B Dec 2018
It was like I was two people at the same time.
No one noticed me, no one ever listened.
But at the same time I was the one that couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I was liked by many.
I didn’t really know how to act. Should I scream or suffer in silence?
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
Can you feel my pain?
The constant need to tear myself apart?
The intensity with which I loathe myself?
Can you see what is eating me alive?
The tears behind my bright eyes?
The darkness in which I hide my inner self?

Masks for every occasion.
A constant scene
in which I play limitless characters...
portray a plethora of emotions.
The curtain will someday close,
though not many even know it's open.

Freedom is what I long for.
A place and time where I can be my true self.
A person who understands who I am,
and is not afraid.
Perhaps freedom comes in the form of death.
Til I try I'll never know.
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
You pushed me to the ground
You wished me every ****** sound
Nothing that we recognize was living in this moment.

A masquerade, a clowns display
A single scream
my head blackened.

We used to have fun
Used to laugh and cry until our muscles cramped up.
I held your hand and felt safe for the very first time, kissed you and such happiness.

Now all I see is a delayed face
Consumed by hatred and overthrown by ego,
every conversation a battle ensued
typically where everyone dies.

***! my ***, humanity can't be this dark
like a demon you battered me in every possible way
escaping seemed very far away.

This is my only option
I had to run away
but this comfortable place is dark and silent,
for once peaceful and safe
however this humidity
is killing me.
Invisible Nov 2018
Demons are just FALLEN ANGELS.
They fell
From HEAVEN to ****,
And unlike angels,
DEMONS have a STORY to tell.
Good and evil.
It's just two sides of the same coin.
Camryn Oct 2018
I find it so hard to understand you
With all your great secrets and mystery,
but  how can one truly understand you,
As I am the Captain and you the sea.

You’re mesmerizing with the life you hold,
And there is nothing to compare to your beauty,
So I ignore all the tales I was told,
That it is dangerous to befriend the sea.

But so quickly do your winds turn and roar,
And as your deep, warm waters start to turn cold,
You start to fight me in another war,
But I did not listen to the tales we were told.

And tomorrow, will your waters be warm,
Warm as they are before the second storm.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I am a gemini so i must have two faces
And i guess that is true
Smile now cry later they say
I’ll cry later in my room.

Pretty faces all around dont let them see,
I cry in front of the mirror as my other face leaves with my makeup wipe.

Im sad but you must have guessed that now.
You know cause ive made it blantly clear,
Yet my family and friends dont suspect a thing.
They dont see that im as fake as can be.

Its not ones fault but mine, cause no one wants a pretty girl with a dark side.
Smile now cry later they said.
I guess thats how it’ll be
Im sorry for all the sad poems i just need to write.
Freddie Ruiz May 2018
There are people who believe that they own me,
but they're mistaken, ‘cause no one owns me but me.
And these same people believe that without them I’m nobody.
They’re wolves disguised as sheep.

There are people who see my life as an entertainment
and they spend their every effort trying to get more people to join the game.
And these same people would do anything to see me defeated.
An enemy disguised as a friend.

There are people who are the literal description of a snake.
They’ll slowly swallow you whole until they’re well fed.
And these same snakes will ***** you to feast on you later.
They’re haters disguised as lovers.

They call themselves besties
as long as they have you by your testies.
Learn to see right through the “trust in me” trick
and trust no frenemy.
They're as cheap as a ***** on Hubbard Street
and as fake as her silicone ****.

Listen to me carefully.
What does your intuition have to say?
Written on April 9, 2012
Composition number 409
Freddie Ruiz Aug 2018
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
This one’s for the B Queen. Beware!

I’m about to take myself on to the psychologist, I need help to deal with this.
I’ve had enough of people like her; my head’s about to explode, no aspirin can fix this.
Supposedly I had this “friend”, Oh, she was the best!
I had her back safe, but she had mine to stab it instead.

She’ll make your heart melt with her sad tells, but her sympathy will later be your curse.
I still feel queasy, still feel so tense. How can she live with herself?
I wish there was something to numb the pain,
‘cause coming face to face with her makes it worse in a way hard to explain.

She used to be Miss Humility,
but all along her veins were pumping hypocrisy.
Behind her smile, she speaks hostility.
To stay on top, she drowns whoever’s beneath her feet.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen, but before I go, let me just say;
this one’s for the one formerly known as Miss Humility, so beware for your own sake!
Written on January 19, 2013
Composition number: 439
Mary-Eliz May 2018
people, people

sometimes so hard
to figure out

lie to your face knowing
you'll find out about

their deception
in some other way

if not right then,
another day

will show them for
what they really are

a fake, two-faced, bold
People never cease to amaze.
KMH Apr 2018
in that dark room
Of shadowed histories

the Snake smiles,
and raises a glass-
the Blood on his hands
dripping onto clean cloth.

the Sparrow watches on;
Caged in her own regret.
her face is a blank Mask.

the Fawn gazes across a
would-be bright future.
trees and grasses Glow
With promise and dreams.

THEY run the World.
the rest of -us- suffer through;
raised by Hope,
cut down by Snakes.
Inspired by “The Last Day in the Old Home” by Robert Braithwaite Martineau, 1862
© KMH 2018
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