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In a happy place
Believing in each other
Two hearts, together
Essie okoli Nov 2020
A wild fire in her heart
Lightening in her eyes
Yet there's a gag over her mouth
And her arms are bound
Her legs in quick sand
Her steps uncertain and light

Dressed in black silk
And the most expensive perfume
Ginika bleeds
From her ears, nostrils and the corner of her lips.

Skin like honey and smooth like egg shell
Yet marked with traces of the heart's wound.
Upturned lips tinged with the colour of pain .
Paraded like the finest of masquerades.
Head held high but the whole world on her shoulders.
     Her picture on the magazine doesn't stop the whispers.
Alaina Moore May 2020
Don't feel like a cog.

Don't feel like a bird either.
Morrie W S Apr 2019
if love could lie
between a thigh
between a dream
a rampant scream

i've heard your call
for moons and months

the darkness outweighs the light
the mouse, it cries the brightest night
the dreary have the beeline flight
and thus succumb: morning light
Haylin Apr 2019
Fighting on the front lines
With red pens
For creativity,
For independent thought,
For common sense
Not Common Core

This is a battle in a bureaucratic war we’re losing
Keep pushing and shoving against an impenetrable wall
But we’re only foot soldiers, not actually giving orders

Kids look down on us and they ask,
“Will this be on the test?”
And say,
“Get out of my face.”

Here’s what I wonder: Why is “mistake” a forbidden word?

Taught by parent(s) to resist.
These are Kids who fail to create
But recite, recall, and retaliate

School is no longer a safe haven
Testing, testing, 1-2-3 hundred murdered students, teachers
Safety off and then off
Still off

Hanging by a thread and losing the grip a little more every day

Following the curriculum map to X marks the standardized test.

We dig and
                  Dig and
For the buried treasure trove of teaching magic. The legitimacy and respect our careers deserve. The money, the time, the love, the support.

But it’s buried under so much testing and red tape, and so    

We fail.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Logged out again, ugh, why?
An ad longer than the video.....sigh
Buffering....for the third time

Old man doing 30 in a 35

My cheeseburger is missing cheese
Can you just make it right, please!?
Taking too long at the check out line

Detour on I-85

The mail is late again
Wait, the package hasn’t even moved yet!?
Moving this slow should be a sin.

Check engine light, does it ever end?

Any spare change, please, my friend?
Pennies? What, you don’t have a dollar?
My family is starving, you have nothing to lend?

No parking to be found.

Such a long wait, better be someone dead
No doc, I didn’t come for a lecture on my pounds
Now shut up and feed me some meds.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Does anyone belong in this age?
The 21st Century hi-tech stage,
Teaching old dogs new tricks,
All technology's deep magic,
Hey, juniors, cut us some slack,
How did we pass high school's flack?
We had no internet to hack,
Not one calculator in our backpacks!
We had to use our brains for Maths.....
Now it's the 21st Century age,
We're all hi-tech citizens on this stage..........
Feedback welcome.
You Me Oct 2016
I'm dumb because I thought I would be able to be in your arms
on the day of my 21st birthday.

I didn't realize how much my 21st meant to me until a month ago.

I didn't realize how excited I would be to, hopefully, be away from sadness.

Last year my uncle died on my birthday. Last year on my birthday I woke up to the news that my family would be leaving for Japan in hours. Last year I woke up crying for my family, and for myself. I was crying for my mom who lost her father only a year before, her mother diagnosed with alzheimer's, and her brother lost now too.

I didn't realize how much my 21st meant to me until you said you couldn't come.

I didn't realize how proud I am of myself for coming this far, finally an adult (in the States). I was dumb to have imagined how my 21st birthday would go. I was dumb to have had expectations too early. I wanted to spend it with you.
If i had all the wealth and riches,
I would buy you the world.
But a simple smile on your face is what i would love to see the most.
With little to say.
All i have are only the best wishes.
A beautiful day.
An extreme blissful sunday.
With uncountable blessings.

You deserve the best
For you have always been the best.
Passing through many life lessons.
I cant believe you are 21.
How hysterical of it all that today is the 21st.
Knowing that there are many more trials to come.
I pray that you never lose heart.

Hope you stop growing in height soon.
But I pray you grow in every other aspects of your life.
Happy birthday buddy.
My kind Nunu.
Lindokuhle Nunu
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