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K Balachandran Nov 2017
Gently you patted my cheek,
with a tenderness piquant,
not  known hitherto to us both.
Those quivering long fingers
exude motherliness,I miss ever after,
my mom has gone to her last pilgrimage,
And I crave for at moments of pain intense.

From the layers of memory darkened
by distance,I recover that feeling,
to place you instantly at a level higher,
than that of a sultry lover to whom
desire than anything higher binds together.

In to my lackluster eyes, you peer,
see the ineptly hidden drop of tear,
in the corner shivering plaintively
before rolling down to lose forever,
it's in the memory of my mother,
who rhythmically tapped my back,
led me to the cozy cloud of sleep,
when outside raged the rain storm,
I now gather, to a women I owe
when, time after time she takes
another avatar, of my mother,
momentarily, at times,when earth slips,
from under the feet
                         You did see the storm raging
inside and the child looking for solace.

You hold me close to your *****,
and I travel to a world gone by again
even when wolves howl refusing to sleep.
and let me doze off to wake up in another world!
Nowadays it hurts just occasionally
not like back then when you decided
to go another way
with another man.

So much time has passed since you went away
and still I consider you irreplacable in my life.
I ask myself how I could survive without you
and I have no answer to this question.

The only thing I know for sure:
I miss you, still after all this time.
Although it's just a ghost knocking at the door
messing with my sanity.

I want to thank you for everything you gave me
and say sorry because I made so many things wrong
but I don't think you really would care about
as you are happy now.

— The End —