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thelemonpolice Nov 2020
I listened to you talking
I sat there in awe
denied all my feelings
cause I knew you dont want more

I wish I was more pretty
I wish you saw me more
I wish I could be like her
you stare at her in awe

I'm happy for you really
Because I am your friend
but really did you have to
stop talking to me when

you find somebody new
to pour your heart into
I wish that I could hold
onto the thoughts that you swim through

But it is not my pool
and it is not my love
that decides all the actions
that make you want to stop

questioning your behaviour
I wish I knew a way
to love you as a friend
maybe then you'd stay

but you never listened to me
bet you didn't read my poem
bet you didn't listen to my songs
and didn't feel at home

I hope she makes you feel how I feel
every time you are here
and I hope your thoughts dont get too loud
when the end is near
Maria Ressa, ano'ng problema?
Ba't hanggang ngayon, mukha pa ring lamanlupa?
Nagkakalat-lagim sa mga balita
Mayro'ng yayari sa'yo.

Ito'y kuwento ng....
....isang BULATE,
TUKMOL sa umaga,
TUOD sa gabi,
Pisngi man niya'y punuin ng kolorete
Mukhang BANGAW pa rin, walang silbi
Ibaon na ang IMPAKTA.

Maria Ressa, ano'ng problema?
Bakit mukha pa ring nayuping pugita
Mga galamay mo panggulo sa media
Mayro'ng yayari sa'yo.

Ito'y kuwento ng....
....mga payaso
fake news sa umaga,
fact-check sa gabi,
mukha nila ay sintigas ng adobe
bungo naman laman ay kamote
Ututin pa ang bunganga

Maria Ressa, ikaw ang problema
Hilig **** magkalat ng maling balita
at kapag sinita biglang magpapaawa
#DefendPressFreedom kuno?!

Ito'y kuwento ng....
....mga bulate
walang voter's I.D.
banyaga kasi
bida-bida, sumasama pa sa rally
wala namang bilang, hindi noypi
i-deport na sa kangkungan

Maria Ressa, walang problema
kahit maglaho pa tulad mo sa media
Marami pang ibang magbibigay ng balita
Walang manghihinayang sa'yo

Ito'y kuwento ng....
....mga bulate!
15 July 2020

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.

This poem criticizes a public figure, an act that is within the scope of free speech and shall not constitute harassment.
Inspired by Magda of Gloc9/Rico Blanco.
Chris Slade Jun 2020
Picture the scene… a TV company boardroom.

“OK we have a problem”…

Oh no! - Corporate gloom!

"Thank you for turning up everyone… Listen in.

The opposition has come up with a winner.

Celebrity Pooch Walks with Alan Carr. I know…

But Gary’s got an idea - go on Gary…”

Here’s a synopsis…

It’s called ‘Celebrity Snoop Dogs’

We strap a camera to a dog’s back

and send it through a famous person’s cat-flap…”

“Sorry to stop you there Gary.

Although I recognise the merits -

and you may have it right…

But that one’s on Channel Four tonight!”
Reality TV has stretched credibility to breaking point... And can you believe that there are TV 'personalities' (I use the term loosley) who get involved... It must be for the money. It can't possibly be because it's prime time quality viewing!!
Zoe Mae Jun 2020
I tried to write a poem everyone would like.
I struggled with it for years.
But every time I thought I had,
my words fell on deaf ears.

And so I sat, head in hands, and wondered what to write.
How could words that mean so much to me, to others not sound trite?

I tried to write a poem everyone would like.
I wasted many years.
But this wave of rage, I'm foaming in,
still crashes on deaf  ears
Bea Aguilar Apr 2020
When she asked me,
“What triggers you?”
I couldn’t pick one.
Kvothe Apr 2020
Putting pixel to page,
he types.


Fingers flurry away,
he swipes.


Showing symptoms of age
he writes.

Hello, I'm (maybe) back. Easing in.
Jieun Sep 2019
Those are the times
Where mornings seems shorter
And the nights seems longer
Those are the moments
Where you lay in bed
With nothing but thoughts
Thoughts in your head
Feelings in your heart
Sometimes even just wondering
Why everything fell apart?
Sometimes you’ll just feel empty
You’ll just feel tired
You’ll feel like being happy
Was a facade you always lied
Sometimes you’re just there
Laying in bed
No thoughts in your head
Sleepiness wasn’t knocking on your door
Seeing times passes by more and more
You lay there with your eyes blinking
Staring at the ceiling, thinking
“Why is this happening to me?”
“What was happening?”
“What’s wrong with me now?”
“What changed?”
“Where did I go wrong?”
You start to retrace your memories
From the very beginning
You start to think back about those times
Even some bad endings
That’s where the tears starts coming
That’s where your eyes starts blurring
You didn’t know what was happening to you
You didn’t know if the sadness you felt was true
Was it the sadness you kept for so long?
Or was it just because you were tired of being strong?
You didn’t know
But you laid there
Just letting out your emotions with this cry
Without even knowing why
But as you finish crying
You started thinking
Now you’re staring
Not knowing what you were looking
But you felt empty once again
And the cycle starts over again
Until sleep
Finally comes to you
Your eyes now feel heavy
Your mind feels light too
But you know that was already too late
You accepted your fate
Sleep was always came slow
So now it was morning again
And the night became another

Sleepless night
Lydeen Aug 2019

I fu




Now I'm under

                 and key

wEll ****.
I feel like crap
For feeling like crap
And that makes me feel crappier
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