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Soon as I saw you
I began to follow.
Without regard of home,
regardless of how many steps
it took to keep up.
I can't exactly describe what it was.
It just felt natural,
to follow you.
My legs moving twice as fast
This need to fall in love in the palm of your hand.
I felt a sense of need.
An overwhelming sense to bump into your leg until you noticed
This piece of me that felt something was missing.
To follow your every command, be accepted as I am.
For now I am enjoying this stroll.
This trot hoping you'll notice everything I see when I look at you.
What ever you ask of me
My life made whole in a glimpse.
I don't know exactly what it was that made me follow you,
But I am glad I did.
Until I am old and gray.
I will always follow you
Bri Nov 29
In our past life,
you said you'll back to me.
Back into each other's arms once again, ready to start a new journey.
When I saw you for the first time,
I knew it was you.
Did you realize it was me too?
Finally after all these years,
back together.
But now you shy from me.
Why do you hesitate?
I guess I have to show you that it's time, that we're reunited again...
To the shy girl and shy boy
Bri Nov 29
Pain is a familiar feeling.
Almost as if comes naturally.
Pain physically, mentally and emotionally.
It's draining, tiering, and lonely.
But when we're in the same room and our eyes meet for a second,
feels like an eternity of happiness.
I'm wounded,
hurt and overwhelmed with pain...and your my remedy.
To the boy on the bus from a sad poet
Arke Oct 23
you have me trained to do
every little thing that pleases you
I disobey and you ring a bell
but wrong from right, I can tell

I am not for you, I know
you and I apart will grow
you took your leave from my life
I wish you only good days and nights

please, don't take my poetry as a sign
I'm aware you were never mine
some will touch your life with gold
and quickly leave you out to cold

my words are now for only me
and happy as a dog, I will be
Ikaw ang iniisip bago pumikit
Kaya pati sa panaginip ika’y sumisilip
Ang hirap palang umibig
Yung di lumilipas ang araw na hindi ka naiisip
Kaya natutulala nalang bigla sa gilid
At iniisip na maging tayo kahit lamang sa panaginip
Amanda Aug 18
I know that it is impossible
For you to truly care
As much as you insist you do
The way you would not dare

It's too much to lie for
So do not even try
Can we prolong the moment
Until we say goodbye?

The broken pieces of my heart
Will end up one instead of two
Memories of a time will stay
When joy that filled my life was you

There are reminders in the shadowy halls
Around each dark cold bend
Maybe this summer after all
Doesn't have to end
I wrote this when I was 15! Crazy how fast time flies..
Antares Jul 26
My chest is a cage,
a symphony repeating its first line,
as flower petals fall from my embrace
as I have cried beneath the sky.

While I hop to my feet the cage that bursts of flowers begins to plant anew.
As these feeling blister inside of me
cold sores that I cannot ignore.

As he passes by the cage shrinks around my beating heart.
My pulse a pure cacophony,
a crescendo now,
as lilacs froth within my chest and a forget-me-not petals chokes my every action.

Petals in a flurry oh how shall I ever control this heart of mine.
First attempt at a romance based poem,its short but I hope you enjoy it!
You pulled me in closer this time it was different
You used the structure of my face as a intimate guide for your fingertips
I knew then we were meant to be
I then looked into your eyes noticing how dilated your pupils were
I looked into them so long that I started to see my own faint reflection looking back at me
The view of you is such a beautiful thing to see
You began to run your hand through my hair almost so that it became comforting
I smiled
Then you kissed my lips like never before
My heart felt full
I watched you sit up so I then did too, except you turned around getting onto your knees
Our eyes interlocked then our hands as you pushed me onto my back
I stayed lying there
You leaned in to kiss me I beat you to it and kissed you harder grabbing onto your hips
We are in love
the way you say my name;
sweet and slow,
as you let the vowels roll
of your tongue, i can only
think of the way i love you.

i won't tell you, of course,
but i have loved you since
i saw you across the room.
you were glowing, i swear.
"who's he?" i remember asking.

i have loved you since you
first flashed me that addictive
smile, since you first told me
i am sometimes the only reason
you smile on your bad days.

and i still love you on the
days we don't text, because
one minute of you could
last me a whole lifetime.
you have me forever, baby.

so the next time i say your name;
fast and soft,
remember the moment you first
saw me, the moment you first
realized you loved me too.
dedicated to the boy who has made me feel whole once more.
i have memorized the different types
of blue that resides in your bright eyes.

i have memorized the feeling of your hand
on my knee under the table.

i have memorized your favorite
songs and t.v. shows and books.

i have memorized the way your
lips feel on mine.

crazy, huh?

the way i've gotten closer to you
than i could ever dream of.

crazy, huh?

how you gush about me to your friends,
just like how i used to.

so maybe now you're memorizing
the way my hair falls into my face.

and maybe you're memorizing
the way i bite my lip when i smile.

and maybe, just maybe you're memorizing
the look in my eye when i see you.

crazy, huh?
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