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Robby 9h
My indecision is deciding for me
I remain
Stuck in this place of purgatory
I remain
All dark with no light and sleep without rest
I remain
Both horns and halos but no devil or angel
I remain
Sailing from star to sea in celestial form adrift
I remain
Abhishek kumar Dec 2019
You changed,like an year
And didn't
like the months
Paseal Joe Dec 2019
Something keeps me awake,
in the midst of the storm,
and makes me want to fight,
instead of hide.
It lets me take up the battle
that others have feared to fight,
and diminishes the fear,
that has threatened to eat me alive.

it makes you take a step,
when you could have run away,
makes you throw stones at the enemy,
and watch and wait,
it makes you move,
when you could have stayed trembling.

It gets you on your feet again,
after you have fallen several times
it makes you push,
when there's no more strength in you
and leaves you waiting
when there's nothing to wait for.
courage doesn't await victory,
it works it out.
Stay courageous.

OpenWorldView Oct 2019
the sight,
like a constant surf,
broke my courage.
and all those silent words
drowned in the white spray
of her beauty.
Jules Oct 2019
You asked when all this changed
I said nothing really it's all remained
Except today
You saw my face for what I am
Jules Oct 2019
Tell me you don't love me
Tell me that you're ashamed
Tell me the things I need
To make me walk away
Even if you want me
Even if I may
Don't take my hand
And beg me to stay
Because I will
Forever remain
Jay M Sep 2019
Living like a ghost
Walking by all I know
Hiding from everyone
Denying I need anyone
To walk alongside

Night falls
Darkness reins
Emotions overcome
Control the individual
Curled into a corner
Embracing a comfort
An object from childhood
Absorbing rivers

Still, child cries
Still, child hides
And still
The heart dies.

- Jay M
September 25th, 2019
Nylee Aug 2019
In truth, there is no blame
Truth exist just as is
  with no start or end
It just remains
Cat Lynn Jul 2019
Empty and Full of nothing but dry bones
No senses or feelings left for me to hold

Lifeless and Dead, like the expressions it left me
Every emotion drained like blood. No more breathes left to breathe

It ignores, it is hard, and the dead body is cold
The warmth and love has been stripped away as skin unfolds

But I stay by it still... although it is avoiding the very aspect of living
I know these bones can come alive. Please be forgiving

Laying in broken bony pieces, but yet beautifully organized and created.
Dead inside, but once majestically living and related

Although I have been left behind with the skeleton that remains
I know it can come back to life with the very call of its name

Feelings abandoned, and touches now feeling decayed.
I still have hope... so I will not dig its grave.

You will come back from the dead...
And you will learn to talk... and learn to feel again
I am now left with the Skeleton that remains

Wowwwwww i actually wrote something decent... gees it's late I need to go to bed gosh... also... I'm back yayyyy.. we will see when the next poem comes...

This poem is based on a skeleton dragon someone bought for me XD
Johnny walker Jul 2019
I am still haunted by my late wife's beautiful eyes
I see them when I fall to sleep and
they're still
with me when I wake In the morning
beautiful blue eyes I've never gotten over nor will
I ever day and night
haunted In a beautiful way
by her beauty I do not fear
her spirit
I love Helen as much though gone just as when she was with me In life I've never gotten
her beautiful blue eyes long may her spirit remain with me the rest of my
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