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Onomatopiyya Sep 15
I don't know
Whether it's forever or temporary

I don't know
If you'll ever come back again or not

I don't know
But all I know is my heart is aching, again.

This is hard.
I never saw this coming.
Not even an inch.
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
It was a dark and stormy night
when an angel of death took flight.
She took to the skies and followed the thunder
to the one who would begin their eternal slumber.
The man who would soon receive such a fate
denied the love of someone great.
He told her she was ugly and didn't have time
to give his love to someone who wasn't divine.
Then what happened next
devastated her parents when they read her text.
He had no remorse when he was given the news.
So the angel of death made him pay his dues.
People take things for granted.
That's to be expected.
But professing love is not an act that deserves being disrespected.
If we took the time to think about all of the outcomes
of our choices, the world might not lose so many beautiful voices.
crowther Jan 10
every book has its own story to tell. but ours are way behind the bookshelf; untouched, unread, and all dusty. its rotten roots had crumpled and seizes to the temptation of dying. yet, here i am, trying to find the perfect ink to fill this pen. if i try other inks, our story would smudge and would turn out to be messy. i would still try to write even though there are smudges all the way. i still try to pave the perfect story that you and i would find it interesting. and trying for you does not matter. so here we are— untouched, unread, and all dusty.
a prose.
loveinquandary Sep 2019
only with loss with you realize how important everyone is around you. you will learn to treasure everyone's presence a million times more when you finally know how much the absence of the one you love can **** you. but still somehow no time spent in the world is ever enough to make you feel like you've given your all to them. you live every moment making sure you're not taking them for granted while they continue living their lives totally void of the memory of loss. nothing makes you feel more alone and hopeless than this.
Sabrina Aug 2019
I'm tired of the pain,
all the love I've given in vane.
I have my flaws, I've made my mistake.
but here I am with a heart that breaks.

I'm tired of the fire,
the ash in my heart is dire.
It's such a shame for my love to go to waste,
In a cage of thorns my heart is placed.

I'm tired of caring,
our love was daring.
I've forced a smile,
through all of this trial.

I'm tired of the tears,
I'll lock them away for years.
With a crooked crown here I sit,
upon my throne my broken heart will split.
The moments of our love, when we were together,
How can you deny, to remember?
I still find those moments sometimes, scattered here & there, in my heart,
As I had a strong faith,that nothing could tear us apart!

My mind goes sometimes, upto those primeval days of our love,
When we used to have a talk of eyes,
And I could spend hours long, staring at your sweet smiles.
I do still remember, your face covered by shy,
But today, with a couple of tearful eyes,
I must bade you, a very Goodbye.

The day, my love was broken by cruel betray,
I lost the illumination of the life,
BY receiving that very precious gift of
And found myself, standing on a mighty disbelief!
It was like a book, with no end,
As I lost you, perhaps forgood, my dear endeared!

I wish you to get the shine in life,
and may you receive the golden wings;
So you may fly to your dreams,
and get all the beautiful things.
I waited a long, to meet you again,
But, you were ready to fly,
So, allow me to wish you,
Delighted memories, ended with all the well wishes to the dear love...
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