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Apr 2015
I know.
I should be happy for them.
After all they are my best friends and
they found each other.
They deserve each other, deserve someone good.

It's just that I want her.
So much.
I will miss the nightly chats with her,
because she won't have time anymore.

She didn't know it,
but talking with her saved me.
She filled the gaping hole
my former girlfriend left.
She fixed the broken mirror
which was my soul.
She is the reason
I got sane

It hurts.
She never told she loved me anyway,
so why does it hurt?

How many days will it hurt, how many months?
My stomach crumbles, sun goes down.
I just want to sleep, sleep sweet
and dream that she chose me.
Bernhard Tischler
Written by
Bernhard Tischler  Vienna, Austria
(Vienna, Austria)   
     Cné, Lior Gavra, Esoooo, ---, Nicole and 4 others
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