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LC Nov 2020
I walked around, arms always crossed,
never speaking until I was spoken to.
I kept my head down, subservient to a ruler
who knew and preyed on my every weakness.

Lately, I've been fighting back.
My arms are outstretched, accepting what comes.
I released the anchors that sank my heart for years
without waiting for anyone's approval - only mine.

My head is held high.
The ruler can't weaponize the truth anymore.
My acceptance drained the poisonous power
of the ruler's previously potent weapons.

Now I am not ruled by anyone.
Try as they might, they'll never trap me again.
I'll never let them for as long as I draw breath,
and my spirit can finally soar to the greatest of heights.
It's been a while. I would love to know who you think the ruler is or symbolizes!
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Distant Fortune's Isle
Stars glints the dark one's eyes
Wind brings silver dew

New day, new haiku!
Hard to be believe that this is my 940th poem, haha!
Anywho, keeping with the Pleiades aka the Seven Sisters, this one is for Celaeno. She is also known to be a wife of Posideon and bore him children, Lycus and Eurypylus, and ruled over the Isle of the Fortunate, a
isle reserved only for those were supposedly reincarnated three times. They were deemed pure enough to be accepted into Elysian.
Just two more Pleiades to go!
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
He wondered if he had
A nose for news,
'Cause it was always breaking.

So he opted for
Surgery instead,
Only to find himself
The talk of the town.

Now that's nothing
To sniff at!
TIZZOP Dec 2019
concrete, metal, steel and glass
lustrous phalluses
lighting up the dark
no stars

with an iron fist
the rulers of the world
reign the world
out of the towers of babylon 8.

who are these people?
what are they doing all day and all night long?
what are we being told?

beneath the towers: a vast red light district
populated by desperate, greedy, machiavellian creatures:
driven by addiction

drugs are sold in the street 24/7
since the councilmen of babylon 8 established a drug policy
that is called "babylon's way".

it has been administered for three decades and ensures that slingers and dealers are given a set place to do what they are used to do.

in order to calm worried citizens, the police raid a stash house every couple of weeks while dealers are waiting across the street to go on as soon as the cops will be leaving.

the rulers of the world are addicted to themselves; many are using.

the slingers are faithful to any kind of mind-altering substance; many are dying right now.

close to you and close to me
while these words are written down and by the time they will be read.

people die daily because they do drugs.

most die due to abuse
some because of regular use
and even a few
trying it the first time.

what do YOU think ––
can anybody hear the addicts' last breaths inside the towers?

how do the rulers of the world perceive the world?
what's going on in babylon 8?

besides: babylon 8 is not an imaginary city.

it's real name is
frankfurt am main
located in
(a.k.a. "bankfurt" a.k.a. "krankfurt")

globally known for
its fair
its stock exchange ––
and a skyline
of bank towers
"Krank" means "sick" and "ill" in German.

The slang term "Krankfurt" describes an alienated place where barely everything is possible, regardless of the German law system.

And where illegal activity
takes place in all social environments.

The city's drug policy is called "Frankfurter Weg".
(Frankfurt's Way.)

According to several statistics, the drug trade within the red light district draws a profit of $ 1.1 million. Each day of the year.
Addiction and greed never sleep.

At the same time, Frankfurt offers a variety of museums, theaters and an opera house;
many of them being internationally popular.

The Main river and his shores are lovely; on Sundays, many people go there for a walk.

It is never about a place.
It's about the way of your life.

Today is a good day.

Babylon 8 is a composition of different poems. Read the first part:
F A Pacelli May 2019
when the people are rotten
fear yields more fruit than love
but to rule with fist and fear
is to become rotten inside
thus both ruler and populace
rot as one
Ylzm Apr 2019
What is Space?
We don't know.
Here and There.
Distance, the Basic Notion.
Quantified with a Ruler.

What is Time?
We don't know.
Then and Now.
Change, the Basic Notion.
Quantified with a Clock.

What is a Ruler?
A Counter of Repeats of an Unchanging Distance
From Heel to Toe, a Foot
And Length is the Repeat Counts

What is a Clock?
A Counter of Repeats of Constant Change
From Evening to Morning, a Day
And Time is the Repeat Counts

Space and Time
Ruler's and Clock's Measurements
Conceived in Distance and Change
Presented as Length and Time
But Distance and Change remains
Unknown and Unknowable.
We don't know,
We don't know,
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Look at your hand
There is a sparkle of
Enhancing light
started to sprinkle from it.
There is a magical universe
Blazing from your hand.
Say it as magic or illusion.
You are the one who can do
These miraculous things.
Unveil the wonders
Your hand can do.
Recoganize yourself
There is the creater hiding
Within you. The one
Who can make every
Impossible things into possible.
Realize it. You are ruler of
What you want to become.
Believe in you.
Alek Mielnikow Mar 2019
His eyes wore the red of tears
wept, kept hidden from all
sight and sound to fester in
the darker crevices of his
crown. But now it’s spilled on
the ground in a puddle like
fresh blood from opened veins.

And now, with all those pounds
off his shoulders and the boulder
stuck in his throat now swallowed,
he makes the promise to sing
his own song, to write his own
lyrics and bear with any rebellion
to his rule. His rule over himself.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
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