jas Jan 13

a soft kiss on the shoulder blade
cold brew up on the window sill
what a perfect duo
me and you

except , feelings creep back into my membrane
my heart sinks fast, feeling ill
goose bumps have me thinking
just for a cheap thrill
intoxicated with alcohol

call me a cab,
im drunk to walk
if im doing the right thing, why must I feel at fault?

of course, you beg me to stay
baby please, one more minute
forcefully grabbing my wrist
'stop', I say as I clench my fist

it was a good night
up until it wasn't
why is this scenario so constant

sex crazed lifestyle
tell me, is it worthwhile?

longing for romance
young love
not with you
& not when im done a fool

all must come to an end
on a last whim, here's one last kiss
and im gone
like the wind.

day 12 of 365
Olanna Dec 2017

I lose my oxygen
Every time you are near
Does that mean I am in love?

I feel temperatures change
Every time you are near
my palms sweat
my knees shake
Every time you are here

My heart becomes ballistic
Every time you are near
Is it from love
Or is it from ----

You look at me deeply
Every time you are near
I look past you
because I know
your looks are insincere

you undress me with your eyes
every time you are near

I feel

hoping with every look you'll finally disappear.

Your loins go ballistic
every time I am near
Your mind is filled with fantasies
every time I appear
Your hands want to grab me
every time I am near
I see in your eyes
You want to do to me
the thing that I most fear

This happens
every time
YOU are near

Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017

I was twenty,
He was seventy,
He came,
He saw me,
He paid in full,
This ugly bull,
We got married.
My parents had many mouths to feed,
I was the scapegoat.
I was forced,
I was coerced,
Into marriage,my youth in bloom,
A lifetime of doom.

There are many forced marriages in our villages. Girls are forced to marry for a herd of cattle or a dowry.
Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017

Blank faces walk past me
A visual elegy
In the morning past the city streets
Yet everyone persists so dimly
The overcast retracts the colour from my sight
As if it is midnight
And traces, shapes of phases
My shoelaces untangle themselves and I fall

The phasing interrupts my morning stroll
Predators on the prowl
Clad in amber
Stalking through the morning night mass
Hearts locked, empty locket
Deafening the peace in its trail
Chasing my tail and once I'm had
It detains me, immobilises me, I am

The city of black and white
Has no time for shades of grey
And yet the vivid colours bond
But yet I tripped
And in the black and white streets
I was trapped in technicolor


Forced smiles in a dull life is a burden some people carry
Aisha Sep 2017

I was told that rhyming poems suck,
because they feel forced.
Maybe it is forced, because what's
poetry without a little rhyme,
and what's life without the time.

What is it that you truly want to hear,
what I feel and fear?
Maybe I don't even know
and I grasp onto words that sound good together
because I'm so indecisive, I apply the force.

Maybe I just want you to hear the
melancholy music of the rhymes
so you won't have to hear the
silence and hatred sometimes.

Maybe it is, what it is. Even if my poem is better than his.
But I can say that poetry is free verse, nothing rehearsed,
just a bunch of people trying to be heard.

What's worse?

I'm not asking for you to like it, I'm asking for you to understand why I do it.
Daisy Rae Aug 2017

In life we'll be forced to do things
              things that hurt us
        that tear us apart,
                                that make us feel empty.

We will be placed in an environment

          where we hate ourselves
      where we will be put down,


Life doesn't give us lemons
                        it gives us hateful words
           that we sculpt inside out head
                   and spit out onto people like

It's true when they say life isn't fair

                it takes us for a nice ride

then while we're sleeping in the backseat,
                          not paying attention

it goes over a road bump without warning us

                  and we're jolted out of place

         put out of our space  

               as our world comes crashing down

and you wonder why you were never warned.

Tell me how you can stand there and tease a kid

                                      for wearing glasses

                or liking superman

      or not exactly 'fitting in' with a certain

  group or clic.

In life we will be forced to do things

                like move over in the hallway

because the cool kids take up it's entirety

          or keep our mouth shut about bullies

    because the teachers call it 'child's play'

In life we will all scurry around

                           on hands and knees

          and no one will offer a hand

                   they would much rather tease.

I'm not exaggerating when I say

         this life isn't for me.

life sucks, guess I gotta suck it up.
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017

Don't look at me
with those hypnotic eyes
forcing me to fall weak

Don't speak to me
with that entrancing voice
that portrays lies, spells that lures me to you

Don't hold me
with that enchanted touch
that keeps me spellbound

Don't kiss me at night
with the moon bright outside
as it gives you power and temptation

Don't try
for I know the truth
I know what you are

His "love" is compared to a witch casting a spell that forces her to love him back
Shelley-May Jun 2017

If I were to be a believer
I would believe not only in god
But in the devil
And believe me when I say,
I would choose the latter.
Pray, that I do not believe.

Michael Hill Jun 2017

Calling life
To pull me out
Gutter trash
I have been drowned

Difficulties are my pain
Sucking force from with in
Pulling strings forcing me
keeping still downing gin

I don't know why or how
no one sees whats this is all about
Struggling sealed off
Out of time everything and god has shut me out

took me a half hour of thinking to come up with this
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