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ZT Jul 2015
Is another day for improvement
Is a better day to do it
ZT Jun 2015
is a living creature
a parasite
living inside us
eating us up

a glutton
never knows when to stop
it eats us up
till we're all dried up

we know it lives inside
we know it is bad

we know a way to stop it
we know a way to **** it

we simply just can't
do it

we know
we can't

that's why we call it
Have you ever been addicted to something, and you know its bad, you know how to stop it but you just can't? Well, for me, its anime, internet and such. It eats my time and I can't do anything productive, I know I should stop, but still I can't. T.T
ZT Dec 2015
The misty window
During a sunny day
Relief filled with sadness
And happiness tainted with goodbyes

The sweet kiss shared as sweet as the cake you sliced
The doves being happy to be freed to a sky so wide
I pray your relationship will be as sweet and happy as long as you live
That you will love each other, forever, "I Do" believe

I now give you my daughter
My heart is filled with relief that he chose a good man
But i am sad for i am no longer the only man she would love forever
I am happy she will start making her new family with you
But to do this we must also let her go

Like a misty window on a sunny day
My eyes are filled with tears on my daughter's wedding day
The are those times when both sadness and happiness can go together.
Like weddings
ZT Oct 2017
Eating meals together
Sharing the same drink
Buying the same things
Walking home together
are you are friend or a lover?
whatever, whoever you are
The times spent with you were always beautiful

Clumsy mistakes that brings forth
Laughter that could reach the heavens
The times spent with you were always beautiful

Consolation by your kind words
Comfort upon your shoulders
The times spent with you were always beautiful

Beauty fades
Washed away by the river of time
Brings forth my friend's betrayal

Innocence fleeting like dreams
The memory of you brings forth sorrows
The pure feeling with you will never return
The times spent with you are still beautiful
ZT Jun 2015
Kung alam ko lang na mamimiss kita nang ganito,
Hindi na sana ako umalis.
Kung alam ko lang na ganito pala kasakit,
Hindi na sana kita binitiwan.
Kung alam ko lang na mahuhulog ako sayo nang ganito ka lalim,
Hindi na sana kita minahal

Pero ang totoo ay,
Alam ko...
Matagal ko nang alam,
Alam na alam ko


Alam ko.. Alam ko na mamimiss kita nang labis

Pero.. pero
Kailangan kong umalis at iwan ka,
Kasi alam kong mali.
Mali ang makapiling kita

Alam ko na masasaktan ako nang sobra,
Pero kailangan kitang pakawalan
Dahil.. kailanma'y
hindi ka talaga naging sakin

Alam ko na mahuhulog ako sayo nang napakalalim...
Pero hinayaan ko parin ang sarili ko na mahulog sayo

Nagbabakasakali na sana, sana
Possible, maari, baka lang ay
saluin mo ako

Hindi eh..
Nahulog nga ako pero walang sumalo.

Kasi habang nahuhulog pa ako,
May kayakap ka na palang iba.

At nang bumagsak na ako sa lupa
Ang sakit..
Ang sakit sakit..
Nadurog na ang puso ko, wasak..
Was...Wasak na wasak na at
Nagkalat sa lupa

Pero alam mo ba kung ano ang mas masakit?

Mas masakit
Kasi heto parin ako, hawak-hawak ang durog ko na puso
Na mahalin mo rin ako...
nasubukan niyo na bang magmahal? umasa? at paasahin lamang?
nasaktan na, nawasak na ang puso.. pero nagmamahal pa rin?
ZT May 2015
At the very first time I saw you
I fell in love, yes it’s true
For your beauty have surpassed all that I’ve seen
I bet you could take me to places I’ve never been

Forgive me for it might not be good
These visions in my mind is a little bit rude
To feel your body and mine intertwined
For now it’s the only thing running on my mind

As I’m getting closer and closer
Your beautiful traits are now clearer
That slender body and nice curves you have
To hold you in my arms, I would love

That red color of yours fills me with lust
Makes me want to grab you, oh so fast
They say in your kind, you’re the last
Then for me to have you is a must

Though your price is higher than the ordinary
I think having you is like fulfilling my destiny
Oh how wonderful how it feels
I’ve finally bought you, my new HIGH HEELS. :)
ZT Jul 2015
Don’t leave someone
Who had done nothing but wait
But if you must go
Then leave...
But  leave me with a promise,
That to my side
You’ll come back
ZT Jul 2016
His existence was like that for me
He killed the heroine's father
He snatched the throne form its rightful owner
He ordered to **** the girl that loved him

