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Belle Mar 15
Do you ever crave a person?
Not just physically,
but mentally.
You want the soothing sound of their voice.
The way they say your name,
and everything that comes out of their mouth.
But I'm afraid,
because I have someone already.
And one cannot live with 2 lovers.
One cannot be in love with more than one person.
But I am.
I feel this love coming from you,
the "they make me feel better when im upset." Or
the "this is the person i want to call every night and tell them about my day."
I love them both,
but must i choose?
If I do.
I choose you.
maria Mar 9
Along the path I have taken
Flowers and thorns had welcomed me
It’s not an easy road ahead of us all
To the day I finally reach its end.

On that day, I’ll lose one of my abilities
The constant reassurance, a necessity
As I lower my gaze from the horizon
A certain light enters my line of vision.

That’s what I think whatever will happen to me
On the day I reach my final destiny
Not that I full on anticipate such thing
But I can’t help but wonder about this upcoming finale.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
so laid two potions
side by side
blue and blue
to fall or fly

and with the snakes
around my wrists
I could not choose
to drown or swim
Nohémie Nov 2018
You’re either here or you're out
Don’t go back in forth into my life
You can’t care
Here and there
Just to ease your peace of mind
This is just a random one I had in my notes
Much love, N.
I wonder if you have regrets
the "What Ifs" you question yourself
that at some point you want to find
the answers to that

I wonder if I could endure
when you find your way back
to that before
to her
that "What If"  you're already
without me
I guess I found the
to wait and see
if it's
m e
s h e
Yani Oct 2018
Have you ever stumbled upon a flower,
       next to her, you were seated;
       a gaze you never gave,
       and time passed by just like that.
She didn't bloom as you expected her to be,
       shining under the sun's rays,
       a bud that didn't open -- yet
       existing yet not appealing -- she was just about to bloom.
Have you ever stumbled upon a flower,
       as the sun was setting, you stood up;
       "please wait," she was begging
       yet you never loved her so you left.
The shy flower, yes it's tiny
       no one would pick her, no one was there;
       twenty feet, her perfume travelled;
       it was her time to flourish at night.
You never loved that flower,
       neither picked her petals nor sniffed its scent;
       she ended up saying "I love you,"
       with lost worth, is she the unlucky one?

She was a tender perennial, you unlucky one.
Tender perennial: They take a little extra work, but they are worth the effort.
Bo Tansky Sep 2018
To Choose or Not to Choose. is it a Choice?
For the love of o!

