying
Scared of


Because­ we can't quite
yet predict the weather.
But we can surely put
two and two together.

And we know
we must mend.
For our story has
to have bitter end.

But we'll try to
set out a plan.
Live our lives
best as we can.

Till that one day
we greet death.
Finally breathe
our last breath.
Why do we fear the inevitable?
Jace Joseph May 29
I may have stagnant waters now,
And I know I'm not always needed.
As the waters slowly reach my brow,
Truly I just want to flow unheeded.

Terrified to open up the floodgates,
Careful not to **** the town below.
The inevitable day calmly awaits,
Lonely as I live in my own shadow.
Lotus May May 28
seek solace
in the inevitable—
pain and suffering
will heal only from within,
the unchanging flow of time
will soon change  everything,
the sun will always rise and fall
the moon will still embrace all
today will come to an end
and we may part ways,
but tomorrow awaits
and we will decide
our own fates
old willow May 9
Some say that life cannot be controlled by oneself,
for it is within the grasp of Fate, and Time.
I laughed!

Laugh, because I can’t resist.
Laugh, because I can’t resist..
Laugh, because I can’t resist...
CB May 7
“I see the orbs in the dark of night, they float, grow, and glow causing such a fright. A fear so menacing, a fear so bright. Do not scurry away into the night. The orbs so rare, so real, what an awful dread. Before you know it, you’ll be dead. They’ll catch you, trip you, pull you away, they’ll make you fall simply far far away. There’s no escaping something so tall, don’t turn from the inevitable crying, instead welcome it smiling”
Seanathon Apr 30
Streaming sunlight calls
New beginnings like a day
With existence old
And remembered fondly found
The familiar ways return
Some things you can just feel, as inevitable as the daylight unfolding. It happens, and you knew it would.
SWebster Apr 16
You knew you would end up here:
Winding ripping at your hair,
Eyes burning with tears
And hands clasping sand.
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