But even after all that
He was someone I could not hate
I couldn't bring myself to be angry at him

Instead I pitied him
He was looking much further ahead
That he did notsee the misery that surrounded him

He thought he could make everything better
By getting his hands *****
Covered by blood
He thought he'd done something for the kingdom

He was alone
His friend betrayed him
To save the princess

The only people he cherished
Left him for the princess

He is an enemy
My enemy
For Iam the heroine
I am the princess

He is my enemy
But I could not hate him
For I am the girl
That loves him
Inspired by the anime the girl standing at the blush of dawn
ZT Jun 2015
walang FOREVER
At kung ano-ano pang pag-eemote mo jan
At kung ano-ano pang ka cheezyhan niyo jan

Basta ako,
Hindi ko kailangan ng forever para maging masaya
Ang kailangan ko ay isang moment
Ang “moment”

Ang kasalukuyan.
Ika nga living in the moment.
Wala na akong **** sa future at sa forever.
Ang mahalaga e ang ngayon.
Today that is a gift, which we call a present.
The present
Ang present na present ang “ikaw at ako”.
Ang moment na masaya ako sa piling mo.

Ang forever wala yan,
Talo yan ng moment
Kasi ang forever,
nakadepende lang yan sa kung paano mo pahalagahan ang ngayon
Kung papaano mo trinetreasure ang binigay sa’yo na present
Aanhin mo ang forever kung wala na ang moment?

Kasi masyado kang nagplano at nagplano para sa future
Masyado **** inenvest ang time mo para sa future

Nagplano at nagplano ka nga para sa forever nyo
Naka invest kanga para sa forever nyo
Nakalimutan **** gawin at ipatupad ang plano
Hindi ka na nakapaginvest sa ngayon, sa present, sa moment

Hayan tuloy may forever ka nga, pero forever na wala na siya
Kasi napabayaan mo na siya, kaya pumunta siya sa iba
Kasi ang kailangan din niya ay hindi ang forever
Kundi ang moment na hindi  mo naibigay dahil sa forever

Kaya ako, solve na ako sa moment
Ang time ko dito naka invest
Ang pag-ibig kasi wala yan sa future
My love is here, in the present
Naginvest na ako sa moment natin
At kung aalagaan lang natin ng mabuti ang moment
Balang araw ang moment ay magiging forever
wag sana tayong masyadog mahumaling sa concept ng forever, alalahanin natin na mas importante ang ngayon.
ZT Jul 2015
Sa lahat ng natikman ko
Ikaw ang paborito ko
Ikaw ang inaabangan ko
Ang masilayan a, ako’y nasasabik
Matagal-tagal na rin akong naghihintay sayo
Sa tagal tilay na prapraning na ako
Sa takot na ikay mawala
Sa pangamba na agawin ka ng iba
Kinuha na kita
Nilayo kita mul sa iyong ina at pamilya
Huli na nang malaman kong
Tamang panahoy di pa pala
Napitas na kita
Kaya ngayong tinitikman na kita
Napakaasim pa pala
Ng paborito kong santol.
yah, basically this describes my feeling nung pinitas ko ang paborito ung santol
ZT Jul 2015
The waves that pulls the sand into the ocean
The wind that dances with the leaves
Clouds that envelopes the sky

Angry waves crashing through the shore
The strong winds tearing through my skin like a knife
Dark clouds dropping rain that bursts like missiles

Waves that couldn't take control of itself
Lost in its anger and destruction
Plunging to the shore, pulling back
Back, further back, and back once more
Till it finally free the wrath it held
And in the land it settled
Pulling back and back and back once more
now, no longer was it taking back mere sand and stones
But trees, home and life it took
Like a fish caught in a fisherman's hook

The wind, with its crazy state of mind
Can't decide on where direction to blow
As it took time for its decision
The lunch that took minutes to cook
The project that took hours to make
The house that took months to build
The tree that took years to grow
The child that took its whole life to live
By the crazy wind, took just seconds to destroy and to end

The clouds that wont cease from crying
Pouring it all on the earth
Dropping every bit of rain it could
Till the sight of land was no more
Washing everything away
Drowning everything down

The waves, The Wind, The Clouds
they continued their reign
Destruction, Destruction and nothing but destruction

