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Simon Jul 17
Choosing doesn’t matter much as choosing to be a somebody, would matter… If not for the totality that is the whole (“trying bit”). Trying is like the ultimate reaction time! Not because it has anything to do with choosing something whether or not it’s good or bad, whilst (choosing doesn’t matter) could actually benefit your own (trying phase) into a (somehow) newer light. Why you may ask of this very detail that seems to not shed any more “obvious” light to what’s already been the most obvious of ideals chosen to be the main majority of facts by today's standards…? Well it completely doesn’t. As it entirely does, also. You see both choosing to do something whilst (trying to simply do that very thing) aren’t the same by ANY standards. As their both each other’s direct counterparts! Given standards for a given achieving rate. None will cause you to trade ideal for fact towards choosing over trying. Simply because if choosing doesn’t matter one bit… It’s also fair to say that trying is the ultimate reaction time, because choosing doesn’t matter. Trying is closer to a stimulus. Whilst choosing is closer to a response. A stimulus is better described as being incredibly instinctive. Where you have NO motion, except for what your mind feels when constantly being pulled in so many directions it doesn’t know which way to advise itself otherwise. Commonly being used as a “deterrent for disaster” when being controlled by the very thing it’s meant to control. A response however, is nothing without its stimulus to direct the trigger that at which made you react towards firstly. Warping your very bodies need to get wrapped up into itself. (More direct artificial stimulus rises and falls confusing the bodies signals…which politely anyways sends back to the mind safely.) Threatening to shower even more reactions down on itself from the literal inside out! Nevertheless, this was good for the mind. Gave it some closure as the “god of your own body”! Mind could personally get back at the body for pulling it into thinking it was the god! When truthfully, it was simply the deprived mortal acting as the constant, repeating, signalling pack mule! Hast to know its place after all… Am I right…?! The mind said, confident in its very words. All because the body reacted to something it inadvertently forced the mind into thinking it was being pulled around in so many directions, it didn’t know how to otherwise order its entire counterpart to simply halt! Simply by saying…STOP! However, you must know by now in today's age, that when something is amiss, you don’t simply surrender lightly. Especially when it doesn’t feel right. You ALWAYS listen to when something doesn’t FEEL…RIGHT! Am I right…?!
Choosing isn’t exactly “the worse for wears”. It doesn’t prone someone’s very self to complain when trying to simply do something (for the better). Especially when the potential outcome doesn’t come up as very mature.
Dante Rocío Jun 15
God chooses for His/Her work
those with (the most) shameful pasts,
or black paint
on their soul “used-to-be-there”,
the ones we might call
the **** of the earth,
for once changed
and renewed
they know God’s omnipotence,
the best
and can be the most surprising
of His/Her art
in the process of creating
the New Earth
God’s justice lies in inequality
Jonathan Moya Mar 13
A deaf republic can’t afford
to sit on its hands,

killing its sign language
in willful silence,

letting memory erase
the fear and the truth.

The disease existed.  
The shrouds too.

Concrete does not
pave over the blood.

A stroll in the park
does not tamp the pain.

The Punch and Judy show
is but the pantomime
for the forgetful.

The only sound heard
is the singing of
marionette strings

culled from a pile
of burnt violins.

When the air turns
khaki and violent,
the crowd disperses,

their hands in their pockets
signing and forming words.

In a silent closet at home,
the last parents teach
their children to sign.

The children sign
to the doors, windows,
the grass, the trees, the sky

anything with
the shapes of ears
before ears were banned.
Come what may
on that day
win or lose
you will choose
what to do
and be true
to your word
as you heard
in your mind
of that kind.

When it comes
do the sums
to find out
all about
what the cost
'ere it's lost
will then be
so you'll see
if you can
that time span.

Take a risk
be not frisk
with the time
of your prime
you'll surmise
and be left
seen bereft
without scope
of that hope
you will need
to succeed.
Written in Jan. 2020
Belle Mar 2019
Do you ever crave a person?
Not just physically,
but mentally.
You want the soothing sound of their voice.
The way they say your name,
and everything that comes out of their mouth.
But I'm afraid,
because I have someone already.
And one cannot live with 2 lovers.
One cannot be in love with more than one person.
But I am.
I feel this love coming from you,
the "they make me feel better when im upset." Or
the "this is the person i want to call every night and tell them about my day."
I love them both,
but must i choose?
If I do.
I choose you.
maria Mar 2019
Along the path I have taken
Flowers and thorns had welcomed me
It’s not an easy road ahead of us all
To the day I finally reach its end.

On that day, I’ll lose one of my abilities
The constant reassurance, a necessity
As I lower my gaze from the horizon
A certain light enters my line of vision.

That’s what I think whatever will happen to me
On the day I reach my final destiny
Not that I full on anticipate such thing
But I can’t help but wonder about this upcoming finale.
Nohémie Nov 2018
You’re either here or you're out
Don’t go back in forth into my life
You can’t care
Here and there
Just to ease your peace of mind
This is just a random one I had in my notes
Much love, N.
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