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Once, when I looked
At “Things Unseen”
I saw Them not
No in-between

For things that They
Said "stood in Light"
Were just as they
Had been to sight

And time and time,
And time again:
No, nothing new,
That had not been…

I felt the Sun
Upon my back,
But couldn’t turn
Away from black


But when I turned
(So unforeseen!),
I saw Him there!
And what a scene!

For things that They
Said "stood in Light"
Were just as they
Now were to sight!

Oh, time and time,
And time again,
My eyes had hid
In darkness’ dim…

I'd felt the Sun
Upon my back,
But now I’m turned
Away from black.

This summer, I peeked
under my bed
and dusted off the ghosts
of the past.
I took them out in the sun
and hung them out to dry.

Surprised the stench leaked
this far into my living. And instead
of looking under my skin,
I pondered on how long this blunt would last.
Burned my fingers
and scorched my shirt pocket fry.

During my coma,
I ran the halls of the sky.
Shirtless against the precipitation of life,
I came upon clouds
that were puffy and white,
black and charged,
and gray with strife.
nothing is purely white, nor purely black
but a shade a gray that you must unpack

work in progress. always open to feedback
as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
Seanathon Dec 2018
On a dime it turns
Vertical and sharper than any knife
Falling to one side
And the next thing you know
You’re not there anymore
In life
This is about sudden change and the shift in perspective. How quickly things turn on this human earth. Like finding songs, changing directions and the like. Some things just pop up out of the nothingness of the unexpected life. Why? Why did you choose? Why did you try? Or not... Just because. LOL.
Griph Oct 2018
(Y)our eyes hold the stars at night
(O)ut or everything your smile I miss
(U)sually I kind of forget you but I remember now

(W)e did almost everything together
(E)very day we talked
(R)andom phone calls were the best
(E)very good memory I made with you

(M)emories made under starry skies
(Y)ears of laughs, tears, and smiles

(B)reathing had become a struggle
(R)ight now I’m shaking
(E)yes closed tightly
(A)ches deep within my chest
(K)eys given that lead to hearts
(I)nside my hearts in pieces
(N)othing is left ok
(G)oing on is getting harder

(P)ieces cut me almost like glass
(O)utside I don’t show anything
(I)snide my hearts in pieces
(N)othing left standing in my way
(T)oday I will end my pain
Read and put together to first letter of every line.

October 23, 2018
In a way,
Your way,
Matters the most.
A Flag of colours.

Yet in the midst,
Appears a
listening .

One that also

Not an echo,
But the twisting of ones hand.
And in palm,
Such taste, such distortion.
one of those pieces that write themselves, unedited. Really appreciate being included in a community of lovely writers.
july hearne Dec 2017
Bake up, tomorrow we can change our lives,
So many disappointments about town tonight,
Pine is down on its needles
Moon's not coming down from its rise,

Bake up,
Sad numbers are selfie pictures
Taken in thick make up,

My mother’s black eye
Always found it best
To get in the last word

Once her head was a hole in the wall
Last word kept on coming

Age is much more than a number
It is the saddest number of all
Edge of a feather is sad too
It is a sad place to stand
Even in fair weather

The good old days that were never here are gone now
And the new days keep on coming
Like her last words
"though my problems are meaningless that don't make them go away"

sang neil young
Saint Audrey Jul 2017
I had the dream again
Last night


Paintings of life still dancing in my head
Bright light fading
Pouring orange hues and dull yellow rays
Cascading down over earthen tones
Dark green grass masking over
Thick as the leaves blowing in the summer breeze

That was how the sun set
Just a few feet outside my window
A view tailored just for me
For a moment

Blades slowly turning
Endlessly circling
Watching the shadows emanate from their continuation
I know

Blowing ever cooling air into my room
I never thought it would end
But the light faded
And what was left weighed heavy on my eyelids

Eyes shut, I found myself
Slipping further and further into the state
Between life and death itself
No longer aware of the confines of fate

Above me, shackled in place
Slanted up, ever out of grasp
Yet, constricting in my space
dissipated, pulling back a mask

My soul was glowing
Eyes closed shut
Flowing freely out of my self
Motionless and clear cut
So well defined
Hung wrong side up
Arms outstretched from my sides

Blissful and permissive
Opened, floating still
Serenity surrounding

Basking in the glow
Traced back to my window
Seeping over the sill
Across the blades of my fan
Blowing life into my form
New motion brought to life
Free of scorn, near reborn
Suspended above my comatose

And what I found
On a summer night
Of the world outside
Outside of what
I could see
Was what I have come to terms with
A whole other side of me
And from that moment
I have derived something

A feeling
      I'm not convinced
Anyone else has felt this

Just a kid
Probably could have missed it
And from what I think now
Ideals forming around
Negative spaces
And people or places

But ****** if I don't
Still think about
How it felt
To be that kid in his room
With the light
Fading through
A window fan
Arcassin B May 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Wishes For the single mothers and their mothers too,
all across the cosmos , their the real protectors,
holding kids inside their bellies and saw no mile nutrition,
while going through a lot and feeling  a bit under the weather,
If you think the world is cold then wait til it gets in December,
childhood memories will fade and all will start to become clearer,
some will have room for the corrupt and all of these pretenders,
there's bigger problems here than me and you , we'll have to render,
lies are futile,
let you serve some shrine and move on,
so self-centered, when your born,
it's like letting night play with dawn,
teach yourself, not to swim with sharks,
my time is running out,
gotta get my life together,
i'm turning 20 now,
all this stress i could not compile.
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