Temporal Fugue Dec 2017

Why is it?
I only think of you
on the porcelain throne

Taking, but more specifically
giving a dump

Fecal you are
in my thoughts
and mind

Odious and evermore
like crap from
my behind

Maybe it's because
simple human decency
you lack

A low down no good bully
reminiscent of matter
from my crack

So I remember many things
but all of them
end here

Sitting on my porcelain throne
reminiscing your face
and grinning ear
to ear

The only thing that reminds me of a bully ;D
even after all these years

Drawers have their advantages
Over computers.
One can easily SEE that a drawer is full
Of too much Junk.
If one's Facebook page,
Has become loaded with CRAP,
It's not that obvious.
That sort of garbage
Can seep into all sorts of virtual cracks.
When a drawer needs to be dumped,
It's relatively easy.
Just take all the contents of the drawer
And dump them into a Trash Bag.
Virtual Clutter
Can actually take HOURS to clean out.
It's an indication of a deep neuroses.
Why am I willing
To take so many "virtual gifts"
That I'll want to eliminate later on.
I think it's indicative of
Some sort of Spiritual Poverty.

Temporal Fugue Oct 2017

I took it to the Psychic
she told me, it, knew all
I took it to the Psychic
she lives, just down, the hall
She examined and she prodded
under a ventilated hood
She prodded and poked away
and told me, it was good
She told me I was destined
the greatest poet, I will be
She told me I was destined
then she flung my poo, at me

Ewwww, just wandering ;D
Abraham Oct 2017

I compose
as right cheek on pillow
and cool eye towards the morning
the greatest poem
then the words vanish
and I cannot not bring them back
I pick up my phone
and TAP TAP the vilest thing I can
and send it out into the world
so many
throw their
against it.

Seema Sep 2017

You say my writes are crap, then darling you are no less than a running tap. Spilling filthy dirt from a cramped chimed teeth ugly with gaps. Like a piano with missing keys. Crowds move away like you are a queen of fleas. Don't let my temper wave you in the deep sea. Chill out and enjoy your coffee or tea. Mind your own freaky business and keep your nose in your face. Else, I'll grab your ego out and you will not be able to trace. You write rap and you labelled mine crap. Beware am a nasty cat and you are a swampy rat. Shall I continue praising you or are you satisfied, you little brat!!


Some people just can't keep their nose fixed on their face.
ambient Sep 2017

hunchbacked nightly,
banging out another one
of these poems:
you can't help but judge the last
on an equal footing
with the day's last turd.
painting, or participating in
any of the arts,
evokes the same sentiments –
you will outdo yourself
and others will most certainly outdo you.
so into the shitpile the paintings & poems
all go,
and that's just how it is
when we talk about

9-10-17, 22:03
Khayri RR Woulfe Aug 2017

I hate the rain
I hate the sun
I hate the cold
even when it's gone.

I hate the pain
I hate the joy
I hate to feel
I hate those who feel!

I hate you!
I hate them!
I hate everyone!
I hate everything!

I hate myself.
You hate me.
Let's hate myself

I hate that.
I hate that!
I hate the world!
I hate my world!
I hate your world!

I hate that car
that just passed by
I hate my neighbor
who've just passed by
I hate everything I see
on that window
I hate that window!
Close that window!

I hate that dog!
Whose dog is that?
I hate
whoever owns
that dog!
I hate them both!
I hate you!

I hate this bed!
I hate this pillow!
I hate this blanket!
I hate everything I see!

I love to hate.
I hate to love.
I'll just keep on hating
Because that's
what I am.

And I hate you!
I hate everyone
who'll read this poem.
I hate this poem!
I hate this poem!

I hate this poem!

But I loved
writing this poem.

Spread the hate!
window's broken

17 November 2014

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
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