Until like a single ray of hope
that shone through a dark and miserable place
the sun rose and shone a light
hotter than ever
brighter than ever
Stronger than ever




Yah, the sun just exploded...
And it's another day for the end of the world
ZT Nov 2016
I was loved but never cared for
I was adored but never maintained by
I was touched but never really played

And when his love has moved on to another
What once was adored, now left in the corner
Can I ever play a melody, how I wonder
ZT Jul 2015
Pain pain go away
Flesh cut, blood dripping, pain, pain
Go, just go away
ZT Nov 2016
A step forward, a hundred back
with these type of flow, can I turn it back?
The time I spent wastin'
on all the things that amounted to nothin'

If given the chance to redo everything
Would I be able to make the right choices?
or Will I end up being with the current me?

would walking down that path again
also amount to nothing?
or will it bear fruit to something?

Something that might give hope to the me
who felt like I have lost sight of what's in it for me
feeling so ****** right now
ZT Jul 2015
The government is a tree
That bears fruit
A fruit that will be shared by the nation

Like any other tree
If the top gets infected by diseases
We need to cut it to save the tree
If its branches is manifested by diseases or insects
We need to cut it to save the tree
For the tree shall continue to live
And grow a new top, new branches
Fresher than the old, better than the old

But if the roots itself is rotten
Or its very core is eaten by worms
Then for that tree, there is no saving
We need to crop the good parts

Plant a new tree
Take good care of it
To make sure insects can no longer get to its core nor its roots
And just hope for a better tree to grow from it
And maybe that tree
That tree called the government
Will bear fruit that will make the nation prosper.
A tree like the government can only grow to be a good tree
not when its too high or as tall as the sky
not when its branches spreads throughout the land
but when it bears the best fruit that can be shared by the nation
to let the nation prosper. And for this to happen, the nation itself need to watch and take are of that tree on its growth ever since it is planted.  Both the nation and the government should grow together.
ZT Nov 2017
A wall stands before me
I do not know what lies beyond
I remember what's behind me
But I can never turn back

A bird sings into the distance
A dog barks along the chorous
They're telling me something
But I can never understand
Just like how
I can never see
what lies beyond
The great wall that stands before me
ZT Aug 2016
Peace shouldn't be kept
But spread

Those monsters
Hiding behind their carefully ironed suits
They hold peace in their hands
Peace chained by their greed
Their so called peace
That could only be enjoyed by the few
That survived the war
On the right side of the border

But is that really peace?

When on the other side
The side that lost

A child is crying
Because his father is missing
His mother is dying
His sister is itching
Because of a disease that was spreading
From the rotten bodies
That laid across their country
The country that lost
In the war called
Peace keeping

Why must peace be kept
Those monsters keep strangling peace in their hands

Peace shouldn't be kept
But spread
Let's pray for the people who are victims of the so called "peace keeping" war

Just a thought
Large forces are fighting because they think they are the ones who should rightfully rule,
Politicians, kings, presidents, businessmen they all think they are better than others, more rightful to be in top, to rule than others thus they fight

But at the end of the day
The victims of they war for power
Are the common people
Us common people

Please pray for everyone
ZT Nov 2016
Choosing me
means embracing death
A single moment with me
is a thousand steps closer to your death

and yet
Su, he chose to embrace me
he choose death

and what saddens me
is that

What was a lifetime for him
was just but a moment for me
This poem was inspired by the webtoon called "seasons of su". It is a story of a woman that picked up a baby. But this baby was not ordinary since he grows so fast. The baby's name was Su
ZT Oct 2015
Bakit ba
Ganito sa pinas
Kung saan masyado tayong tutok sa tamang landas

Landas na di naman natatahak
Pagkat lahat ng pangako ng mga naging pangulo ay puro palpak

Ano nga ba ang tamang landas
Palagi na lamang itong bukambibig ng mga taong malalaki ang bibig ngunit maliliit at malalamig naman ang mga puso.

