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Andres Martinez Sep 2018
If you ever needed something to doubt
it's connections
Feeling uncertain
or mislead by the things being said
Is it a false sense of protection ?
we often romanticize our interactions with others
we forget the heart has it's needs
and it can deceive and project a false perception
The hunger to feed the brain outweighs any other need
But we keep it simple and let our insecurities take the lead
Moving foward with whatever feels safe
telling yourself you feel like you'reĀ  In a better state
some kind of comfort zone
did you ever stop and think it was never created on your own
everyone's been given a piece to hold
Unknowingly giving up the keys to your throne
Turn things around before it gets old
Be bold , go against all the lies you've been told
it's okay to be alone it's okay to be part of the unknown
Next time remind yourself of that when you feel the unwanted attention overflow
it might be that extra baggage you refuse to let go all because of that fear of someone saying I TOLD YOU SO
ZT Aug 2015
Everyone can be their own poet
and write as much as they want
and at times they borrow words
the words that caught their heart

But to borrow is to ask first,
to borrow is to give credit to the owner.
Because in the first place,
those words were never yours.
You can make your poem using others' poems as inspiration. Or you can re-post them. But don't copy them and make it as your own. Don't plagiarize...... though I haven't known anyone who did. well this is just a reminder for everyone including me.

— The End —