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I have never seen a fighter such as yourself.

you took those arms your mother mechanically wielded and forged to your embrace
and made it burst into flowers that remind me of the second wave of spring

you took those words of a preacher and asked for forgiveness from a sin
i made you make

you killed fire with fire and flourished kindness amidst the echoes of the abyss,
and you held my hand

See, I have never seen battle scars like yours before. How they seem to twist and disappear beneath the tinge of yellow that reminds me that you have the blessing of the sun.
Or is it from the daffodils?
Whatever. I may not know
and neither will you.
But in the grand scheme of things it is not as important, is it?

you walked into the world with gravity in your hands
and you made me fall for you
i fell and i fell and it’s been three years
and i still haven’t landed
will your eyes break the fall? will
my bones turn to jelly? will
my cheeks turn to stone? will
my heart burn completely?

I have never seen such a fighter as yourself.
Sorry for staring. Sorry for the words. Sorry for the emotions that got you here. Sorry for the spilled paint. I have loved you and will love you still.
Thank you. Seriously. Thank you.
Isaac Sep 30
Discovering thankfulness makes me wonder why I've lived without it.
Written 30 September 2018
Isaac Sep 21
Thankfulness cleans away the dust that covers life's hidden treasures.
Written 21 September 2018
That there is still air left to breathe,
The sky has not run out of blue,
My thanks for them a fraction of
As grateful as I am for you.

The past that made me who I am,
The chance to live for something new,
I’m not as thankful for these things
As grateful as I am for you.

The land on which to live and breathe,
The plenty of the ocean blue,
My thanks for them a fraction of
As grateful as I am for you.

The words I write of who I am,
When read again with feeling new,
My thanks for them could not surpass
As grateful as I am for you.
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cjesus Jun 24
Your light
Shines in the night
My soul
Lost and so confused
You guide
Me from the dark
My savior
From past times demons
Your illumination
All I focus on
A safehaven
I can concede in
Your warmth
Pulls me towards you
Into light
Out of the dark
I owe
It all to you
Thank you
For waking me up
Thank you to the people that pull me from the depths of darkness and save me from myself. I owe everything to you.
One of the greatest foods
To grace this beautiful planet.
Romann Mar 22
I used to be shy, unreasonably shy
So timid that even conversing felt like I’d die
But then I met some people
That would change my life, forever form a ripple

Yes, a ripple in the lake that is my life.
Inside jokes, heart-to-hearts, unwanted strifes
All in my memory, making myself
Always stay true to my self.

From my first friends that are still with me
To the ones that let me be free
My troubadours, always prove their niceness
Healing me of my unreasonable stressfulness

And so, as I always do,
This is how I say thank you
To the ones that always have my back
No matter if my thoughts are sometimes dark.

And I want you all to remember
Poems like these…
They last forever.

Never leave my side.
A poem I wrote for my friends, who are always there for me... in one way or another.
Thanksgiving day.
One we truly can not forget.
With the thin air of winter coming through,
The mist cold and wet.
The candles burn bright,
As we dig into this neat feast.
Our faces stuffed up,
Until we can not eat.
We are thankful for everything that would take too long,
Just to say.
Oh we are thankful for it all,
On Thanksgiving day.
Quick write poem I did in creative writing class about Thanksgiving (5 minute write). Let me know if you have any helpful poetry suggestions. I would love to hear some!
Alvin Agnani Feb 17
Buried in the ground deep below.
Coiled in the quicksand from head to toe.

No breeze on my face as I lie down.
In this bitter dirt, I wouldn’t mind to drown.

As the sickness lingers in my blood.
How much longer can I hold back the flood?

This world we’re in, emits a colour so dull.
Such a dark, black shade, it’s easy to gull.

Still, I fear the worst has yet to come.
And so, on this innocent song I hum.

The inevitable end will soon be brought.
This more than proves that life can’t be bought.

So, you who read, who love, who’s driven.
Be thankful for your life which He has given.

And so, that we one day may meet at last.
In a place where one takes no heed to your past.

Search for me there in the field of reeds.
So, that we one more day may live in peace.
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