Wagas kung makapagsabi ng tamang landas
Kailan ba magwawakas ang pagpapatag sa tamang landas
Tila masyado nang nabigyang importansya ang paghahanda sa tamang landas
Na naaaksya na ang pera ng ating mga probinsya

Ang mga pangakong napako
Ang mga pulitkong napako na sa pagtahak sa landas na ito
Na tila nakakalimutan na nilang isama ang sambayanan sa pagtahak nito
Ang mga mamamayang pilipino na naubusan na ng lakas
Pagkat wala na halos mailagay sa hapagkainan na bigas
Sa walang katapusang pag taas ng tax upang mabuo at mapatag lang ang sinasabing tamang landas

Mga pukitikong
Masyado nang naging overly attached sa tamang landas
Na tila konting lubak lang kuha agad sa kaban ng bayan... Sa pera ng mga mamamayan.. Upang magpagawa ng bagong daan. Mas matuwid na daan. Wow. Gusto nyo ba ng sapak?

Bakit hindi nalang hayaan ang malubak na daan?
Bakit hindi nalang hayaan ang konting baluktot sa daan?

Basta siguraduhin lang natin na tama ang ating pupuntahan.
Na pagdating natin sa ating paroroonan, paglingon natin ay wala na tayong babalikan dahil wala na tayong naiwan.
Magkaroon man ng galos sa paglalakbay, ang sakit ay kayang pawiin ng haplos ng kapwa pilipinong naging kasama mo sa pagtahak ng daan na tnahak ng bawat pilipino.

Ang kailangan namin ay isang pinuno
Hindi pangulo na ituturo lamang ang tamang daan habang nakasakay sa kanyang mamahaling sasakyan at hindi na namamalayan na kanya na palang naiwan ang mga mamamayan.
Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganito sa pinas. Sana sa darating na eleksyon ay makapili na tayo ng isang pinuno hindi lang basta pangulo
ZT Apr 2020
Di ko mawari kung bakit mas masakit
Ang mga katagang "mataba kana"
Pag sa bibig mo galing ay mapait
Gusto ko lang sana'y madama
Na sayo ako'y may halaga
Ngunit imbes na matatamis na salita aking madinig
Ang pagtaba ko lang iyong bukambibig
Kung sa ibang tao ay kayang palampasin
Pero pag ikaw ang nagbitiw,
Kaya akong inisin

Oo, maari
Sa timbang akoy nadagdagan
Aba'y sa quarantine nga naman
Oras di mo na malaman
Minsan di mo na nga namamalayan,
Dalawang beses kana palang nag hapunan.

Pero kasalanan ba talagang maituturing
Ang makailang beses kong pagkain?
Eh sa may kaya kaming ihain
Afford po namin
Ang ilang beses na mag saing

Mas pinipili ko kasi magluto
Kasi la pa ako lakas ng loob mag TikTok

Lalo pa ngayon nasabihang mataba
Aba aba
Hampasin ko yang pangit **** baba

Pero joke lang kasi mahal kita, kahit na bash moko miss pa rin kita
Kaya hayaan mo ako magtampo ng konti
Bukas baka humpa na ang inis
Kasi di kita matiis
Ikaw ay aking miss
Marupokpok paminsan minsan. O baka madalas.
ZT Dec 2015
Why can't you see
That by your side
There was always me
ZT Feb 2016
Though as innocent as she looks,
                An evil deception she cooks.
Plotted events,
                she disguised as Destiny
Flaunts her perfect body,
                But behind the curtains counts every calorie
A hint of arrogance,
                while saying "I'm just ordinary"
Compliments given
                As a product of her calculating eyes
Thus your ego being fed with her lies

Her hidden smirk,
                 Behind her pretentious worries
Those men, they fell, to her made up stories...
Some girls though they look innocent...  They could hide something you wouldnt want to believe thay have.
ZT Jul 2015
Another year had passed, marking the end of a chapter.
Well, chapter 20 for your story.
But be grateful for this day and celebrate!
For the producer of your story, our creator
Granted you a new chapter
Today, Chapter 21 for your story officially opens.

Birthdays are a reminder that you are aging.
But it is also a reminder that you have been blessed to continue your story
Maybe the producer thinks that your story holds a great promise
A great promise to leave a mark on HIStory

Remember, you might just be a page or a line in someone else’s story
But you are the main character and the writer of your own story
And the producer and a lot of people are watching how that story unfolds
So look back in the past 20 chapters and learn from it
And see your future chapters full of great and fun stories
And the present is a present from our producer
For you to make a way to make that future happen
Happy Birthday!
wrote this for a friend celebrating her 21st birthday...
ZT Oct 2015
A faint color of pink
Showing on my cheek
Because Of a simple wink

From faint now its clearly showing
The color of pink on my cheek
Undeniably i am blushing
Just because, at me, i see him smiling

