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Elle May 20
The birds whistle their song
Traces of soft grass in the air
A prickly warmth on my back
A clench on my lungs.
Children’s laughter, a distant echo
The ice cream van tune
A stop motion picture
A clench on my lungs.
Elderly couples hold hands
A dog chases a ball
The world is turning
as there’s a clench on my lungs.
amme Mar 2022
Toss n turn all night i cant sleep
see my pills think I might OD

Too many thoughts inside my head
Chest full of regret and ashes from the cigarettes

Toss n turn all night to the break of dawn
check my phone each minute see if you are on
line, my heart is weak i change position
to fill the void where you used to lay within


Tossin n turning
my heart is hurting

How did I turn astray

Drinks I'll be stirring
slowly I'm learning

Why you chose to walk away

Money I'm yearning
**** I keep burning

Baby don't leave me

I cant't be strong
If you are gone

My remake of Toss n turn - LaLion
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
On the cusp,
heat on heat on heat
breaking to snot ridden storms
and hoarse, blasted throats

the following cold front
isn’t ideal
but in its heavy blue resolve
lowered pressure leads
to a duvet covered peace
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
September heat to melt the
sealing wax, closing off summer
as grasses, golden as they die
still whisper with insect thought

the trees reply in kind
though the greying of their temples
can’t be hidden
reminding of the irresistible slide
to winter’s wide silences
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
Commute recommenced,
the verges rekindled their
annual morning conversations,
heard twenty times

As my muscle memory drove,
I sought the last red comments
of poppy heads cheering,
but the long, dry grasses
sounded familiar tired whispers
that threatened to drown

I could allow them to dictate the script
of another season,
clichés so often spoken
as to be silence

but I can still hear
the poppy red
I hear the poppy red
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
I know the autumn is waiting,
pensive to embrace the loss of heat,
sweats moving on to other climes
where they’re understood

I hold til the skeleton of winter
can be seen and read
by my fingers on the sorry bones
that please me, alone
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
The impulse of summer waning
sends an annual, yet always forgotten shift,
the hedgerows and fields conspire
to rewrite the scent enough
so the mind wanders to open fires
and comfort food
even though the sun still beats
scant weeks away we’ll swaddle
Laokos Jan 2021
i wrote that drunk
i was trying to bypass
an impasse
lucked out and
circumnavigated the
ran into the fox
he stole my color
only to find it again
at first light
and now i nod
to the speed of life
the unceasing turning
of greater and greater
the lightness of death
as it passes

there's no
Nickolas J McKee Nov 2020
Under the full moon,
You made me breath in,
Where turned,
Taken away.
Under it too soon,
The chastening of your soul,
Enraptures my lust,
Past lost love for you.
For where are you,
Upon shapeshifters,
Wrenching, drenching,
Confused of their souls?
Where am I too,
Under the full moon...
She watched a silhouette disappear
Beyond the cold misty mountain
There was no turning back for him.
He said to himself
'I have my freedom,
but I don't have much time'
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