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MELuhNEE May 1
You are a monster
for saying I love you.

Kept me believing
it was so **** true.
I’m not fond of feigned virtue.

Honey, you are a dying star,
a bullet stuck in my mental scars.

Baby, these memories are hazy.
My patience has been waning.

You are a monster
for saying I love you.

Kept me believing
it was so **** true.
Romance not meant for two.

Honey, you are a dying star,
a bullet stuck in my mental scars.

Baby, these memories lately
do nothing but shake me.
The sight of you drives me crazy,
enough to push me six feet under—

M. 5/1/21 @ 12:38 a.m.
Man Jan 12
i speak louder
but no one seems to hear
move faster
but moving nowhere

simultaneously icarus
simultaneously sisyphus
standing while falling

just the two of us
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Becareful from the people in front of you,
They are nice but secretly hiding a poison behind.
Beware of the people in your back,
They might push you straight to the graveyard.
Wattpad's Coffin Of Thoughts.
Mari Oct 2020
Either love me
Hate me.
Don't be two-faced.
Stay or leave. Don't confuse me.
Leifa Jun 2020
You are a worm.
Yet even famished fowl reap for any other.

What worth are heavy pockets
If they are suffused with stool?

Darling, how pretty pauper you pray
Pity she invocates for a lascivious eventide lantern.

Yet if it were me,
That lantern so sweet,
Would she truly taste hellfire.
NAL May 2020
They aren't interested in theater,
yet they put on a show.
They say innocent until proven guilty,
but I could never have known.
NAL May 2020
You soothed my raw skin with lotion,
but I know underneath your heart meant war;
so here's to the selfish, demimonde ******-
to the ones who'd **** up their own lives,
including yours.
They can talk all they want,
but at the end of the day, face-to-face,
they would kiss my *** and greet me with praise.

Brianne Rose Nov 2019
It's ever fickle with how it appears,
one moment you don't know it's there the next it shows up uninvited,
you know it supposed to bring you joy, make you laugh,
but it can be just as kind as it can be cruel.

It wont tell you when it shows up, it wont tell you when it leaves,
this two faced thing called Happiness,
it's something the world fears, something the world enjoys,
it hides in the shadows of others, openly lets itself be displayed on the faces of the rest.

it takes from you and you don't notice until it leaves,
leaving you feeling as depressed and as sad as before it arrived,
it teeters on the edge of welcoming and hated,
driving its steel knife further and further in as it watches you,
twisting and turning, writhing and rolling.

but if you've had enough of this thing, this....Happiness.
let it be known that as you take your final breathe,
say your final goodbye,
and wave your final wave,
know that the world will not wave back.
it will never wave back.
made this just tonight, decided to write something that kinda reflects my life rn. Criticism welcome i guess.
Amy Oct 2019
I have looked into deep brown eyes
Oh, so pretty they seemed
But don’t be fooled!
The ugliness behind them was cloaked with deceitful beauty.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, people say. But unfortunately not everyone's soul is pure and good.
Amy Oct 2019
she was once a 'good girl'
who followed the rules
which were created by fools
dressed a specific way
which led her astray
you took that as a chance
to lure the good girl in your trance
and stole all her sweetness
and left her rotten in the end
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