in this neo-classic house
with their partition in glass
that her reflexes still shine
in their wilderness again
that drives her tears in craft
with time to sequester their burdens
in this room with mirrors now he tread
through this capillary with imaginary sex

a flow
Nateive Son Apr 2017

Go ahead
And skip the flashing lights
Recitation of rights
and long, drawn-out trial

Put yourself in prison

Wear your favorite blouse
One book to read for a year
No friends
Nay family
Window the size of pupils

Constantly in crowds
Never a part of the masses
Seeing history repeat itself ad infinitum
Waiting for the heat death of the universe

And then what?

Reruns flashing through your mind
Like the penis going in and out
Of the vagina
Again and again
Over and over
Nothing changing
Until the now is then
And then is over.

Sorry if I got some blood on your shirt:

Walk with me if you dare,
keep up with me if you can.

Seanathon Dec 2016

The emperor, the conqueror
Commanding every confidence
Cold, calm and under control
A version in the past tense

A shadow lock atop a cliff
Staring into the abyss
Humanity is underneath
The very point of his fingertip

And yet he waits for what might be
And casts his eye on every scene  
Having seen the way the world did bend
Beneath the bow tyranny

His hands hold out and underneath  
The sovereignty which is at hand
But always will he watch the streets
For the enemy of every man


He who can balance the words
'power' and 'limitations' in his hands;
understands soundly
the definition of responsibility
and it's burden upon his shoulders.

To rule the world justly
is to bare the labours of Atlas.

ZT Aug 2016

Peace shouldn't be kept
But spread

Those monsters
Hiding behind their carefully ironed suits
They hold peace in their hands
Peace chained by their greed
Their so called peace
That could only be enjoyed by the few
That survived the war
On the right side of the border

But is that really peace?

When on the other side
The side that lost

A child is crying
Because his father is missing
His mother is dying
His sister is itching
Because of a disease that was spreading
From the rotten bodies
That laid across their country
The country that lost
In the war called
Peace keeping

Why must peace be kept
Those monsters keep strangling peace in their hands

Peace shouldn't be kept
But spread

Let's pray for the people who are victims of the so called "peace keeping" war

Just a thought
Large forces are fighting because they think they are the ones who should rightfully rule,
Politicians, kings, presidents, businessmen they all think they are better than others, more rightful to be in top, to rule than others thus they fight

But at the end of the day
The victims of they war for power
Are the common people
Us common people

Please pray for everyone
TheseRoots Apr 2016

Forward into the fiction of humanity and slave away a once overcrowded race
Creatures crowd me and fight for an alienated bill of our rights
So turn your pitchforks to each other soldier because once again survival is the fittest
Watch as I order myself the new king of the hill and see to it that you bow down to me
Once again I am the new democracy I am the new fear that you etch into your brains.
If one decides to challenge me then that one will become the new floorboards I walk on
If the floor isn’t good enough for my elegance to walk on, then I expect you to lay down.
I am the ruler that you run from
I am the ruler that you hate
But make your feet dance before me or you won’t have to feel the fear anymore
You’ll feel my hands around your neck.

Kinda a dark one.
Silence Screamz Feb 2016

I am secluded
by the steps of a brutal mind
Written in black and white
numerals on dirty chalkboards

Was I sleeping past my childhood lesson?

Please, wake my tired, bloodshot eyes !!
They are weary from
illuminated nightmares
and X rated dreams

The sting of the wooden rule of measure
punished my hands
The welted numbers tattooed
on my swollen palms

Ten Hail Marys are not enough to stop this atrocity

The towering stoic women,
dressed in black habits
I do not dare look away
but I did

Time was broken
when the rulers cracked the desk
Ear deafening sounds
with my frozen tears stuck in pause

I looked up to the heavens
to seek answers from my god
Not one whisper back,
I was screaming vulgarties in silence

Lowering my head to my desk,
I closed my eyes
and counted the numerals
on the dirty chalkboard

Randy Johnson Feb 2016

Some people think that The Devil doesn't exist but he's not imaginary.
At the moment Satan rules the world but that is only temporary.
After Jesus returns, Satan will be defeated and destroyed.
In the meantime, his wicked temptations are things we should avoid.
The world is in a terrible shape because Satan causes people to sin.
But at some point in the future, he will lose and Jehovah God will win.

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