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ZT Aug 2015
Everyone can be their own poet
and write as much as they want
and at times they borrow words
the words that caught their heart

But to borrow is to ask first,
to borrow is to give credit to the owner.
Because in the first place,
those words were never yours.
You can make your poem using others' poems as inspiration. Or you can re-post them. But don't copy them and make it as your own. Don't plagiarize...... though I haven't known anyone who did. well this is just a reminder for everyone including me.
TAB Jun 2015
Could you find your own identity
And stop trying to be me
I am sick and tired of trying to
Swallow back my words
In order to avoid me being a part of
The herds
Others who
Who all look the same.

Could you please find you own identity
I am sick of you trying to be me
Sick of you mimicking me
Sick of you trying to do
All that I do
And passing it off as your own.

Where has uniqueness gone?
And why do you
Regard me with scorn
As if you are the one who
Hadn't succumb to
Stealing another's identity
Oh would you please stop trying to be me?

Be you
Do you
Do not compare yourself to me
Can't you see
That you are beautiful
In your own unique way?

Listen to me
And listen to me well
It would be a cold day in hell
That I would allow anyone
On anything
Take away my own originality
And you as sure as the sun shines
Can never have the talent or personality
That is mine.

You can never be me.
Can't you see that it can never work?
Why don't you put more effort
Into finding yourself
Instead of trying into cash in on
The wealth I have found in myself
Because the same riches lie inside of you
Could you please please please
Stop trying to be me
I'm really sick and tired of copycats.
Winter Ace Nov 2014
You follow me around like a little puppy dog.
Don't understand the concept of space
laugh like me, talk like me
wear all my clothes, wanna STEAL my family right from under me.
when you invite yourself over i wanna shot myself in the head
you're annoying as ****.... and im over this *******
**** my life no way to get rid of you obviously
So you know what just fml

— The End —