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Anna Sep 16
Our smoke was all over the room
Oh you said it was killing you
But we were killing the seconds
Lying on your mom's carpet.

Oh, my time killer
Don't rush it
Running towards the minutes
Scaring the hours.

No need of caffeine
You had the adrenaline in your blood
You were in a hurry.

Now my feet don't touch the ground
They touch your feet
No way down, do you feel me?
Carmen Jane Sep 1
Busy like a hummingbird
In a hurry all the time
Your beauty it's captured
Barely, but after, you're gone

You smile and you feel
Like the beautiful swan
Who used to be the **** duckling
Now the compliments are on

You're not used with them
You take them all in
You drink this cup too fast
And you forget priorities…

You're drunk on them
You want even more
And you stretch your wings
Yet you dance on their songs

You visit many flowers
My little hummingbird
You don't see they wait for you
As  they've prepared their gardens

There's someone for you
Who can give you the world
You'll miss it, I am afraid
As your too busy to rest...
Bhill Aug 28
Hello to you, and you and you, what can I do today
I see what you want, it's ghastly and gaunt, and I think you should just go away
What do you mean, you think that it's keen; it's awful and I can't abide
I think you should hurry, and please, please scurry, get out, your want is denied
We all have our views and yours made me choose, to ask you to leave me alone
I know you meant well, but I bid you farewell to move on to a better unknown

Brian Hill - 2019 # 219
Another attempt as this format. I like it because you can have fun with ideas, emotions and even beliefs...
RVani Kalyani Apr 30
Feel like the time's running faster,
Life's that long tongue twister.
Donna Apr 8
The sky is dull grey
and so are pavements ,  that’s a
real boring sandwich

Where’s the sun gone it’s chilly outstde and proper grey skies too !
I  want to write a book
I need to make you laugh.
designed  to capture the heart
So desperate
I will do anything it takes.
Please keep me in  mind.
Before my time is up.
Can't say  what the future holds.
I dare not miss the appointed time.
So I  plead my case before I loose my sanity
gets faster everyday;
often not giving us
time to play.
pain and hurry.
leads to sleeplessness.
I'm working hard until I drop;
life should have buttons,
pause, mute, stop!
What would it be like to go through life with button?
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