Sylus Fox Jan 9

And maybe it's not my place to say it
But she's no good for you at all
I can see the bags under your eyes
And hear the way your voice cracks
You don't have to be with me
But I wish you could be truly happy
Instead of pushing yourself into
Something that's so bad for you.

Kem-Ann Jan 3

I have loved you since
for I know you too well

You never felt the same
for you know me too well, as well.


F R I E N D S H I T.
Tin Ferrer Aug 2016

I make you smile but you make her laugh.
I make you sing but the lyrics is for her.
I watch you dance but your eyes focus on her.
I made you realize that life is fun but you said life is fun with her.
My evening thoughts are all about you but yours are all about her.
I like you as a lover but you like me as a friend.

But all those things is okay with me. But when I told you that I love you, you said "I'm sorry but I love her."

And it brokes my heart.

Lala Feb 2016

I told you that I like you, because I didn't want to spend my life wondering, what if? But, now I know the answer, and I feel awkward about it a little.
But, what can I do... I'm moving on and living my life.

Despite all this. If you need a hand, someone to be there as a friend. I will be there. It's best if we remain friends.

Thank you for reading.
Nameless Wonder Jan 2016

I wonder why you still make me smile - even though last night, you made a nightmare a reality by telling me that the feeling wasn't mutual.

I wonder why I don't feel hopeless, sad, distraught even though you "only like me as a friend."

I'm surprised it's not hurting at all,
maybe it's a good thing you rejected me, because for me to feel nothing but contentment for trying and give up so easily because you friendzoned me, it can only mean that I never really loved you...

Or could it be that I loved you so much, that I was able to let you go with ease?

friendzoned means that the person you ask out or something like that says you are "just a friend".

So, do I deeply love her or was it just like a weak love that died when she friendzoned me xD ?
Zelle Dec 2015

Why can't you see
That by your side
There was always me

Winter Frost Dec 2015

Throughout the years
You're never there for me
Throughout the years
Realizing we're not to be

Throughout the years
Thought you're more than just a friend
Throughout the years
Wondering what's that feeling again

And there you stood, surprised
Then I realized
Ah yes, people change

And feelings fade

Winter Frost Nov 2015

Good times or bad times
I'm always here for you
I will help you fly, and you flew
While I carry the burdens of your crimes

Those flowers that you always send
With the color of yellow, with the shades of blue
Those words of "I love you"
Though I know, it's only meant for a friend

I don't want to pretend that I'm okay
Wishing to be the one who paints the smile on your face
Wishing to be with you in times of gray
Wishing to be the one, feeling your embrace

I just don't want these feelings to grow
No more, not anymore
And just like that
I let you go

mmikee Sep 2015

he was looking at her
her mistakes and petty trouble
he says he loves her because of that
he looks at her more and less of me

he tells me his troubles
oh and I think I am the one concerned
for I toss and turn and bleed
for its me who hurts most and her the least

he tells me his secrets
and I tell him I'll be quiet as I can be
but the bottle has been crushed
I am not amused at the very least

he made me mad
while her... fall fast asleep
he tell me he loves her
and me his bottle of list

I cannot hold on
I needed to move on
for I fall and fall hard for him
but he never sees me and never will

I will fall and break
nothing will say 'poor ye girl'
for I was not warned
this was the consequence of falling in love to someone.

Nope. It was not meant to be.
Alexander O Jul 2015

We started out as simple friends
Seeing through our contact lens
Knowing not what our future be
All pain and worries, we set them free
Carelessly we ran through the fields of life
Gently holding each other's hand through the night
You were always so beautiful, that I can't deny
I'm always astonished, by the way you make me fly
By the time I bent down to my knee
I spoke to you with Words of Sea
But the winds whispered "Not"
As again I'm asking for your hand
Why fate has been cruel I can never understand
Then the heavens cried and rain
As my heart was crying all the pain
There can never be a thing called "We"
But in my heart there will always be you and me

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