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Glenn Currier Jun 20
Living with your depression
in that sphere of despair
is like gasping for air
becoming the dark pool’s possession.
Peter Farsje Feb 7
The deep, dark pit
holds me tight,

Though my arms fight
with all my might.

Its pitchy blackness
filled with gloom,

Every hour
spreading doom.

On and on, I try to flee,
knowing well its not to be.
Troy Dec 2019
Strings tied
Fates collide
Crashing into oblivion
Destined to intertwine

Where they cross
Is easy to see
But where they end
That's hard to know

Never forget
The happier times
Cause if they break
That's all that is left

Soon we will know
What fate has in store
For the future is bleak
And that's clear to see

So if you ever
Find yourself wondering
Just remember the happy
And you will find your path

But stray too far
You will end up falling
Deep within
the rabbit hole

For you see
That is where
My mind
Has traveled

Deep down the hole
Where the light rarely shines
The darkness takes hold
And all that's left is gloom

Gloom sorrow and fear
Despair anguish and misery
These run rampant
Amongst the darkness

So be prepared
For when you do fall
It is not an easy climb
Back to where happiness shines
Steve Page Sep 2019
In this less than
a few rungs below
my idea of a perfect year,

in this off-cut cast-off
and near redundant cluster
of never quite within my grasps,

in this now,
but not yet of a year

I found a light
high in your smile,
a familiar chime
deep in your laugh,
a welcome rest
on the cusp
of our brief touch

and I found hope.
We all need hope
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
The moon reflect your silhouette in the night sky
Are you haunting me, I feel I could cry
You left me to die
I plead, no beg of you,
please leave my mind
You still a part of me
In my soul you reside,
I can no longer cry
Someone please save me!
Why’d you leave me behind
God you should have taken me instead
In her place I would have died
Please help me!
This misplaced rage I can’t hide….

Loneliness is killing me
I can’t go on, it’s with you I should be
We for eternity, is a promise we share
Slit wrist,
Wait for me my love
I’ll be right there.
Losing someone is never easy
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
Tears flow like the river Nile enraged
Mournful embraces as the joining feeling of a future lost unites a weakened family
A mother inconsolable, treads thru meaningful memories as the smile of her lost child still freshly haunts her
A fathers rage distorted, hopelessly punches walls as the embrace of a perfect daughter still freshly lingers
A Family horrifically shaken, as even the stars sheds their mournful tears
A question tread milling through broken down spirits and scarred souls
A eternally loved daughter’s memory
drowning in uncontrollable tears
Tear stained prayer reaching out with a healing hand
as reluctant sorrow pursues a numbing soul
Mournful embrace, the only solace in a wicked life’s tragedy
A promising future, with love in abundance lost in a sorrowful abyss
A life unnecessary lost........
not only the loss of one fragile soul
A child's life lost in any community is tragic.
Carmen Jane Jun 2019
I had three
Now I have one
I had Happiness, Faith and Love
Now I only have one
To which it added Sadness
What should I do with one and the Sadness?
I don't quite know
So I feel disoriented
I travel in the darkness
But the one in my chest pocket
It's there
And I feel the other two, that they are not there
Yes two is bigger than one
But the one it's still there
I think I should seek the light
And enjoy the one
And stop wondering
How would it be, with the other two as well
I should tell Sadness,
She could visit, but she can not stay
As I still have the one
And I'll do my best
To make memories with the one I have
As life is short and weird
I would not let Sadness,
Or Dispair,or Fear,
Take control of it
I will try my best
To be thankful I have the one
And even if I always miss the two
I will keep wearing the shirt
With the pocket at my chest
Where is plenty of room for them, too
Life on LSD Apr 2019
always alone
but never lonely

can’t seem to recognize the walls
luckily they remember me

i hear a voice haunting me from a far
the sound soothes my mind

as my body is shaking uncontrollaby
it matches the inside

i hear a blinding crack
feel a sudden rush of water taking over me

this one swallows me whole
unheard cries spill from my mouth

breaking me open
while pouring out my soul
I wish I felt like you really loved me.
I feel like you want to see me when you don’t have a better option.
I feel like you have a secret life that you don’t want to share with me.
I feel like you don’t care whether I stay or leave.
I feel like you are not attracted to me.
I feel like I’m doing everything to try to make this a “real” relationship.
I feel like you don’t have respect for me.
I feel like you are embarrassed to be seen with me.
I feel like I’m nothing special or different than the hundred relationships before me.
I feel needy and unwanted.
I feel like you don’t want to touch me.
I feel like you wish I would just be happy with a relationship on your terms and not have other needs.
I feel like all I’m going to get from sharing my feelings is the response, “smh” or "this again" so I keep it to myself.
I feel like you don’t really care about how I feel.
I feel like I’m almost done.
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