The pink turns into red
just because of a single line he said
My face now flushed
Like it had been punched

The red turns to blue
Like a bruise turns into that color
When I realized it wasn't true
That wink
That smile
That line

Was just situation
A trick made by my imagination
ZT Aug 2015
Everyone can be their own poet
and write as much as they want
and at times they borrow words
the words that caught their heart

But to borrow is to ask first,
to borrow is to give credit to the owner.
Because in the first place,
those words were never yours.
You can make your poem using others' poems as inspiration. Or you can re-post them. But don't copy them and make it as your own. Don't plagiarize...... though I haven't known anyone who did. well this is just a reminder for everyone including me.
ZT Feb 2016
Maraming kainuman
Ngunit konti lang sa kanilay yong kaibigan
Ikaw nga ay seksi
Pero ito namay walang silbi
Kung sa pagdating ng gabi
Wala ka namang katabi

Kasi panandaliang ligaya lang pala ang kanilang habol
Sa kakaunting oras ginawa kalang palang pamparaos

Kasi katawan mo ay pwede nang e.ulam
Pero mukha mo ay parang kinulam

Sa kanyang katawan napapasabi sila,
"Uy, wow. Ang seksi"
Pero pagtingin sa mukha, panay sabi
"I'm fine. Thank you" dagdagn pa ng "sorry"
ZT Nov 2015
The burning feelings we had
Passionately we loved
Like flames enveloping us
till everything turned to dust

I guess we might have loved too much
The spark that we ignited
turned into flames we could not handle

The fire spread

This is just heartbreaking

But no longer Shall I fret
For no longer will my heart break
for only ashes remain

From the once burning heart
From the once burning Love
ZT Nov 2016
The River*  *was calm
The Water was deep
what you didn't see was
**The Thousand Rocks underneath
A lot of times when the surface wont match whats under, but you'll never discover because it was clouded by thousands of layers
ZT Nov 2015
Can I just even for once
Fall in love

My friends asks for advice
I tell them a lot in reply
But they always say I wont understand
For I haven't fallen in love

So just once
Can you let me fall in love

They always cry
Hurt each other to an extent
But at the end of the day
Saying those hurtful words were not meant
And kiss those tears away

It is always bothering me
How I am stuck with this jealousy
Seeing lovers in the streets
I am filled with envy

So why can't I fall in love?
Why cant I feel the butterflies in my stomach
The spark at the accidental touch
The heart that pounds with joy

Even just for once
Can I,  please let me
Can I once fall in love?
I just wonder why I havent been. AM I too insensitive?
ZT Apr 2020
Sila na nagkasala
Sila pa ang galit
Kahit ikaw sana tong nabahala
Dahil ikaw ay pinagpalit

Dating tiwala ay sinira
Nung kabit ay kanyang tinira
Tapos ngayong nahuli
Parang ikaw pa ang may mali

Kesyo, bat ka raw nag eskandalo
Sa harap pa ng pamilya
Ng kinakasama

Siya pa ngayon ang galit
Kasi ikaw daw ay nagbitaw ng mga salitang mapanakit
Di ka naman daw sana ganyan dati
Dahil dati kaw daw ay mabait

Pero di ba nya mapagtanto
Kung bakit ikaw ay nagkaganto
Dahil sa labis na pangagago
Na dinulot ng sariling asawa mo
Affected lang sa napanood na korean series. Masyadon kainis si guy. Cheater na nga, xa pa ang galit.
ZT Oct 2015
Forgetting you seems harder, As the days pass by
For your voice in my head seems clearer, I cant erase it
No matter how hard I try

Like your favorite song played on replay
Its there stuck on my mind, and there it stays
To forget about you someday is the thing I pray

Your voice
Time tells me to forget about it
But rather it just becomes clearer

I miss that voice
Even the nagging that made me tired
Still at least to make our relationship work out, we tried

But came the day
When you didn't even say
When you didn't even tell
What  I didn't do well

You just left. No proper farewell. Not even the reason why you wanted to leave.

