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F A Pacelli May 14
when the people are rotten
fear yields more fruit than love
but to rule with fist and fear
is to become rotten inside
thus both ruler and populace
rot as one
Ylzm Apr 12
What is Space?
We don't know.
Here and There.
Distance, the Basic Notion.
Quantified with a Ruler.

What is Time?
We don't know.
Then and Now.
Change, the Basic Notion.
Quantified with a Clock.

What is a Ruler?
A Counter of Repeats of an Unchanging Distance
From Heel to Toe, a Foot
And Length is the Repeat Counts

What is a Clock?
A Counter of Repeats of Constant Change
From Evening to Morning, a Day
And Time is the Repeat Counts

Space and Time
Ruler's and Clock's Measurements
Conceived in Distance and Change
Presented as Length and Time
But Distance and Change remains
Unknown and Unknowable.
We don't know,
We don't know,
Look at your hand
There is a sparkle of
Enhancing light
started to sprinkle from it.
There is a magical universe
Blazing from your hand.
Say it as magic or illusion.
You are the one who can do
These miraculous things.
Unveil the wonders
Your hand can do.
Recoganize yourself
There is the creater hiding
Within you. The one
Who can make every
Impossible things into possible.
Realize it. You are ruler of
What you want to become.
Believe in you.
William Troup Mar 30
Orioles sing; being, ring
   the bells on strings ... swing, kings
   rejoice and spring ... the callings wings
      aloft and cling in their mourning win!

Oracles see; trees, free
   the bells in three ... bees, plea
   afar from seas ... the callings knees
      away with keys to please his queen!

Orchards grow; know; throw
   the bells below ... sow, show
   the morning flow ... the calling slows
      the peoples glow for their falling thrown!
His eyes wore the red of tears
wept, kept hidden from all
sight and sound to fester in
the darker crevices of his
crown. But now it’s spilled on
the ground in a puddle like
fresh blood from opened veins.

And now, with all those pounds
off his shoulders and the boulder
stuck in his throat now swallowed,
he makes the promise to sing
his own song, to write his own
lyrics and bear with any rebellion
to his rule. His rule over himself.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
IncholPoem Jan 11
Bats  are
betting  to
steal  more  fruits

   Are  they  Alien
or  were  staying  here  !

    Whales  are  now
     fearing  to  see  the
human  for

   Are  these  Alien  or
were  staying  in Earth.

Man  is  saying

the  *******  ruler  of
this  Earth.

I  have  the  100%

Are  these  Alien  or
evolution  is  with  them.
Anne J Nov 2018
Petals scatter with sweet honey from the hexagonal sun
And drip their nectar unto the heiress’s staff’s bun
Her lips shine with the yellow blood of her little wasp enemies
Disguised with a soft and young smile that’s hidden breathlessly
The young ruler’s snow hair dissolves into sweet sprinkles of canary
And her golden eyes shall unleash a sting into whoever she shall marry
A poem I started yesterday and finished today. Based on this artwork I saw on DeviantArt: I got her permission to do this poem. Please check out her art, it's freaking awesome!
Sehar Jul 2018
Stardust in her blood,

A fire burns in her eyes.

Child of the Cosmos,

She's a Ruler of the Skies.
Jayanta May 2018
Something wrong somewhere?
River is supposed to carry water not silt!
It supposed to bless us with water and humus!
But not with sandcasting!

Something wrong somewhere?
Forest is supposed to encompass us with diversity of fortune not with weeds!
It supposed to bless with wilderness of life and opportunity to learn relationship
But not with generation of threat and depreciation!  

Something wrong somewhere?
Road supposed to provides us way to transfer,
Transfer of goods and services of our toil
Transfer of knowledge, idea and skills for betterment!
Not to transfer all the venom of destruction!
Destruction of nature, culture and people!

Something wrong somewhere?
Ruler suppose take position for welfare of all
Not for material gain, congregation of power and arriving at fame!

Something wrong somewhere?
People supposed to stand by the people in joy and in misfortune!
Suppose to stand for brotherhood and posterity
But not to abuse and overthrow!

Something wrong somewhere in the commencement
We unable to learn
‘How to learn and make decision!’
Because every decision spoils our dream, robbed our mammon of life!

Something wrong somewhere
Need to start it again from the beginning!
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