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Maria Etre May 19
I do not want to confine myself to a cubicle
I do not want to type my way through a day
I do not want to bite my nails, fearing I ‘d fail
I do not want to smoke my anxiety, on a Thursday
I do not want to miss sunrise, in traffic
I do not want to train a fake smile
I do not want to mingle, even when I’m single
I do not want to leave quarantine, even if you call it a syndrome
I do not want to jump into busy, I do not miss it
I do not want to forget how to value
I do not want to rush, I like the pause
I do not want to live by time, I want to control time
I do not want to consume a designated lunch, I want to make lunch matter
I do not want lockdown to end
Yanamari May 2
Unsettled heart keeping me up at night
Emotions leaving me raw, overcome
What was once okay lost its security
Who am I and what have I become?

What sacrifices am I making and
Where will these sacrifices take me next?
I'm afraid that they won't understand
I'm afraid of the judgement they'll project

And so the words remain hidden inside.
Whilst people abide by what they should see
The words free to roam, wreak havoc on my mind.
And agree to expel what shouldn't be.

Never afraid of what would never happen
Until I saw what was not to be seen again
Trying my hands at a Shakespearean sonnet style of writing. The syllable count varies on purpose.. the rhymes didn't quite make it, I'm too used to free verse poetry...
The message rather than the words is what has me writing
Poetic T Oct 2019
Normality tries to hinder influence
          of my cognitive


But elastic banded restraints
   keep stretching me to my
Then I'm restrained before my

   I try to move along but
I'm always behind where I took
                                  my first step.

My thoughts sharpened,
           and I collected every barded
emotion to stretch that restraint.

Taking that step I used my unblunted
and instead of being withdrawn.

              I took my real step for the first


normality was restraining and I took
       my individualism and broke free

from the expected norm...

   Who wants to be normal in a world
           of clones.
I'm the original me,  
       A coherence of self that's now
         non hindered by others normality.
Maria Etre Aug 2019
The butterflies
outgrew their place in my stomach
now they flutter in my mind
messing up years of organization
turning it into
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Mothers. Possibly one of the significant contributors of the phrase “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” They overcome adversities, challenge social norms and break down barriers – rising and raising their child with them.

They plant flowers in the garden of their children, so they can bloom. They pour love out like a waterfall and nurture those who drink from it. They enflame hearts with compassion. They orchestrate and create harmony amongst their children creating a beautiful symphony. They pave roads and liberate. They voice out and amplify the ones of their own.

Here is to their depths of love that supports and caresses. To their cheers that uplifts. To how they raise and confront the world. To their softness. To their boldness. To their resilience. To their sacrifices. To them bringing out the best in us.

Here is to their ability to create an insurmountable power that only grows. Here is to them to being driven and passionate in their own authentic way. To them carrying out their integrity. To them setting examples, aspiring us to emulate.

To the ones who give birth, adopt, educate and raise. To the ones who devote their lives to their families care, to the ones who balance. Here is to them creating ripples carried over generation. To them shaping us and thereby shaping the world after them.
Willie Dec 2018
I wonder
What it's like to be accepted
By society

To know your place
To feel like you belong
To have confidence
You can't be wrong

How do you know your place
How do you measure yourself against
The world if you
Don't know your own face

Am I beautiful
In the eyes of the world
Where do I get this input

Do I sell myself as an image
To social media
Do I plead for likes among peers
Gather friends I don't know

Do I measure my likes
Against the popular guys
Or do I measure them
Against the friends by my side

Does it make me better
Or better looking
In the eyes of the world
Am I good enough

For society's taste
Do I conform
Will I now be able
To meet your standard

Am I to your liking
This image I've created
A false modesty
Was it fated

Sell my soul to give it away
Pass it along
To have this world
See me as I am

Judge me
And spit me out
Stripped of my originality

All because I couldn't
See what others
Saw in me
Bit of a messy one
Henessy J Beltre Oct 2018
Society will judge you rich or poor
Society will label you in every form
Whatever -vert they try to label you
They'll never truly know
You wouldn't allow being labeled
You stand out of any social norm they try to place you
You laugh knowing you are neither
You couldn't believe those four words measure beauty
How could any of these labels measure the depths of any human?

- Henessy J. Beltre
If you could describe yourself without using these labels, who would you be?
(© Henessy J. Beltre - 10.13.2018)
sleepy hallow
would tell
a sociology
their dark
foment of
capture and
rude awakening
as superfluous
launch of
mystery in
wee hours
that could
creep beyond
there with
a retentiveness
of unfaithful
and deviated
law again
a lawyer's touch
joel jokonia Oct 2017
i guess when we laugh sometimes at our anxieties
we just trying to find a reason to laugh  
we think we might heal

maybe we do



human tendencies
Galen Juliusson Sep 2017
Why can't we just be ourselves
This is what I ask myself everyday
I feel like we just need a little help
To be not just a piece in some hay

Why do we change who we are
To fit into the social norm
Why is life kind of like a farm
producing ideas that are all uniform

We need to break down the barriers
That prevent us from being ourselves
We need to respect our peers
And make more room on the social shelves
#BeYourself #Don'tBeAfraidToBeYou
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