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Amanda Aug 18
I know that it is impossible
For you to truly care
As much as you insist you do
The way you would not dare

It's too much to lie for
So do not even try
Can we prolong the moment
Until we say goodbye?

The broken pieces of my heart
Will end up one instead of two
Memories of a time will stay
When joy that filled my life was you

There are reminders in the shadowy halls
Around each dark cold bend
Maybe this summer after all
Doesn't have to end
I wrote this when I was 15! Crazy how fast time flies..
Antares Jul 26
My chest is a cage,
a symphony repeating its first line,
as flower petals fall from my embrace
as I have cried beneath the sky.

While I hop to my feet the cage that bursts of flowers begins to plant anew.
As these feeling blister inside of me
cold sores that I cannot ignore.

As he passes by the cage shrinks around my beating heart.
My pulse a pure cacophony,
a crescendo now,
as lilacs froth within my chest and a forget-me-not petals chokes my every action.

Petals in a flurry oh how shall I ever control this heart of mine.
First attempt at a romance based poem,its short but I hope you enjoy it!
You pulled me in closer this time it was different
You used the structure of my face as a intimate guide for your fingertips
I knew then we were meant to be
I then looked into your eyes noticing how dilated your pupils were
I looked into them so long that I started to see my own faint reflection looking back at me
The view of you is such a beautiful thing to see
You began to run your hand through my hair almost so that it became comforting
I smiled
Then you kissed my lips like never before
My heart felt full
I watched you sit up so I then did too, except you turned around getting onto your knees
Our eyes interlocked then our hands as you pushed me onto my back
I stayed lying there
You leaned in to kiss me I beat you to it and kissed you harder grabbing onto your hips
We are in love
the way you say my name;
sweet and slow,
as you let the vowels roll
of your tongue, i can only
think of the way i love you.

i won't tell you, of course,
but i have loved you since
i saw you across the room.
you were glowing, i swear.
"who's he?" i remember asking.

i have loved you since you
first flashed me that addictive
smile, since you first told me
i am sometimes the only reason
you smile on your bad days.

and i still love you on the
days we don't text, because
one minute of you could
last me a whole lifetime.
you have me forever, baby.

so the next time i say your name;
fast and soft,
remember the moment you first
saw me, the moment you first
realized you loved me too.
dedicated to the boy who has made me feel whole once more.
i have memorized the different types
of blue that resides in your bright eyes.

i have memorized the feeling of your hand
on my knee under the table.

i have memorized your favorite
songs and t.v. shows and books.

i have memorized the way your
lips feel on mine.

crazy, huh?

the way i've gotten closer to you
than i could ever dream of.

crazy, huh?

how you gush about me to your friends,
just like how i used to.

so maybe now you're memorizing
the way my hair falls into my face.

and maybe you're memorizing
the way i bite my lip when i smile.

and maybe, just maybe you're memorizing
the look in my eye when i see you.

crazy, huh?
when with you,
trouble seem to melt away

i do not know what its called
is it puppy love?
a true love?
or worst, only a dream?

that i know..

it took a long time,
to complete my algebra assignment
it took a long time,
to get out of my bed in the morning
it took a long time,
to mix and match the clothes I would wear


it just a second,
to knows that I'm start to lovin' you
hey, enjoy^^
etrealouest May 5
I want to talk to you
About everything
And anything,
About the things that’s going
Into your mind,
Or things that easily make you smile,
I want to talk to you about
Your bizarre dreams when you were a kid,
Or even some awful things you did,
I want to talk to you like tomorrow doesn’t even exist.
someone once asked me to describe how i felt about you. my mouth went dry and my mind went blank.

how do i tell them that around you, i feel sick? sick to my stomach as butterflies push up my throat, sick as my words are pushed back down.

how do i tell them that around you, i feel like every emotion is smacking me in the face at once? like every feeling i've ever had is being drained out of me.

how do i tell them that around you, my tongue gets so weak from your presence that it forgets what language it speaks in? that i forget everything when i'm around you?

matter of fact, how do i tell you that?
inspired by rupi kaur's poem in 'milk and honey'
Kt Lynch Apr 17
Can I pretend I am a dragon if that means you'll be my flame?
A dark gray filled-up rain cloud if that means you'll be my rain?
A robin to my batman,
A bronze to my brains?
And when we're old we'll both walk the block leaning on our canes?
lmbf Mar 28
I can't write for you anymore.
Yes, I have hundreds of loosely scrawled letters written, typed, stored in one or three or five of the books I've taken over five years in a milk crate from city to state to small town and back again.
Yes, it took me an arm, a leg and a misguided rebound to get over you
But alas, here we are.
Yes, I know you won't miss me - though I know at one point you did care
But it's time for us to say goodbye.

I will dot the period, not the semicolon
(like you did a million years ago)
Seal the last letter with a smile
And never turn back.

Not until my teens ask me, "Mama, who were you before the world broke its promises?"
Will I pull out the milk crate
Filled with loosely scrawled letters written, typed, stored
And talk about the curly-haired blonde boy who first broke my heart.
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