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Out the box, precious little thing as we knew!
Very moment we laid our eyes, our hearts swayed away.

Still remember the moment I washed you,
In a little sink, as you quivered hard to stay.

Three years of our life ain't much to adieu!
But a big piece in yours, as you spent like a holiday.

Never played fetch and it's not your cue,
For you once been a normal canine? no per se!

Welcome you with our hearts to a year- brand new,
You're the best son ever and that's all I can say!
Alle Aug 14
when i was a little girl,
the word “crush” filled me
with horror and excitement
in equal measure;
back then, it signified
the tightening of the bodice
of that monster who calls herself love
and slowly compressed my chest
blocking my airflow and shaping me
into the girl that would
be wanted
Emmanuella Aug 5
Smoothly, she slinks onto the window sill,
silky body settling before tall pane of glass;
Outside, the city’s down and out
Outside, the city’s golden light
and darkest dark.
She curls,
long tail around slick body
and stares out
for the one who stares back.

It’s an empty window opposite,
A single frame of
oh, what her life could be.
She’s never seen more
doesn’t yearn to,
Just for her amore
her golden tabby love.

Ah, there he is,
a pounce atop window sill;
he stares at her
who stares back
his joli chat noir (pretty black cat).

But it’s all too soon
when she’s wrapped in arms too smooth
and a voice,
lacking feline’s purr
“Ah, puppy love, Rosette.
It’s all  just puppy love.”
"A Cat's Romance is but puppy love..."
JT Nelson Jun 3
Oh, that first crush
Certain it was love
Everything about her
Infatuated my thoughts
Her lips
Her skin
Her eyes that coyly looked my way
Followed by her shy smile
Under that cute nose
With the cutest bump
That I still see
In my memory
Even though
I can’t remember
Her name.
J Jan 16
I keep smiling down at my brussel sprouts and I think people are noticing.
Found this within a bunch of scattered thoughts about a boy I used to love and I  am reminded that this feeling is real.
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Soon as I saw you
I began to follow.
Without regard of home,
regardless of how many steps
it took to keep up.
I can't exactly describe what it was.
It just felt natural,
to follow you.
My legs moving twice as fast
This need to fall in love in the palm of your hand.
I felt a sense of need.
An overwhelming sense to bump into your leg until you noticed
This piece of me that felt something was missing.
To follow your every command, be accepted as I am.
For now I am enjoying this stroll.
This trot hoping you'll notice everything I see when I look at you.
What ever you ask of me
My life made whole in a glimpse.
I don't know exactly what it was that made me follow you,
But I am glad I did.
Until I am old and gray.
I will always follow you
Bri Nov 2018
In our past life,
you said you'll back to me.
Back into each other's arms once again, ready to start a new journey.
When I saw you for the first time,
I knew it was you.
Did you realize it was me too?
Finally after all these years,
back together.
But now you shy from me.
Why do you hesitate?
I guess I have to show you that it's time, that we're reunited again...
To the shy girl and shy boy
Bri Nov 2018
Pain is a familiar feeling.
Almost as if comes naturally.
Pain physically, mentally and emotionally.
It's draining, tiering, and lonely.
But when we're in the same room and our eyes meet for a second,
feels like an eternity of happiness.
I'm wounded,
hurt and overwhelmed with pain...and your my remedy.
To the boy on the bus from a sad poet
Arke Oct 2018
you have me trained to do
every little thing that pleases you
I disobey and you ring a bell
but wrong from right, I can tell

I am not for you, I know
you and I apart will grow
you took your leave from my life
I wish you only good days and nights

please, don't take my poetry as a sign
I'm aware you were never mine
some will touch your life with gold
and quickly leave you out to cold

my words are now for only me
and happy as a dog, I will be
Eisseya Roselle Oct 2018
Ikaw ang iniisip bago pumikit
Kaya pati sa panaginip ika’y sumisilip
Ang hirap palang umibig
Yung di lumilipas ang araw na hindi ka naiisip
Kaya natutulala nalang bigla sa gilid
At iniisip na maging tayo kahit lamang sa panaginip
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