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yāsha May 2023
i like the way i make you go soft,
when i touch you like a friend
and your hands start to sweat
as if my fingers brushed your lips.
when your eyes hold my gaze
and you look at me lovingly,
even if our faces
never met each other's warmth.
            not even once.
tell me, how do i make you go hard?
because it seems that you only kiss people
who makes your body quiver.
     you only want to love
      when they give you a certain pulse
—but didn't i make your heart beat more faster
when i poured the gravity of my heart
to satisfy yours?
JCabanilla Feb 2020
Eyes that reflected all the colors of blue,
And lips that never utters the truth.
Ears that is tired of listening with all of the request and lies,
and a million pieces of heart because of heartbreaks and cries.

She's always been the se cond choice,
She's tired of being always the bridge, for being always Eros' substitute.
She's been the one call away friend in a one sided friendship,
and now she can't keep the act as happy go lucky girl in front of the public.

She have the rainbow in her smile,
but there's a swelling storm in her eyes.
She have the brightest morning in her laugh,
but there's a depths of despair inside her mind.

She love him for the first time,
She never knew she'd be falling to deep.
She laid her eyes only to him,
She never knew it was hard to look away.

He is the reason of her smiles,
He is the reason why she listened to all the lies.
He is the reason of her every night cries,
He is the reason why she lost without giving a fight.

She have loved her for a short moment of time,
He have made her heart beats out of rhyme.
She made a great mistake of confessing,
He have made a decision that he doesn't have any feelings.

She was summer and she met her storm,
He was the storm and destroyed the summer.
She was the sun and she met her moon,
He was the moon and gave cold response to the sun.

She wanted to scream,
She wanted to tell that her world was so dim.
She wanted to say,
I don't want to be just your friend to call away.
Written by: EtrypoRevol
Grey Dec 2019
If life was a book
or anything except this
We'd be together.
SomeOneElse Jan 2020
The crickets have stopped chirping
I don't hear them anymore
My heart now lies here broken
Scattered all across the floor
Thought you were the one for me
As i fell for you so hard
Really hoped you'd be the one
But my heart now lies here scarred
Friendzoned into the abyss
Preventing all advances
Wish I knew where I messed up
I just never stood a chance
Follow up poem after being friendzoned
Wyan mind Jul 2019
Is it just me,
Do you feel that too ?
Situation is horrible
But is it ment to be true?

I know I appreciate you
I feel you appreciate me to
The worlds is like a playground
All for me and you.
To run free

Time is a never an issue,
When its just me and you,
I kinda feel this connect.
Don't you feel it too ?

Words can speak many wonders
Action follow too.
When I really think about it..
I kinda wanna get to know you.

Nature queen, with a hit of a little more,
As beautiful as the song
of reggae she plays
I somethings come home and relisten.

To take my mind to you.
Just for a few,
I would do many things
Stopping my craving for kinda liking you .
The Vault Apr 2019
You are trying so hard
To get in my bubble
Planning dates with someone so unstable

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You are only a friend
Only a friend to me.

You won't give up
You won't go away
Blocked on all my social medias
But still you find a way to contact me

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You will never, ever be with me.

Still there you are promising again.
That this will work out.
You are a "gentleman."

You have been friend-zoned, baby.
Wish the person doing this to me would take a hint.
RN Nov 2018
It's almost 5:00 AM, I'm tired
You drained me, my body is on fire
I know I'm so fuck1ng dumb
Doing this for some who can't give me love

I guess I'm the Incredible Hulk
You're hurting me, but I can still walk
I will endure this pain until we finally talk
Baby, my love for you is harder than a rock

I don't care what will gonna happen
You can hurt me as much as you can
I'll sacrifice myself for you to be happy again
Even though you just treat me like a friend
Rhymes in my Mind
Lemonade Sep 2018
I die a little bit inside,
every time your delicate lips broach about her.

only best friend.
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