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Not Rand Mar 2021
Wouldn't it be funny
if somehow this scrawl of text,
were to be misinterpreted as a poem
by this website's algorithm,

and then, in time...

It was scooped up, and sent out
as an email to so many users
...Shown to them in full
with an option to rate it, and comment

Wouldn't it be.
A critique.
Astrid Love Oct 2020
You told me that I won't see you again,
I couldn't believe that came true.
When I heard my parents crying, I was confused as to why,
When my dad told me, you passed away.
My whole day was miserable but I went to school that day with a smile on my face.
I felt sad but I didn't want anyone to know anything.

You never said you were leaving
You never said goodbye
You were gone before we know it.
And only Allah knows why

A thousand times I needed you
Thousand times I cried
If love could've saved you.
You never would've died

I miss you, but I know you're in a better place.
I wish I could've told you that I loved you more than anything.
I regretted not hearing your voice before you were gone.
I regretted not saying goodbye,
I know I shouldn't cry because you're happy but it just hurts to think I would never see you again.

In life, I loved you dearly
In death, I loved you still
In my heart, I hold a place
That only you can fill.

It broke my heart to know I won't see you again.
It hurts to know I lost you
You didn't go alone
I felt like a part of me went with you.
A part that desperately wanted to tell you, I LOVE YOU AND I CHERISH YOU.
The day Allah took you home.
I knew you will be happy and you wouldn't be judged and you will be loved by Allah.
Kinty May 2020
You're the first thing in my mornings,
and I like you whatever form you may be in.
Whether you're hot or cold,
sweet or bitter,
I enjoy you.

You wake me up,
make me feel jittery;
you give me energy.

And when I feel drained,
uninspired and unmotivated.
Your strong aroma fills the room
with so much, just so much
to fill me up.
You are my cup of coffee.
rpmspoet Dec 2019
I never knew till the day I flew
Watching the sunrise as it grew
Made my heart beat for you
Olivia Daniels May 2019
He asked if he could call me,
at 2:00 am
His words a plea
for me

and I was worried it was bad news.

All my past experience with calls,
at 2:00am
I usually bawl
for ****** ******* calls

but this was different.

He made me smile,
at 2:00am
The only 15 minutes we had to revel
etched on my skin a smile
when he said,
"I just wanted to hear your voice, and say goodnight"
Anya Sep 2018
He's a Peacock
Strutting about
Primped and preened
With feathers neatly arranged
My little brother
In his new choir clothes
Mei Jul 2018
She hums a few nursery rhymes
Tiny tender  stomps
Swinging forward, swaying sideward
In her womb randomly, gracefully.

Little feet listen as her heart
Drum rolls the beat.
In tranquil nights, sudden kicks
Danced her to sleep.
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
home is not the place where my house is,
nor is it the pillow i rest my head,
which i call bed,
my home is your heart,
your smile is my safe place,
your laugh is my music,
and your heart is my home,
and i hope i can stay in your heart for forever
Shaina Mar 2018
With hugs that grip
And hands that hold
A kiss so sweet
The touch so cold

Cheeks blush bright
Love spreads through the air
With eyes that hear, and ears that speak
We see the love that we all share

- Shaina
originally a draft for a school poem assignment. it is in a format of a poem by a classic author which i do not remember.
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