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You are trying so hard
To get in my bubble
Planning dates with someone so unstable

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You are only a friend
Only a friend to me.

You won't give up
You won't go away
Blocked on all my social medias
But still you find a way to contact me

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You will never, ever be with me.

Still there you are promising again.
That this will work out.
You are a "gentleman."

You have been friend-zoned, baby.
Wish the person doing this to me would take a hint.
RN Nov 2018
It's almost 5:00 AM, I'm tired
You drained me, my body is on fire
I know I'm so fuck1ng dumb
Doing this for some who can't give me love

I guess I'm the Incredible Hulk
You're hurting me, but I can still walk
I will endure this pain until we finally talk
Baby, my love for you is harder than a rock

I don't care what will gonna happen
You can hurt me as much as you can
I'll sacrifice myself for you to be happy again
Even though you just treat me like a friend
Rhymes in my Mind
Lemonade Sep 2018
I die a little bit inside,
every time your delicate lips broach about her.

only best friend.
Lemonade Aug 2018
I die a little bit inside,
every time your scarlet lips broach about him.

only best friend.
Anna Katrina Jul 2018
Oo, na-friendzoned ako
Sa taong sinabihan ako
Na mahal niya ako

Sobrang sakit nung malaman ko
Na ang nararamdaman niya'y di totoo
Pinafall niya lang ako
Ngunit di ako sinalo

Labis akong nasaktan
Sa aking kinahinatnan
Mahal niya ako pero bilang kaibigan lang
Akala ko mahal niya ako more than friends
Pero as a friend lang talaga

Oo, paasa ka!
Walangya ka
Pero mahal pa rin kita.
Daniel Ruiz May 2018
She didn’t look at me

Her eyes leaned over mine
Passed over my head like meteors in the sky
Flowed like the stars that shine the night
And stupidly here I stand
Trying to make them glow towards me
I try and try and try,
Neither man nor god will understand
How much of me I’ve left at your feet
I showed her the ink that marked my veins
Still, she was looking over me
Watching the planes fly by,
Watching the sun go down
But must of all,
Watching her reflection
In the night sky,
The constellations wrote her name
“Magically beautiful” they said
And created you the other day,
God created your smile,
The devil created your curves
You are a mix of everything I need .

You Are everything I need
Instead you look over me,
Waiting for your blue knight,
Your Superman
Waiting for someone I can’t be.

Your eyes leaned over the horizon
Waiting for the sun to set,
Waiting for him to come,

Hope he comes.

⁃ Just Blank
Alex Apr 2018
My arms are jello and my face is red,
I feel so weak and my legs are lead.
Because I've seen she's just walked in.
I can't explain- I can't even begin.

With eyes that sparkle like the moon,
She seems to come close much too soon.
I fluster and laugh and get all confused,
because with her I always lose.

I never know what to do,
Except to scrape the floor with my shoe.
What to do and what to say
To hide from her my ecstasy?

I love it when she's next to me.
Anything else I cannot see.
An invisible spotlight- and a wall
which is thick and impossibly tall.

I like her.
I'm sure.
I know it's true.
You know it, too.

But I can't tell her.
Not today, no sir.
I'm too afraid of denial
And to lose that beautiful smile.
So close but so far.
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
I was never able to comprehend
Why it was she had to send
Me down to fulfill the end
She didn't even try to defend
Her people or me, her friend
Even while I met my end
For my one and only friend
But I guess some things never mend
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