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SoAverage Apr 23
She feels like she is in the center of it all
Between the chaos and the peace she longs for
The day when she can close her eyes and shut out the noise
the days of joy that went past her as the minute hand races pass the hour we all hope would last a few minutes longer

She filled with peace but in her peace there is so much pain
I would know I listen to her when she decides to share her story
Her story is not the story of a princess and the prince
But I admire the determination cause once in a while she tell me that she too will eventually get her happy ending
That the hell hole that she is currently facing will be a thing of the past
She has a smile of the early morning sunrise
In her story even when she seems beaten and bruised
She still wants to fight
She gets up every morning to a battle and goes to sleep in her armour
I have to wonder if she sleeps most of her days

But am only a visitor thanks to her
Just like many others before It is only due to her kindness
Even though others were quick to voice their opinion about how they would do if they were in her shoes
I just do not think her story is for me to edit but to rather keep my thoughts to myself
I listen
I just wanted to write about someone else for a change and I finally got that chances
N Jun 2023
I pretend that my heart doesn’t sink
when I remember, only fragments of you

I pretend to want this life
even when I can no longer stomach it

I pretend not to notice my scars
underneath my new green skirt

I pretend to be alive
despite my decaying soul
Louisa Coller May 2023
I thought time healed most wounds,
Yet my blood is red and pouring still.
My heart is being forced with staples,
To keep the smile I'm known for.

I'd wish for any scenario,
That involves our eyes locking.
Whether loving, suffering, burning or screaming,
I just want to see your face.

I'd wish you said no,
Then I could suffer easier.
Instead I'm left with tears
And consequences of our love.
A change in the weather
A mirror with an unfamiliar reflection
A winter without snow
A sad song that plays on
It isn't the life I wanted
Clearly not how I imagined
Rallies for joy replaced by hurt and sorrow
How else could I see you
Only time will tell
My mind creates stories
Beautiful memories I'd want to hold
My eyes adore your every move
Sadly that's all I can have
Well you're you, am simply me
Could I be infatuated
I can't be this weak
I fell in love with an imagination
A vision I'd want to keep
If wishes were true, I'd have you through thorns and ash
Pick up the pieces
Create all for mine
I do want you
But I know I can't have you
Guess good things have you messed up
And all you left with is wishing you could have it all back
That's how scary it is when I think about falling for you.
Chloe Dec 2021
Why must you tear it
from my hands-
they have borne
so much for you

Do we all go to the same place?

Foiling all our plans-
does it mean
that much to you?

Do we all go to the same place?

There is no sunlight
in hell-
that much I know
is true

And if we all go to the same place
I will not go with you
GQ James Sep 2021
When my angel died and went to heaven,
A piece of me died,
If i ever lose my mama I'll be gone for good,
My mama is my heart,
My angel was my better half,
A child is all i have ever wanted,
She can never be replaced,
Even when i have a child one day,
She can never be replaced,
She's irreplaceable.

My baby girl brought me joy,
Baby girl gave me peace,
Baby girl was a gift from heaven,
She was so beautiful and precious,
Each moment was so precious,
God blessed us with a blessing.

I still carry her in my heart,
I can't forget about her and never will,
Baby girl you will forever be remembered,
Was her for a short amount of time,
But in that small time it was beautiful,
I miss you my baby.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
Have you ever watched someone
look at themselves in the mirror?
It's heartbreaking.
They never see what you see.
But that's why it's important for you to be there.
To make them feel beautiful.
Like someone cares.
Lougene F Jun 2021
Late afternoon, the darkness is about to steal the light
We are about to head back down the mountains of Mindoro
A fire and smokes all over the trees, a "Kaingin"
we encounter a family of three camouflaging the forest
Looks like "Mangangahoy" making charcoal for a living

A heart-crushing-afternoon scenario
There is a man, who looks like the father
An old woman seems to be the grandmother with a little kid,
small and as cute as a button
We barely see them as they're covered with dark smokes from woodfire

Our truck stopped, offering them a ride
The father loaded the sacks of wood
The little boy trying to lift it with his bare little hands
so small but he seems can carried heavy loads
It's almost dark
we sat at the back of the truck cargo bracing ourselves
praying not to fall on a bumpy mountain road

This little boy is beside me
I look at his adorable-plumpy-little face covered with dirt
Eyes glistening with innocence
A little jungle boy
An angel of the forest
he reminds me of Mowgli

This bambino inhaling wood smokes daily
working at a young age is a definition of a heartbreak
something made me tear up inside
it comes to a point where you don't know what to feel at the moment
Reality is hurtful
and the hardest part is handling your emotions

This kid deserves better
every kid in the world deserves better

Circa 2019
This might be the saddest part of my outreaching journey
I don't know what to feel that time.
And I realized that moment, this is the reason why. This is my purpose.
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