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Chloe Dec 2021
Why must you tear it
from my hands-
they have borne
so much for you

Do we all go to the same place?

Foiling all our plans-
does it mean
that much to you?

Do we all go to the same place?

There is no sunlight
in hell-
that much I know
is true

And if we all go to the same place
I will not go with you
GQ James Sep 2021
When my angel died and went to heaven,
A piece of me died,
If i ever lose my mama I'll be gone for good,
My mama is my heart,
My angel was my better half,
A child is all i have ever wanted,
She can never be replaced,
Even when i have a child one day,
She can never be replaced,
She's irreplaceable.

My baby girl brought me joy,
Baby girl gave me peace,
Baby girl was a gift from heaven,
She was so beautiful and precious,
Each moment was so precious,
God blessed us with a blessing.

I still carry her in my heart,
I can't forget about her and never will,
Baby girl you will forever be remembered,
Was her for a short amount of time,
But in that small time it was beautiful,
I miss you my baby.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
Have you ever watched someone
look at themselves in the mirror?
It's heartbreaking.
They never see what you see.
But that's why it's important for you to be there.
To make them feel beautiful.
Like someone cares.
Lougene F Jun 2021
Late afternoon, the darkness is about to steal the light
We are about to head back down the mountains of Mindoro
A fire and smokes all over the trees, a "Kaingin"
we encounter a family of three camouflaging the forest
Looks like "Mangangahoy" making charcoal for a living

A heart-crushing-afternoon scenario
There is a man, who looks like the father
An old woman seems to be the grandmother with a little kid,
small and as cute as a button
We barely see them as they're covered with dark smokes from woodfire

Our truck stopped, offering them a ride
The father loaded the sacks of wood
The little boy trying to lift it with his bare little hands
so small but he seems can carried heavy loads
It's almost dark
we sat at the back of the truck cargo bracing ourselves
praying not to fall on a bumpy mountain road

This little boy is beside me
I look at his adorable-plumpy-little face covered with dirt
Eyes glistening with innocence
A little jungle boy
An angel of the forest
he reminds me of Mowgli

This bambino inhaling wood smokes daily
working at a young age is a definition of a heartbreak
something made me tear up inside
it comes to a point where you don't know what to feel at the moment
Reality is hurtful
and the hardest part is handling your emotions

This kid deserves better
every kid in the world deserves better

Circa 2019
This might be the saddest part of my outreaching journey
I don't know what to feel that time.
And I realized that moment, this is the reason why. This is my purpose.
Eric Feb 2021
Your presence has now become redundant and         superfluous . I'm tired of feeling furious over non-sense, over actions and feelings . A relationship with you,  isn't at all appealing . It's as if a succubus is ******* the very soul from my being . And seeing , a superficial world with a superficial girl , strikes me as insane . You gain , everything I lose . You regret everything you choose . So what's the use . Why make things the way they are , when you know how big scars are . Your a pretentious kind of  person . Ostentatious to say the least . Which means big in a logical sense . Oh well , sing the bell in my head . As I review every moment spent . Starring at you for some comfort and establishment . All to the more I, spending more time forgetting it.  You know what I regret ? Why I let people , other human beings , get so close .…….
Lennox Trim Jan 2021
I would like to call my first witness to the stand, 
Will the characteristic name selfish please stand,
"Is it true, that you believe the world revolves around you?
If so , how can a ***** even evolve around you?,
That's why in conversation ****** tolk around you, 
Because if he cant walk with ,****** will walk around you,
That's meant exactly how it sounds too,
Always jumping to conclusions without sound proof,
Know how to hit me where it hurts ,with such a profound tooth,
Then when my feelings are revealed,  you become soundproof?"
You know ******* me softly , you're well known for your silky execution,
and you like a story ,
Never been one for the hasty resolution,
And for that alone is why im seeking  Restitution,

This is it. the Jury is hung,
My mind is out of it but my heart? Its  latching on to you like the song that Sam sung,
There's been too much time lost playin victim, 
Which is why I'm here to ask that you wave this indictment,
Not gonna lie and say that there is no need for conviction,
The truth is your honor,  that SHE. SHE is my addiction ,
Not a day goes by when I don't think about her,
I never say never but I never saw me without her,
But To be Frank , its tragic what she got up in her attic, I've had it with the dramatics,
it's like her formulas quadratic,
My mind is filled with static,
I tried to hit the box for clarity,
I planned 100 different ways of asking her to marry me,
But I could never get the timing right your majesty,
Then it all fell apart , miraculous, no magically.
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