I learned not to choose when I realized the choice had already been made.
What do I mean by that and why am I telling you this?
I say choose to choose
with 2 os because choose with 2 os is not- choice with one.
Oh, no. (Both with one o) And I love os.
Now anybody who's anybody knows that os come in two varieties.
Single os and double os.
And then there are cheerios and xs and os.
Oh, and how, (both with one o), those were the days when things were simple.
An x was just an x and an o was just an o.
Now we have so many choices.
Do you see what I mean?
Kind of like the days when women were women and men were men.
And kids didn’t get to choose. (with two os.)
Yuk, we were so limited back then.
Do you remember the not so good old days?
Everyone knew who they were and they sure as hell knew- they weren’t you.
No choice back then; when men were men, women were women, kids didn’t get to choose and that was the end.
Duality was trending back then.
Now there are so many choices.
Like how many ways can you answer the question?
To choose or not to choose.
Well, any question really.  
It’s not that simple anymore.  
You do know, yes you do, know what I’m talking about.
Let’s get this straight, I’m quite alright, even endorse the choices, as long as we separate the single os from the double os.
That’s what really drives me crazy.
What about 007.
Why did he need to be double o.
Was there ever a single o that came before the double o.
Did he choose to choose with two os or was there a single o predecessor?
Can’t say.  These are questions everyone should ask..
Instead, they choose contrived, manipulated, untrue, fake, phony, falsified, bogus, doctored and utterly ridiculous theater and never concern themselves with the bigger issues in life. yuk
And it is, for this reason, the I take up the challenge and try to answer the more serious, fundamental, visceral, honest, ultimately and timely questions. huh.
Is choosing a choice?
Without hesitation I declare.
Of course, it is not.
Anyone can see that choosing has two os and choice only has one.
Now, some may find this explanation to be quite o literal, but I can assure you it is not.
At the risk of repeating myself.
A simple glance will let you know that choice is not in the choosing for it was- choice it would have two os and it does not.  
Not that there should be a preference of os over say xs.
Yet I really like the way it sounds. Xs and os, xs and os.
Cheerios. Happy os. Videos. Delirious. Serious. Not really os- but
That’s the way it rolls in my prose.
Corny, I know.  
A rose is never a rose in my prose.
It’s all about the xs and os.  
But, one shouldn’t get hung-up on os and neglect the xs.
Oh no.
Hey, what about the x ***?
What ***?
I thought there were only 2 sexes.
That was then, remember, and this is now.
Wow, I didn’t know you didn’t know.
Well, x ***.
Has a nice sound.
And since we're all moving in that direction anyway, seems the x *** just got there a little sooner.
So they just got tired of choosing (with 2 os) and when whoever does the asking, asked, ‘so what *** do you want to be in your next incarnation?’
After realizing the party was over they just shrugged.
I don’t know man. I haven’t had much success with either.
Oh (with one o) that’s too (with 2 os) bad.
Why don’t we put you down as an x.
Ok, I guess, if that’s what you suggest.
I’ll agree to an x for my next ***.
But, wait. What the **** that is an x?
An x explained, whoever the **** does the explaining, is a human that shares both sexes.
So, what do you say? Is it a go, (with one o), or is it a nay?
So, if you ask me, there really isn’t any choice at all because it’s already been chosen.
Who did the choosing? Who knows. (both with one o)
Me, I think it was 007 because he has two os and I love os and the hell with my xs.
The subject is so xhausting if you get my gist.
I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow. A wonderful word with three os. A subject yet to be discussed.
So now, I have to go and so I leave you with mucho xs and os.
** ** **.
If you don’t mind me saying so. (with one o)

Anya Sep 2018
There’s something interesting to notice
When one shares their poems
Out there
For one and all to see

There are certain patterns
Certain people

That read certain poetry

When I write short, sweet, to the point
Two lines
Or three

Certain people flock

When I write long
With depth, almost like a story

Others stalk

Then when I let out my inner cynic,
Try something new
Rant out my views

I get a whole nother crowd all together
Comprising sometimes, those from the former two as well

Some go for depressing,
Trying to find someone who matches
Their own soulful nature

Others would rather settle
For some lighthearted fun

And still yet more
Would choose something else

And I wonder how do you choose
How do you pick amongst the multitudes?
Do you even care?
Or is it what’s right in front of your eyes?

Perhaps it’s based on what you like to write?
What you’d like to do?
What you’d like to be?
Who you’d like to be?

Is there even an answer key?
Is there ever?
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
Sitting next to you
I felt like frozen fire
Nothing compares to how unaware
you felt, and how being with you was dire

Forgot how it felt to be someone
I burnt so much for no reason
You took it all away from me
to me your love was treason

I remember how you held me close
once you were my brightest light
you swore to protect me
for me you picked every fight

I know your life made you weary
and I felt for you, felt all the pain
I thought you needed me to forget
but admittedly you just weren't sane

I realized then that I had lost you long ago
It wasn't my responsibility
to save you from yourself
from lost dreams and your agony

This frozen fire got so cold
I burnt so much for no reason
I had to leave before my soul would have been sold
before entering the last cold season

And I know you beg for my return
and it pains me still to refuse
but your endless winter would never let me burn
and the fire is what I choose
Stanley Wilkin Aug 2018
Although I strut like a bright plumed bird
I do not choose-
As a man, I am chosen.
I noted your face first I thought
but it was you who
selected mine. You
who arranged our first well-considered
copulation, who washed and aired
the sheets two days before-
You who arranged the hour.
I who complied.
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