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He asked if he could call me,
at 2:00 am
His words a plea
for me

and I was worried it was bad news.

All my past experience with calls,
at 2:00am
I usually bawl
for ****** ******* calls

but this was different.

He made me smile,
at 2:00am
The only 15 minutes we had to revel
etched on my skin a smile
when he said,
"I just wanted to hear your voice, and say goodnight"
Anya Sep 2018
He's a Peacock
Strutting about
Primped and preened
With feathers neatly arranged
My little brother
In his new choir clothes
Mei Jul 2018
She hums a few nursery rhymes
Tiny tender  stomps
Swinging forward, swaying sideward
In her womb randomly, gracefully.

Little feet listen as her heart
Drum rolls the beat.
In tranquil nights, sudden kicks
Danced her to sleep.
Saki Wang May 2018
You are scissors in the
Sky, cold when you cut the clouds
Into rains; lovely when you shape the winds
To fit the sun.

You are dust in my
Wooden room. Annoyingly sitting on
My desk, hiding in the fringe and
Laundry, walking across my breath and diary,
all Innocently.

Mails unread, sofa un-
Bounced, Seven-eleven with
Milk sold out, a tamed
Waterfall and a stolen story.

You are         life.
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
home is not the place where my house is,
nor is it the pillow i rest my head,
which i call bed,
my home is your heart,
your smile is my safe place,
your laugh is my music,
and your heart is my home,
and i hope i can stay in your heart for forever
Shaina Mar 2018
With hugs that grip
And hands that hold
A kiss so sweet
The touch so cold

Cheeks blush bright
Love spreads through the air
With eyes that hear, and ears that speak
We see the love that we all share

- Shaina
originally a draft for a school poem assignment. it is in a format of a poem by a classic author which i do not remember.
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
the knights in shining armor,
fighting the outlaws in the far lands,
i wonder where they been,
i wonder if they will take me,
yet i don't mind,
while i sit in my reality,
i can always read my fantasy~
it is actually not sad wow
Danni Gohemi Feb 2017
Evening sun bathes with a warm glow of gold
Tree tops devoid of leaves and roof tops so cold
Frozen power lines stretch high from pole to pole
And cars are parked where neighbors are home.
It was 5 PM.  I was washing dishes. My eyes wander. I look through the window and see the deep blue, azure sky and trees glowing in a rich, orange, golden light. It's a winter sunset over city roofs. I quickly grab my cell phone and rush outside to snap photos. It's bitter cold, but the city sunset is beautiful and heartwarming.
Chris Neilson May 2016
Early years spent in Manchester 11
I first met her when I was 7
when we were 8 she wrote me a letter
I'd been in hospital, she hoped I was better

Moved on to the same high school
never hung out much, but I knew she was cool
at 16 our paths went separate ways
good times, bad times, happy and sad days

Decades passed and I found that letter
nearly forty years since I first met her
to trace school friends I asked the Evening News
they printed my e-mail, nothing to lose

Mother Malone read my email and called her offspring
an e-mail arrived from the girl who can sing
reunited again after such a long while
Debs is her name with the winning smile
Autobiographical. Debs now lives 200 miles from me but we're in touch again....and I still have that letter!
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