Time tells me to forget about you
To forget That voice in my head
that is clear as always
Time tells me to forget about It
But rather it just becomes *clearer
inspired by the song a guy like me by im chang jung.  The feeling of missing someone and the memories getting stronger as days pass by.
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on sadness
With side dishes of pity and loneliness
To color my insides with shades of blue
Alone stuck in forever
Like glue
Color of a monster series
ZT Oct 2015
I drink from the tears
Shed by feeling this emotions
Like a crystal clear diamond
A precious gem from such hardness
Then sparkles, shines bright. Even the brightest
Color of a monster series
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on betrayal
The core of revenge and heartache
Like the serene color of deep green
Tainted with muddy brown just like the lake
Rained down upon
By seemingly harmless drops
Then turns to a knife
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on youth
With a touch of innocence
Like the feeling of pink
When a simple wink
Can turn into a strong link
A series of short stanza about the color of a monster
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on love
To color my insides with red
To have that emotion about passion
Playing with fire on your bed
A series of short stanza about the color of a monster
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on regret and disgust
Violet and indigo
Like a feeling after
You have let lust
Take over
Color of a monster series
ZT Oct 2015
I feed on happiness
Like a bright yellow sun
Mixed with with a fruity essence
Of orange
To have that smile as bright as the sun
And as fresh as an orange
Color of a monster series
ZT Jun 2015
Him around
Heart starts to pound

Fast, faster
Loud, louder
Hard, harder

Wildly now my heart’s pumping
To my face blood keeps rushing
My cheeks starts flushing

My chest now aching
I stop breathing
Now I’m hyperventilating

This is embarrassing
What if he’s looking?

Oh no...


Nah, I’m just joking
Who am I kidding

He didn’t notice
He doesn’t care
He doesn’t even know I exist
Ever felt like this? Or similar to this? If you haven't experienced one sided crush/love, either you're lucky or you don't feel anything at all.
ZT Nov 2016
she was a fighter, I admit
Several knights have fallen to a defeat
Cast down to an eternal pit
of negativity that she submits

Confidence, Self-worth, Joy
are few of the heroes that have first fallen
Followed by logic, intelligence, pride and sense
Until little by little she was winning

The top of the tower she was conquering

then the tower was slowly changing
cue in isolation and self condemnation

But oh boy
when she thought she had finally won
when she thought the war was finally over
Awakens my last remaining fighter
that was once in a slumber
the last remaining member of the knights order
and she is up to bring back the tower's lost order!

Shall I call this knight HOPE
small and fragile as she seems,
but boy she was so dope

Everytime depression knocks her down
HOPE would break and scatter all around
But dont get me wrong, hope was not losing
coz this is her type of fighting
and by this she was actually winning

Her scattered pieces that trailed every corner
Shone brightly even at the pits of negativity
The light became a guide
A path that let out her comrades from the pit

Now everything in the tower was shining
Even the petty and dark depression was submitting

For darkness can never win over light
Thus mark depression's era as over
I killed her
or I may have not
This is an excerpt from my poem titled "let me tell you of who I killed"
ZT Nov 2015
Sa tagal ng ating pagsasama
Wala na akong ibang mahihiling pa
Kundi ang magkaroon ng isang masayang pamilya
Pamilyang bubuohin ko kasama ka

Pagkatapos nang tayoy ikasal
Araw araw kong pinagdarasal
Na aking hiling ay maibigay na ng maykapal

Ang tanging biyaya na kukumpleto
Sa buhay mo at buhay ko
Ang mabiyayaan sana tayo
Ng isang munting bersyon ng ikaw o ako

Kaya di kayang sukatin
Ang sayang naibigay mo sakin
Nang sa iyong sinapupunan
Ay mayroon na palang namamahayan

Sa wakas ay dininig na
At ikay buntis na pala
Pero anong sakit ang aking nadama
Nang malaman kong di pala ako ang ama
Dahil habang tayo ay nagsama
Naghanap ka pala ng iba
ZT Jul 2015
Do not leave someone
Who had done nothing but wait
To wait for your love
ZT Jun 2015
Don’t you dare try to betray
A woman that chose to stay
To love you till the end
To your wounds she promised to mend

Don’t you dare try to leave
A woman who live
Lives just for you
For you, anything she can do

Don’t you dare try to hide
From a woman that lied
And said she will be okay
As long as beside her you’ll stay

But you did
Betrayed her and left
You even hid


Don’t you dare try to find
A woman you’ve left behind
To find her, you cannot
‘Coz here in this world, she is not

Don’t you dare regret
The things you have let
Let unfold because of your choices
'Coz you gave in to your vices

