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Zack Ripley Mar 21
I'm not as concerned with what
I leave behind
As much as I am about
who I leave behind.
Because when I die,
it'll be like I'm blind.
And as much as people
can be black holes,
People can also be
the sun, moon, and stars;
Ready to help you wherever you are.
So that's why I want to live.
Not just for me;
but to stand beside someone
Who stands by me.
Amy Duckworth Sep 2019
Life is like a pencil that will surely run out...
but will leave the beautiful writing of life
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
We have grown and passed
Through all the good and bad
We have seen and even been
The change outside and within

We praise all humans' humane
A ceremony for them, we entertain
But the inhuman acts remain
There's no stop to this revolving chain

And songs of humanity we still sing
But to intolerance is what we cling
Intolerance to religions and race
Intolerance to freedom, we face

A division in the rich-poor grade
Intolerance to differently abled and sexed

Though we want 'Our Descendants' to be at ease
And a better future we hope there is
But for how we want the building to stand
We need a strong foundation plan

Instead what we do is we showcase
Our staggering walks to the path of mess
And make them learn
To walk alike when we are gone

If the world's a house, We're its bricks
At that, What a person within him seeks
Is all that matters,
Guilt or Pride...
For what we shall leave behind!
Even after the worst suffering there will come a time

when you are strong enough not to look back

and do the things necessary to move on in your life

*even if this means leaving behind your most beloved

— The End —