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Jellyfish Oct 2023
You ask me for a favor,
I said I have to decline.
When you ask why,
I feel full with pressure

Deep down I think
So I can live my life.
You push for more;
Vague details aren't enough

I feel so anxious,
Why isnt no enough?
You push harder
and I tell you I got a job.

You try to ask me what
and I say it's a secret..
It's mine to keep private
You ignore me.

Days pass until they stop,
You decided to lash out.
You accused me of things,
I feel pushed around.  

I'm tempted to tell you
Just how abrasive you are.
But I take time to process
And respond with charm.

You ignore me again,
I feel a bit burdened..
But you're so passive aggressive,
With your uncomfortable expressions

I didn't make you have kids,
I didn't tell you to run away,
I never made your choices
It's me who I obey.
Jellyfish Oct 2023
It's hard for me to conceptualize the expectations you try to hide,
You're all so sneaky when you ask for my side.
When I say no, it's as if you think I'm being snide,
But all I'm trying to do is make strides.

Understanding that "no" is a full sentence for me,
Grew difficult as it was never an option, you see.
Anytime I could refuse, I would with glee,
Seeking control, even when tempted to agree.

The lack of boundaries harmed our natural bond,
I search for our connection, but when you're around, I tend to fawn.
I dislike this transactional, distant bond.

I ask for quality time and am met with fees,
Being fed a lie that your love language is acts of service, please.
Because I do nothing to help you out, it's decreed,
I must not care; I feel like a bad family member indeed.
Ackerrman Aug 2023
I sit and mourn
What could have been,
From the boundary, trying not to be seen.

A tiny nick
Has snuffed out my life,
Success always resting on the edge of a knife.

I sit here pondering, sorry.
Should be out there fighting.
Every strike sounding like lighting.

I rushed too hurriedly,
Spurned our honour
And became connon fodder,

Because I got the plan wrong,
Sung the wrong song,
Regret etched

Across my face,
Death dressed in lace,
Struggling on a sticky wicket,
I guess that is just cricket.
Sometimes you die before your time and then have to sit with all of the other dead souls. I suppose most people feel like they died before their time...
Josephine Wild Aug 2023
I know a boundary
That can’t be seen.
It separates me
From other beings.

It’s in doing
And not doing.
It’s in unspoken
Social ruling.

I suppose this boundary
Would support my healing
But the lines blur
With human feeling.

But I saw a physical boundary
One built to cause pain
A simple fence
Across the plain.

This barbed wire
Through rough terrain
Separates fantasy
From truth.

Between each side
I see no change
But it’s a real boundary
Between work and play.
A reflection on social and physical boundaries.
Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
What is the deal with boundaries
When it comes to the things we love,
Why is it inexhaustible and all-consuming-
how do we make it stop?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries with those you love because you are scared of upsetting them?
Karijinbba Jun 2021
Warning ducks be not proud!
if loose lips sink ships,
stubborn fingers typing
end platonic virtual pen pal ships.
E-mailing tenderly saying:
Hello, how do you do?
Sharing ones pains or joys;
a lifetimes treasures found or lost,
love's worth's heart aches shared
doesn't mean instant intimate nor
lifetime attachment past, present
nor future exist.
Assuming it does is deadly.
True love's bank is many gated
wisely sternly guarded.
Multifaceted seven faced is love.
love treasured lives within,
shared on free will basis.
Is all love sane and good?
Is all love offered G#d sourced?
I'm wise to know true love's worth.
Multifaceted gates is love,
love either given or received
a two edge sword wisely is.
Accepted or rejected
must honor boundaries.
Love's sanctuary nest
is free will principled
where love endures true.
By Karijinbba
All Rights 2021-06.
Lately I believed the marriage institution us a system that must be amended
both on paper and in heart.
There's so much love to share love of tree love of four the knew paradigm ?
one single woman one man for a lifetime needs change where true love amends all without jalousies malice or greed families in larger modes leads to happily ever after.
marriage divorce over and over is madness

It took them months
To design and construct
The Boundary walls

A message of encouragement
And hope
Painted in bright colours

Scaled within minutes
The children wanted to play football
On the playground
Aarvijain Jun 2020
Soon we'll meet,
Soon everyone will know,
The world we'll conquer will the first one to bow,
The boundaries that keep us apart will break,
Our love will show them their place,
They'll keep the hatred but will know us as brave.
Asominate May 2020
I'm trying to do nothing
Lest I do something
That I'll regret.

I'm under pain and pressure,
Know not the measure
And it makes you upset.

Maintaining my functions
Lest I malfunction
And blood spills

If you keep pushing me
I will.
A short but intense melody
Catching up with the seen and unseen.

Boundary of day and night,
Where earth's surging spin
Inexorably melts 
Cascading aches and melancholy spills 

Thirsty planets open,
For the ****** of rockets and unfurling of roots.
Nature holds her breath
and decides to wait.
The bursting promise within
the boundary of mountains and water
Life hesitates 

Where serenity of silence rules over this deserted border.
Seen or unseen,the border of unconsciousness.
By/ Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
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