Don’t you dare forget
The sufferings she had met
The burden she carried alone
Your sins to her that you can never atone
ZT Jun 2015
Dream. Take me away
Far. To a place where I could stay.
Stay in paradise
I don’t care if it’ll be all lies

I dream when it’s morning
Even if the sun is already rising
A dream that is too pleasing
Is preventing me from waking

I still dream at noon
I won’t be waking up anytime soon
I think I’ll wait till the reign of the moon
Waking up, I don’t know how soon

The day is already ending
The curtain is already drawing
The sun is already preparing
To rest and to be setting

And then comes the night
When there exists a great absence of light
Me waking up is still out of sight
Because still, I dream at night

The dawn is coming
But still I am dreaming
The sun will again soon be rising
Still I continue on dreaming

This day marks a year of me dreaming
A year that I have stopped from waking
Well, it’s not that I don’t want to wake up
But in this bed and in this dream I am stuck

I was dreaming,
I am dreaming,
I will be dreaming
Till I wake up from this dream called coma.
ZT Mar 2016
Her heart is made of glass
I can see through every emotion
But no emotion could ever slip past those walls

She can show every bit of emotion she has
But she could never make you feel it
these emotions are trapped in her glass heart

her heart is made of glass
be careful, you can easily break it
and if it breaks
a rush of emotion flows
passes by and goes
until she is left with the shattered pieces
that could contain no more
those emotions, she could never have once more
ZT Aug 2015
Not everyone
can be a star
That shines bright
even from a far

But even a star
needs darkness
For its light
to shine brightest
We need to appreciate the things and the people that supports us. Thank them now.Just like the star and the darkness even your enemies and those people who have hurt you can make you a better person. A person you are now. The person you are now.
ZT Jul 2015
To me you’re a star
And I am just but a gazer
Though our distance is too far
Every night I utter a prayer

Come a day where I can see
Well, actually night probably
Where you and I will be
Together happily

So I continue to watch you gleefully
Maybe there come a time you’ll fall for me
Maybe then hopefully
There will be a you and me

Even the stars fall.

But then again I realize
The things that fall from the sky are not stars
Just meteorites.
So basically you can’t be mine unless
The end of the world is coming
And real stars are falling

But until then I continue
To gaze at my star that is *you
ZT Nov 2017
Likes are good
Love is great
But Feedback is the best

Like is sweet
Love is hot and spicy
Feedback is umami
Something like tasting MSG
Be it good or bad, I still want it
I can never be full
I am always hungry

Satiate my hunger
Let me taste that
Give me what I want
Yes I want that
ZT May 2015
Many know of their suffering
Only some knows to what extent
A few cared
But to help? No one dared.

This is a story of her and him,
Where they lived
Freedom is just but a FANTASY.

Her heart was aching,
the pain flowing through her veins,
reaching to the very tips of her body,
sinking deeper to her bones.

Though she was hurting
she could not dare let the tears flow
‘coz where she lives
only the free birds were allowed to cry.

When it’s raining he celebrates
he goes outside, to be drenched
he looks at the sky,
to  feel the rain drops on his face.

Only then his tears can flow
When the heavens have allowed him to conceal those tears
For where he lives
one can only cry in the rain.

For where they live, one can only dream for a split-second
getting lost in their wonderful dreams cost a lot

To dream a split-second more could cost your life

So they whisper their dreams to the wind,
hoping it would reach to the other side of the mountains

They pass their dreams to the birds,
hoping they could fly across the borders

They pray to the dark clouds to carry their dreams,
hoping when it decides to pour those drops of rain, it would be on that place.
To let the rain pour along with their dreams .
Let it pour anywhere but their home.

For where they live, dreaming is not for free.
So they can only hope that they dreams are carried to that place.
The place past those concrete walls,
to the other side of the mountains,
to the land where their dreams could be free.

I have heard the wind,
The birds have reached me
I saw the rain pour,
along with their dreams

Now I carry it
So I dream for me,
I dream for her,
I dream for him
And I thank the heavens.

I thank them, for where I LIVE one could dream for FREE.
Let us be thankful for what we have... Others might have wanted it with all their life.
ZT Nov 2015
We should never get used to something
Because times are always changing

People you spent most of your time
Friends you call them
Emotions and memories that you share
But there will come a time
When they wont even care

That is why I tell you

You should never get used to something
Because time, no
Are always changing
It just hurts when the people you spent most of your time with, the people you care is no longer there for you
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