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Justyn Huang Jan 11
I was not born into a world of Hate
I was born into a world,
that has taught me such-so.
For the world is naturally cruel
In a way
But on its own - teaches us things
Immeasurably profound that kindness alone
Is unable or unwilling to say.

But neither was I born into a world of Love
but rather the choice of it or lack thereof
for the world could be fought, lost or won
On a page, with a pen;
With our arms or our walls, closed or open:
listening to sweet string music
played by street musicians
on both sides
     of the now peaceful
    Austrian-Hungarian border
in a landscape beautiful
     cultivated  and serene

the knowledge
that over many centuries
in this lovely landscape
the border was serious
and hundreds of thousands
lost their lives
in battles   on minefields
in persecutions

almost brings tears to my eyes
in helpless anger
over humankind‘s inhuman waste
of lives
دema Jun 2018
I think the world is too big for us sometimes. We are stuck in specific spots of the world, and often borders and airplanes limit us from discovering the neighbhouring country. It’s funny sometimes our big world is too small for many.
Dess Ander Apr 2018
Borders can be open,
but minds can remain closed.
oft times as a child crayola crayons
   occupied concentration
   to color, with a hue and a cry
would erupt if the merest and faintest mark
   trespassed violating
   some shade dee rule, i'd decry

cuz even as a boy,
   a peaceful nonconformist/
   nonestablishmentarian streak
   now finds this guy
proud to be among
   the minority removed
   from the madding crowd,
   though blurt out a friendly "hi"

when within of the vast lines of humanity
   entropy vies to get
   the upper hand until ban ky
moon: secretary - (at time of this writing)
   general of the United Nations
   doth raise an hand gesticulating with lie

sense to subdue
   the crowded housed planet fitness
   even if his magic doth manage to ply
a temporary truce among
   scrabbling mobs of hoodlums,
   some regurgitating spoon fed
   pablum patois bred from an era quois

wanton vengeful retaliation,
   whence faux recapitulation
   initially evidenced
   from hooligans who try
to wrest control

   with mortal kombat full commando
   from elected officials,
   who abhorring violence must vie
trump petting for state military
   don protective gear
   bound by parochial training
   to counteract mutiny why

hill chaos runs amuck law man
   dating rubric with force of arms
   and ***** of firearms,
   which forced quiet riot doth aim

to don the mantle of government control,
   whereby foot soldiers
   i.e. boots on the ground -
   operate asia single blame

less force to be reckoned with,
   cuz the supreme arbiter of power -
   who thru a coup d'etat did claim
sear of power forces opposition

   to sing condescending swan song
   toward ruler de jure,
   which includes a price tag i.e.
   at least one vestal ****** dame
Florivee Dec 2017
Maybe, people only loved the easy parts of me;
the shallows;
the circumstance where they don't struggle.

But it's okay,

I always forbid entry every time someone tries to come near the deep borders of my soul, anyway.
LLillis Dec 2017
Eight billion people,
call this planet home.
Eight billion people,
all of them alone.

Arbitrary borders,
divide and define.
Who belongs where,
who's on which side.

Propaganda and lies,
hatred and fear,
accompany those borders.
"You're not 'From Here'".

They shout and they rant,
"Protect us from harm!
Protect us from monsters!
who work on our farms..."

Save us from humans!
That are really just the same,
but they look a little different,
or have a "funny name".

Every human is flawed,
We dig our own graves,
Eight Billion people,
Who do not want to be saved.

We have come so far,
but we have to do more,
to be better than primates,
looking for war.

Eight billion minds,
That think only of one.
And how they can prosper,
alone in their fun.

Religion and Government,
forms of control.
That tell you to fight,
for country and soul.

The heathens that march,
against the life that you made,
must be destroyed!
It's the only way!

Build us our bombs,
our weapons in space,
expand our borders,
war is a race!

Money and lead,
power and greed,
These are the things,
we are taught to need.

Complicated desires,
from animalistic wants,
pollute the whole planet,
by "draining the swamp".

We call ourselves modern,
With our dollars and glass,
but our future is as dismal,
as our most recent past.

A species divided,
is one doomed to fail.
And there's so much to lose,
with a world this frail.

Are we together?
Or alone in a crowd.
A decision must be made.
and it has to be now.
YoussefM Nov 2017
I just want to be a ghost from the eyes who judge .

My skin my roots my beliefs .

I just want to fly over to the sky
Riding the wind to the stars
Breaking down the border lines
Dropping  some lightning to the nation flags
Holding hands of broken hearts .

Hopefully one day
Skylar Keith H Oct 2017
Did you leave?
So far, yet so close
If I reach out, will my fingers touch empty air?

You've gone
Yet when I feel like this
I always think you are right by my side

Why must you haunt me like this?
I just want to move on
Yet images of you fill my mind

Sadness through your tears and cuts
I've seen them all and I want to reach out to you
Embrace you and never let go

When I close my eyes and curl up
I imagine you next to me
Holding me close while I cry

When you close your eyes and curl up
You imagine me right by your side
Holding you close while you cry

All your tears and cuts
All my tears and cuts
What are they for?

For what others say
What others do
All the bruises they've given you
I want to erase
I want to run my fingers over your skin and see you smile
I want to be there for you

When I reach out
What will my fingers touch?
Empty Air

All I feel is the cold and dead feeling
of a screen against my fingertips
As I cry out for you and I know you do the same

You're haunting me and I curl up
Imagining you to be there with me
While we cry

So close, yet so far
Only a border between us
The phone screen staying black
As you cry
As I cry

No bruises or cuts
No tears or screams
All I ever wanted was for you to smile
All I ever wanted was to see you smile
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