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five weeks. i will see you in five ******* weeks again. maybe this isn't that bad, i can forget you but especially my feelings for you. i don't know why but you still haunt me and my thoughts. you are always there and i will never be in your thoughts. i will never touch your heart like you touched mine.
and because of this i need to forget you.
Matagal - tagal na rin noong ako'y iyong iniwan
Ngunit hanggang ngayon ay umaasa pa ring mababalikan
Sino nga ba ang unang nakalimot?
Pagmamahalan ba nati'y napalitan na ng poot?

Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan ako maghihintay
Hindi maipapangakong hahayaan ang pusong mamatay
Maaring isalba o kaya'y palayain na
Sana'y makalimot at hikbi ay tumahan na
"I know now how heartbreaking it is. And I end up making a poem for him."
So you say that you know her,
Roll her sleeves up,
Tell me why are
Those scars there
Look into her eyes,
Tell me why  are they
so sad,
You say you love her,
Then why she cries at night,
So next time don’t ever
Dare to say
You know her,
You don’t,
You just recognize her,
And there is a difference
Oh azrail is here,
I wish I could stop him,
But he will not listen
Oh death is here

Hide my friend,
Under my cloak,
Hide my friend
Behind the door,

Oh azrail is here,
I wish I could stop him.
But he will not listen
Oh death is here,

Hide my friend,
I will not let you go,
Hide my friend,
For you I’ll present life of my own,

Oh azrail is here,
I wish I could stop him
But he will not listen,
Oh death is here,

Oh friend please don’t go,
Oh azrail please stop,
They say death hurt,
But to meet my friend ,
I would love to die……….
ゆき Jan 26
It's a beautiful night, there's a full moon

Everything looks perfect,

The black dense clouds cover most of the dark sky

Is a silence and darkness kingdom out there, and also I'm my own brain.

When I try to remember you
the only thing that comes to my mind is a faceless silhouette of yours.

I search you in the labyrinth that I call my mind but I can't find you.

I call you, I cry out your name but the only thing that answers me is the darkness of the night.
larajill Jan 16
i just want you back,
i miss you so much
and i miss how you kissed my neck
and i miss your touch.

now tears are streaming down my face,
the pain is unbearable
and i know you wanted space,
but without you everything is terrible.

i just want these feelings to stop.
i remember you walking down the street,
wearing your favorite tank-top.
i remember your heartbeat.

how it beat so fast around me
like i was your number one
but now you don’t surround me
and we‘re done.
alexandra Jan 14
I am cursed.I don't know how much sorrow I can  take.Hold me until I'm gone,until I leave my last breath.
Our hands always entwined and never apart.Our hearts exposed and our palms travelling through our soft breathings.Feel the sensations we carry.
No,it's not arousal.If it was arousal then there wouldn't carry any sympathy or even pity.I'm begging for several nights.I'm on my knees and waiting for your sweet embrace.
Your touch makes my eyes water and my mind ready to explode from it's many conspirancies. Conspirancies about love.Conspiracies about the future.
Oh how beautiful the wonders you have made.How pure thee are.
Thus,I'm building up myself.I'm preparing myself in order to face you.Face that unexpected comfort of yours.Face the rehabilitation of our romance.
Oh how many generations have been wasted.How much love has been gone through the ages.Through the stages of love.
Thus I'm still begging and crying and mumbling sweet nothings.But my words are filled with air and they can't fix what's broken.
And in the end I'm still on my kness,staring at the nightsky,eyes wet,voice sore from screaming,hands ****** from  open wounds,and soul ready to fade from what is gone.
so I haven’t been in love for a while
and slowly, sparsely
it’s fading away from me how it feels to
be shot?
to be burrowed into the night’s portal of regret and despair and urge to escape.
and to write even,
and to see life pass by with a name intertwining each of its pieces.

in whole all I can say is maybe it isn’t so extreme but
when the heart aches it is drowned down below you and drips out salt from your eyes until the cries can’t go unnoticed ;
it’s challenging to sleep.

on the other hand for now my sleep is whole and I dream often
to begin the year
January 3 2019 , 1:20am
Noltser Dec 2018
At times I think of what could’ve been
if fate had been kinder on my part
and let us begin our lives wherein
our love for each other would’ve blossomed into art
but as I see you in the warm embrace of another
seeing that you have found love, a missing piece that you sought
It never fails to make me quickly remember
that everything was just a wishful thought.
“For Her”
rai Dec 2018
Am I supposed to stop myself from loving you?
Am I supposed to not care?
Am I supposed to just walk away?
Am I supposed to forget you and leave everything behind?

Am I? because I never want to

by: D.M.T.P
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