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gets faster everyday;
often not giving us
time to play.
pain and hurry.
leads to sleeplessness.
I'm working hard until I drop;
life should have buttons,
pause, mute, stop!
What would it be like to go through life with button?
s v e n Nov 2018
Wind blows
Scent of familiar rises
Hair sways with the breeze
Fingers tap with muse
Eyes blink with thoughts
Feet walk with carelessness and determination
Backpacks filled with knowledge
Hands stuffed with distractions

Still sitting and waiting.
A Sad Alex Aug 2018
No poison as venomous
Nor insidious a rouge
No piercing an arrow
Can compare to love

A disease like no other
Like no virus or spore
It rides the breezes of Autumn
With the leaves as they fall

In the laughter of lovers
As they gaze into their eyes
Their company they cherish
As the world, it turns blank

Such subterfuge is legend
As warning you it does not
And in chains of steel unbreaking
Your heart will be wrought

Your walls will crumble
Your discipline, for naught
You crave their happiness
And then you are lost...
as it tears you asunder
and rips you apart from within

Oh, such a malady has no cure!
You can only give in...

When will you arrive my love?
Please, come to me
Cool this fever of passion
This fire that rages within
Swiftly my darling!
Life from my fingers it slips
I can´t bear to see them smiling...
In sadness I wallow in...
yet, maybe this is what I deserve
For turning my back on my heart
The pain, the agony, it feels...
like the cut of a thousand knives...
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
See, I'll tell you how it is
I don't really need any of this
All this random "he's mine, I'm his"
"There are already a thousand things I miss"

Sure, that's lovely, I admit
but could you slow down for a bit
You don't even know I'm it
And all it makes me think is "he might be full of ****"

I'm being very honest here, sorry
Just don't get why you would worry
about some girl you just met in a hurry
your view seems to be pretty blurry

Sure, everyone likes to hear sweet things
but if it's only that, no substance, the sweetness stings
I'm not sure I want your honey if a bee swarm is what it brings
I'm not your queen bee and here I see no kings

I'm not saying this is bad
This isn't even supposed to sound this mad
Being sweet is actually really rad
But I know how these things go and I'm done ending up being sad

Tell you what I'd be happy to see
Some interest in the actual me
Maybe believable honesty
Cause I ****** hate that I don't even get who you want to be
Very random. I listened to some catchy music today and wanted to write something simple.
Lon Witter Jul 2018
Maybe I am a little bit in a hurry
but life didn't give me a time.
Time to live, think and worry.
Time to feel really alive.

So let me enjoy what I have
no matter how short it is
let me love you till the end
there is nothing more to regret.
I am summoned
With others
All walks and sheens
Colors and creeds
All the same
But never met

We shiver
In Various stages of boredom
Half lidded eyes
Opened suddenly in disgusted salute
To the wet hacking of a dying old miser
Or that disembodied voice
A wraith
Whos pleasant words
Drip with the undeniable fear
Of wasting away
On this cheap throne I've been displaced to,
Or being brought to bare
In some jade kings court.
Made to don a jesters hat
But told to keep the bells silent
And our emotions, our humanity still
While being forced to feed on the horrors
Of civilization so that we may better
Judge the complexity of one life
In a time frame whos picture within
Is too small to be anything but abstract.

This drought of the living time
An infinity to my blood
My bones even twitch at it nervously
Begging for the freedom
Of the common fools
 as we twelve,
The demi gods,
must choose what to do with the remnants
of one desiples plate
of under decided decisions
In a life that most have never known
And even fewer wouldn't trade
a half buried pile of cat turds for.

I guess he didn't know
that we are free
as long as we Bow low enough
Not to be seen

And so we sit low
Staring at a message
A countdown
A simple marker to represent
The life we give in the hopes of
Being let back into what ever cells
We have built for ourselves
I do not use the word hate very often,... but I ******* HATE jury duty.
Shaxy Jun 2018
Here comes the 'Rush Hour';
Commuters in a hurry
just to get a seat.
The daily situation I face every morning,
during my train rides
on my way to work.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
We are right…by Jessie 1/07

Countries gather, analyzing strategic battle plans
Soldiers at their ready, to follow the command
Families waiting eagerly, in hopes of a reprieve
Where countries settle differences and let each other be
Everyday, tensions rise, to the point of no return
People crossing bridges, which, eventually are burned
We are right and you are wrong…until you are willing to concede
This war, which seems inevitable, by my orders, will proceed
Go home and give your loved one’s, a hug and say good bye
Get all your things in order, in the off chance you will die
Hurry back and mobilize, there is no time to waste
We have to start this war, before the people lose their taste
Years have passed and sons are now, changing out the guard
Finding space in cemeteries, for both sides, has been hard
Tell me…why are we all fighting? And why does it go on?
I can’t remember, doesn’t matter, the point is… they are wrong
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