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n jacob Oct 2020
Recreate... Re-create.

She told me that distraction is an art from vile thoughts, the ones that circle 'round, drag me down into the ***.

Recreate... Re-create.

Not distraction from the sort of thing that truly needs attention, but getting back to who I am, a spiritual ascension.

Place those wings upon my back, we all are holy creatures; show me what's inside your soul, the finest of all features.

If your demons drag you down, chain you up, and circle 'round,
Pull yourself up out the cauldron, fight and stand your ground.

'Cause in addition to holy talks is something that has power,
Re-create by recreating, and bloom your long lost inner flower.
Light House Dec 2018
He didn't know it ----but she was teaching him to shed his skin,
how to pour himself ...out, how to start anew ..from scratch ----from less than nothing ...from brokenness.  He didn't know it, but she was teaching him to reconstruct.. everything.
Brooke Olthouse Feb 2018
Heed and Repent fear Wrath thou shalt Regret
Slow to Vent Pay thy rent
Those bent befriend
Cautioun him who chooses defense  
Lend family a helping hand
Live off the land Thou are
Kings and Queens as the Lord
does command
Thus hear my crys
Lessen demands wisely take a stand
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️ I am your prodigy. Fate has chosen me. Beware.
Wyatt Jun 2017
Grab each and every piece
and scramble them all up.
Make something unfamiliar,
a completely new picture.
Blow my world up,
have it all to smithereens.
Cut the ribbon
and kick it all off,
the grand opening
to a new life.
Place your hands
over my identity
and mold me
into a better sight.
Blow my mind,
amaze me in the most
indescribable ways.
Pull me by the hand
into a new light.
Raise the curtains
and reveal to me
a riveting recreation
of a life I always had,
but I could never
see on my own.
Recycle all the good
that went to waste,
please blow my world up
in the most beautiful ways.
To the future one.
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
Mine words have no power
They come out and wander
Around the corners of the world

Who'll accept your mighty works
And stay with keeping their words
Just to say you've saved the world

No rich strength protects the poor ones
But to establish their power and stunts
To release the fear to the helpless world

So come out young poor ugly men
Let us show them what we meant
To conquer and recreate a peaceful world
Never underestimate the power of the youths. We need equality
Mollie Grant Feb 2016
“20 ways to repurpose a light bulb”

It tells me I need to start with a good grip around the bulb,
give the solder point a twist and free the brass contact
from the wires leading to the filament. If I make it that far,
I have to break the insulator and pull the filament out
from there. Grabbing the fill tube, I need to empty out the bulb
and wipe it out to get it ready.

I guess I could channel my childhood and turn the bulb
into an aquarium—dropping a little bloodfin tetra in with
a sprig of sea-grass or even make one of three small hanging vases
to put on my wall in the kitchen. If I want to get crafty,
I have directions for a glass sculpture, a holiday ornament,
and seven different size centerpieces.
The real surprises on the list are the light bulb necklace
and the concrete molds for light bulb handles.

Here I am, 4 A.M. on a Saturday morning planted on the couch
peering at the screen through my Jim Bean bottle eyes
and all I see are ways to repurpose this broken bulb
for something new—something it should have never been—
and I wonder why I can’t just grab the oil and a wick and
turn it into what it always wanted to be.
Brittney Jan 2015
Revolution in a bottle,
realization in rebellion.
Unexplained, a recreation.
Never a conformist,
radical mind,
the best kind.
Stand up, stand out,
stand tall, stand strong.
Show the world,
the right in wrong.
Be the change you want to see,
state of mind,
up, down
down, up
you turn around your life
your life turns around you
leaving you with riddles
seldom with a clue

"What is life's purpose?"
"What shall I do now?"
"Should I end it here?"

struggling with ourselves
misfortune as chance
arising from ourselves
endless possibilities emerge
your path in life still blocked
time to change yourself

"This pain shall fade, please."
"I'm sorry I did it, I never wanted to hurt you."
"Please, I wish to atone for my sins."

every moment in life
gives you a possibility to change
repairing yourself, repairing your faults
creating something new
reaching out of the void
the emptiness within you
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