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Ry Dec 2020
Are you hungry like a wolf without a scent
Lonely like a leaf on its great descent
Stuck like a tree that's been forced to bend
Stale like an orange left to putrescence
Taylor Nov 2020
I hear it from the distance you forced between us
The crack of your dignity
Followed by silence
And the feeling of sinking regret
You force the words “I love you” out like bile
And when I leave them there
To be washed away by tomorrow's rain
You push my face into them like a dog you’re trying to train
You can not coerce my love out of me
Unrequited affection isn’t a hurdle  
Or a suggestive yellow light to just blow through
Because you’re going too fast to stop yourself
Obsession is not something to romanticize
I am not moved by the extreme acts
Your perilous behavior is making it strenuous
To trust your negotiation of friendship
When I recoil away from your touch
And cower from your drunken pleas for adoration
I am petrified by the incitement you receive
As if my feelings are meaningless compared to your needs
I have tried to get the point across
But you shy away from the truth
You’re infatuation with the idea of me
Leaves you with the misconception that this can be real
If you really love someone, you have to let them be with the one they truly love the most.
If you can’t let them go, then do you insist on controlling their life forever?
Do you want to traumatize and haunt their life so you’ll never leave them alone, even in their dreams?
Do you think you’re proper, fit enough to be their companion?
How do you think they will act towards you after what you’ve done?
In the end, can you really love if you only show affections behind a wall or pain?

There is no love that can be shown, if it is held against by its will to abide only by your bidding.
Sharon Miedema Aug 2020
Being forced to ''run away'' because of not having a place to stay almost felt comfortable.
When you can't be comfortable anywhere.
Not with all the many painful things hitting.
Over and over day and night, so many feelings and complicated thinking...
In the end it will all fall into place, I know but it's so hard to function with all these things in the way!

Being forced to run away because of not having a place to stay.
Nothing to lose, all that matters is love and music.
Maybe some day I'll land somewhere and be able to love that.
Love being there, being there with someone and loving with all my being.
But if I can't be living, let me do something that is worth something to the ones I love.
I love how we got through life so far, we have come so far.

I love who you have become, who you've been and just who you are.
But when I look at stupid me, the naive person I had to be I can't help but hate her for all she didn't know.
But I understand why she was like that, I just never knew why it had to be.
Why was my journey so rough?
Why is yours rough too?
Journeys, worries, pain cause it's blurry and you don't know how to get through the smoke.
Am I the devil's toy or joke?

Does the universe hate me?
Can the universe not take me?
Am I feeling to it like I'm feeling right now, how I've been feeling all my life?
The fighting was good and all, very insightfull.
Let me go.

Being forced to run.
Being forced to run away.
Run if you can!
Be happy when you can.
Cause some can't run.
Some are forced to stay.
And what is worse?
Being forced to stay or being forced to run away?
onyx Jul 2020
you're leaving me here
to make memories
that I will be forced to
look back on
in sadness
when you all
leave me again
rhea Apr 2020
12 days before the marriage
They were kept behind veils
Oblivious to each other’s identities
Yet conscious of the doom
Maple Hartmann Apr 2020
There is this girl who is a joyful one.
Having no care about in her life for she had everything she wants.
Every single thing that she asks will immediately be done.
Yelling her servants to come and then chants:

"Servants of my household, hear me thee."
"Have my humble request be done immediately."
"Every word, every word, you shall agree."
"Gather here my servants for I have a wish for me."

One by one, her sevants came before her.
To hear her utterly rediculus wishes - they're silently furious.
Reaching their limits, if not for her father.
A gentle man with honor to which they are gracious.

Passing the message, they had enough.
Everyone gathered and devised a plan.
Dark comes in and it's time for her to be thought.
Heaven forbids for what they have done.

Early morning when the sun rose up.
Residents of  the town heard thay the girl suddenly hanged up.
A forced poetry. I'm not even going to hide that fact since I rushed this one up. Didn't had much time for proofing. I just write it and went on since I'm in a hurry. Welp, still a poem I wrote, so...
PS Apr 2020
I joked
I bantered about it
Being touched when I did not want it
I chuckled
I giggled about it
Being felt that way when I did not want it
I set it aside
I disregarded it
Being looked at with the eyes of a prey
I ignored
I muffled it
The deviant remarks when I did not want it
I covered
I draped it
The million clothes on my body when I did not want it

And yet

They uncovered
They tore it
Every fabric that touched my skin when I did not want it
They grazed
They squeezed it
Every inch of my bare skin when I did not want it
They muffled
They ignored it
Every scream that left my lungs when I did not want it
They forced
They pushed it
Every inch of their filth in me when I did not want it.
But I did not stop there, I asked and begged and yelled out my story to all
But at the end
I was called a ****
A ****
Who asked for it.
In the honor of the ****** Assault Awareness Month
Niveda Nahta Jan 2020
Bodies lying here and there,
torn clothes everywhere,
Some little girls crying near the bay,
Some little girls hiding behind the hay,
It's the month of May,and
I still remember this day,
When I refused to use my stength,
Gave up, laid down,
Could no longer fly high,
I was forced to drop on the ground,
Just because some hands pulled me down,
And swept me across the room
To fulfill their needs,
When I come to think about it now,
I should have stomped their throats,
When I had the chance,
I should have fought,maybe
I could have saved,
Others and every one,
If only I roared.
I had penned this in October,2013 and I posted it today. I don't quiet remember much but it did leave an impact on me..
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