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Gods1son Oct 2018
Putting the pedal to the metal
Doesn't always bring you closer to the medal
Sometimes, you need to go slower
For the vision to be clearer!
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the shorter the poem,
the clearer my mind
Poetic T Oct 2017
I'm a vocalization of
                      dented yesterdays,
        but swim to tomorrows..
Without the experienced sadness
of our soul, we would seldom
appreciate the fullness of joy;
when overcoming Life’s bedlam

and its numerous complexities,
our ability to possess vision
and real, practical solutions
come as our personal decisions

to willingly trust in The Lord,
are divinely realized. One day,
a clearer view or perspective
will be spiritually conveyed

to us, under the abundant grace
of God, as we seek… His face.
Inspired by:
1 Chr 16:11; Psa 105:4  and

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by
our tears once in a while so that  we can
see life with a clearer view again.
-Jinky Morrison

Author/poet, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
title found at Amazon (dot) com

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
I woke up
Feeling braver
I woke up
Seeing clearer
For all I know
I could be possessed
By a beautiful devil
Somehow, I'm fine with that
A friend said
"Things are never really over..."
Those words
Sparked something
In me
ZT Oct 2015
Forgetting you seems harder, As the days pass by
For your voice in my head seems clearer, I cant erase it
No matter how hard I try

Like your favorite song played on replay
Its there stuck on my mind, and there it stays
To forget about you someday is the thing I pray

Your voice
Time tells me to forget about it
But rather it just becomes clearer

I miss that voice
Even the nagging that made me tired
Still at least to make our relationship work out, we tried

But came the day
When you didn't even say
When you didn't even tell
What  I didn't do well

You just left. No proper farewell. Not even the reason why you wanted to leave.

Time tells me to forget about you
To forget That voice in my head
that is clear as always
Time tells me to forget about It
But rather it just becomes *clearer
inspired by the song a guy like me by im chang jung.  The feeling of missing someone and the memories getting stronger as days pass by.
Just Melz Oct 2014
A river of tears flows down my face
Each crystalline drop is a solitary memory
As I wipe each one away, thinking it's a waste
I realize that loving me is just not meant to be

As the river floods, surrounding me in the past
I see all the mistakes, like looking in a mirror
One more falls and I know it will be the last
This river is running dry, I'm seeing things a little clearer
I'm not sure if this is finished yet...  
Comments are always appreciated.
Khiana Robinson Jul 2014
I suppose I never dreamed
that I would find
someone that understood

But you.
You were different
You gave me that smile.
that honest, open, cheeky smile.

you looked me in the eye when we first met,
and you saw me.
and that’s when I knew,
that we’d be friends.

I try to avoid your eyes,
Because they make me squirm,
bright and shining, as clear as a pool of glass
and yet as deep as the rolling waves

But I find myself getting pulled in,
I get lost and can’t seem
nor am I willing
to stumble out again

You play many instruments,
too many to list
but you’re especially good at
tugging on my heartstrings

crafting music that
wraps around my head
that makes everything seem clear
and yet opaque, as if a fog

had clouded over my brain
and misted my eyes
letting the tears drip down
like a waterfall on my face

I cry for you.
And yet there is no way
I’d let the springs run dry.
Because I care.

Now, when I take the risk,
and look into the sapphires
that are your eyes,
I see storms approaching

no matter what I do
The thunder rumbles on
The lightening strikes soon after,

it terrifies me,
but all I can do is cling onto land
and pray that
I don’t lose you in the flood

I know you’ve cried an ocean of tears yourself
drowning yourself in your own sorrows
I know you’ve lost your only life-raft
but one day you can build another

Until then I’ll help you swim to shore
and although I’ve half-drowned myself in the process
All I know, is that if I’m going sink,
I’m lifting you until I know you’re safe

Because I may not be your life-raft,
But I’ll rescue you from the storm
I’ll stay with you through this one
and I’ll protect you through all the others

One day the skies will clear
And become a pale blue,
But that’s when I know to look away from your eyes,
and from the blinding sunshine that is you.
Just a little something I wrote while feeling wistful :)

— The End —