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Torches march alone
Deep inside the stone wall
That imprisons me.

A drastic change
Comes from the heart
Tearing strings
Like guitar picks

I’m dying,
Aren’t I?
Starvation fills my body
When I wake
Even though I had a full plate

Surely it’s not the
Sporadic over drinking
To chase a numb
Or catch a high
From ghost peppers

Why does this pain
Seem chronic
And more often
Than less recent?

What am I to do
But question the sky
And falter?
I know not of the answer.
30 lines, 301 days left.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
The soul is something to nurture
To be touched with gentle hands
Will only blossom when cared for
By someone who understands

And your eyes feel like a dagger
Piercing through my skin
Puncturing vulnerable parts
Hidden deep within

Once full of serenity and strength
My body now lies hollow
An ocean of potential dried up
Empty pit where demons wallow

Drawing me in against my will
Like a fish caught on a line
Powerless to escape the hook
Captivity hard to define

Freedom drowned in a sea of regret
Pulled by the tide's direction
Swept up in the undertow
Waves crash and silence objection

Reasons remain a mystery
My heart caged without knowing why
Held hostage by past transgressions
Imprisoned by forces too great to defy
I kinda drifted way from the original meaning with this one
Terra Levez Aug 2020
Cast into an iron box
Shut and put away
Somewhere that no one knows
Might as well be in the middle of the sea
Or in another galaxy

You can claw at the walls
Until your nails are ******

You can scream for help
Until your voice turns hoarse

You can tell yourself that you'll be fine
Until the words don't make sense anymore

You can close your eyes and try to make it disappear
Until you don't know what is real:
    The darkness below your eye lids
    ... Or the Darkness around you?

You lie in there
Until you don't know

What is up and down
What is sound and silence
What is real and imaginary
What is alive and dead

Which is you and which is the Darkness
Heyaless May 2020
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
I have given myself a mean role and cannot now stop enacting it.
Oh if only I could get out! 
Trapped in a game inside my own skin. 
shackles of my isolation holding me back to conquer a living life .
Every day i woke up among a innocent world leaving my mask on the other side of a locked door .
This poem is actually referring to one person with multiple personality . He have to smile even though he doesn't want to , his responsibilities are getting havier day by day . He plays characters he's not
Ylzm Apr 2020
You feel you are the only
But there are many, socially distanced:
Unseen and unknown, gifted but imprisoned;
For the time is not yet, but it tarries not:
In half a time and not the fullness thereof.
Today is not a strange day;
That day will be when two are agreed,
And heaven, the sun, moon and stars
Fall down and bow low to Man.
Poetic T Apr 2020
It was my birthday, the year
   of a curse I never asked for..

         ****** from the temple
of solitude.

Now I just breath
that every 365 days I'm meant
                to celebrate the
incarceration of life..

Its overrated..

Blowing out memories,
       smouldering resentment
Inhaled when I've lived another
                   moment to the finish line..

Why is it taking so long..

Happy Birthday Day to me,
          I'm another year older
                       of my lame existence ...

I'm the candle burning out,
my breath smouldering as I
                   hold my chest..

Oh' well least I don't have to wait
another year..

My only regret...
                          I didn't get a slice of cake..
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
If we are a free country why does everything cost so much?

Society will not help those stuck in a cycle of poverty

The many cannot help themselves

So poor stay poor and the rich keep expanding the size of their bank accounts

Cannot save the hungry or the homeless so we might as well save face

Mistaken for freedom is decision

We are given few choices to make us feel like we are in control but that power is just an illusion

It is a free country to the privileged and an imprisoned country to the impoverished
Just a few thoughts on America
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