Matthew 3d
It has only been a day or two
since I first joined site
and in that time I have found
why you have this might

When we decide to write
we give up part of us
Then we just leave it there...
for others to discuss

And when I start to
go into my worst state
I read the poems here
and see how you could relate

A poem is for everyone
and here that holds most true
So this is why I ask
to see myself in you

Now when I wake up the next day,
I know for sure to say,
"Hello Poetry."
This poem is for everyone on this site.  Especially the ones that helped me navigate and make my poems better.
I just meant to lay my head on your chest,
For no other reason but to hug you right,
Then I realized for the first time after many a night,
That your heart was beating at it's best,
I smiled and wanted to cry,
          But Instead,
I silently thanked *** for giving me the sweetest lullaby,
last night before we went to bed.
©2018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sweetest Lullaby (see) Author Ven J. Arnold on Facebook.
True Story. My husband has a bad heart. Last night, Decemeber 06, 2018 I laid my head on his chest while watching TV for no other reason but to hug & hold onto to him. That was when I noticed the rythmn if his heartbeat. Now you know the rest. I did look at him after a few moments and told him you're heartbeat is so healthy tonight only to lay my head back down and savour it. Then I looked up at him again and said, "You're heartbeat is my favorite lullaby." ©2018. I had already lost all interest in what we were watching on the tube... can't even recall the name of the show now. So I laid my head back down showing gratitude to ***.
l Recently changed my profile name on my website here from Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold to Venjencie,(as it is really is; separated Ven from Jencie was my & my mom's personal option to make it easier for me & others in writing it and calling me by, Jencie to shorten it).
Favorite pen name that I've used the most and will more than likely stick with is, SacredInkedBlood. Jesus shedding His blood is sacred to me. And knowing who my earthly dad was who I'd always felt was his very sacred that I'm in his bloodline.
See my FB page Author Ven J. Arnold and feel free to participate. Blessings.
EP Robles Nov 2018
My heart has asked of me, by the stream
it asked of me:

(What feelings are if anything, truth.)

Do the trees sing their songs
  when the wind blows?

The spider web sways but maintains.

When your legs are moving along life's
twisting paths, do I (your heart)
speak softly to you?

The witness are the clouds above you.

As the tears come who sees your
shadow hide behind the rocks?

The falcon's call of nothingness,
that spins your mystery.

And sunrise is a wondrous gift
and sunset but a promise.

:: 11-25-2018 ::
hannah Nov 2018
Windy November day
Kept inside by the warm embrace
Of heaters
And soft clothes
Scents fill the air
Permeate me
Fill me up
Mushrooms in a sauce pan
Pungent slices of green
Light a candle to ward off tears
Smoke and steam meet
Like lovers in the air
Warm folds of grey and gold
Wrap up slanted eyes
And silken midnight fur
The gentle thrum of a feline chest
Keeps time with a
Cribbage board
Butter melts
The soft crackle of frying things
The gentle fragrance of tea
Three women together
While winds rage outside
Leaves, stripped from trees
Litter the sodden ground
Rain patters down
Tops of trees dance
But inside
We are warm
And together
And for that, I am thankful
Happy Thanksgiving folks.
Speak Bluebell Oct 2018
I have never seen a fighter such as yourself.

you took those arms your mother mechanically wielded and forged to your embrace
and made it burst into flowers that remind me of the second wave of spring

you took those words of a preacher and asked for forgiveness from a sin
i made you make

you killed fire with fire and flourished kindness amidst the echoes of the abyss,
and you held my hand

See, I have never seen battle scars like yours before. How they seem to twist and disappear beneath the tinge of yellow that reminds me that you have the blessing of the sun.
Or is it from the daffodils?
Whatever. I may not know
and neither will you.
But in the grand scheme of things it is not as important, is it?

you walked into the world with gravity in your hands
and you made me fall for you
i fell and i fell and it’s been three years
and i still haven’t landed
will your eyes break the fall? will
my bones turn to jelly? will
my cheeks turn to stone? will
my heart burn completely?

I have never seen such a fighter as yourself.
Sorry for staring. Sorry for the words. Sorry for the emotions that got you here. Sorry for the spilled paint. I have loved you and will love you still.
Thank you. Seriously. Thank you.
Isaac Sep 2018
Discovering thankfulness makes me wonder why I've lived without it.
Written 30 September 2018
Isaac Sep 2018
Thankfulness cleans away the dust that covers life's hidden treasures.
Written 21 September 2018
Daniel H Shulman Jul 2018
That there is still air left to breathe,
The sky has not run out of blue,
My thanks for them a fraction of
As grateful as I am for you.

The past that made me who I am,
The chance to live for something new,
I’m not as thankful for these things
As grateful as I am for you.

The land on which to live and breathe,
The plenty of the ocean blue,
My thanks for them a fraction of
As grateful as I am for you.

The words I write of who I am,
When read again with feeling new,
My thanks for them could not surpass
As grateful as I am for you.
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cjesus Jun 2018
Your light
Shines in the night
My soul
Lost and so confused
You guide
Me from the dark
My savior
From past times demons
Your illumination
All I focus on
A safehaven
I can concede in
Your warmth
Pulls me towards you
Into light
Out of the dark
I owe
It all to you
Thank you
For waking me up
Thank you to the people that pull me from the depths of darkness and save me from myself. I owe everything to you.
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