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Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
What is the deal with boundaries
When it comes to the things we love,
Why is it inexhaustible and all-consuming-
how do we make it stop?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries with those you love because you are scared of upsetting them?
Karijinbba Jun 2021
Warning ducks be not proud!
if loose lips sink ships,
stubborn fingers typing
end platonic virtual pen pal ships.
E-mailing tenderly saying:
Hello, how do you do?
Sharing ones pains or joys;
a lifetimes treasures found or lost,
love's worth's heart aches shared
doesn't mean instant intimate nor
lifetime attachment past, present
nor future exist.
Assuming it does is deadly.
True love's bank is many gated
wisely sternly guarded.
Multifaceted seven faced is love.
love treasured lives within,
shared on free will basis.
Is all love sane and good?
Is all love offered G#d sourced?
I'm wise to know true love's worth.
Multifaceted gates is love,
love either given or received
a two edge sword wisely is.
Accepted or rejected
must honor boundaries.
Love's sanctuary nest
is free will principled
where love endures true.
By Karijinbba
All Rights 2021-06.
Lately I believed the marriage institution us a system that must be amended
both on paper and in heart.
There's so much love to share love of tree love of four the knew paradigm ?
one single woman one man for a lifetime needs change where true love amends all without jalousies malice or greed families in larger modes leads to happily ever after.
marriage divorce over and over is madness

It took them months
To design and construct
The Boundary walls

A message of encouragement
And hope
Painted in bright colours

Scaled within minutes
The children wanted to play football
On the playground
Aarvijain Jun 2020
Soon we'll meet,
Soon everyone will know,
The world we'll conquer will the first one to bow,
The boundaries that keep us apart will break,
Our love will show them their place,
They'll keep the hatred but will know us as brave.
Asominate May 2020
I'm trying to do nothing
Lest I do something
That I'll regret.

I'm under pain and pressure,
Know not the measure
And it makes you upset.

Maintaining my functions
Lest I malfunction
And blood spills

If you keep pushing me
I will.
A short but intense melody
Catching up with the seen and unseen.

Boundary of day and night,
Where earth's surging spin
Inexorably melts 
Cascading aches and melancholy spills 

Thirsty planets open,
For the ****** of rockets and unfurling of roots.
Nature holds her breath
and decides to wait.
The bursting promise within
the boundary of mountains and water
Life hesitates 

Where serenity of silence rules over this deserted border.
Seen or unseen,the border of unconsciousness.
By/ Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
M JAYAJIT Apr 2020
I met her above the hill as a boy
     far away from the Reality
    I thought  it would be easy
    I thought it would  be simple
            but not the society /
   And it went on ,days were  
                passing like a
    brook into the far woods
She was like that story book   
               I loved to read
    loved to flip her pages even  
             I used to sleep //
she was like that  baby whom I    
                 like a mother
      loved to cuddle even after
        hundred sleepless nights
            But did the society?
One day she said she belonged to
               a different faith,
  though I never read it on her
            I never learnt it
         when we gossipped
      possibly it was our fate
may be we were not  for each   
              other mate !
till that date we have never met
till that day every moment I hardly  
God never made the barriers,
                    we did
   God never created religions 
               Society did //
     If I get those days  back again.    
                and I wish
I was not that high school lil Jack,
   I promise  I wanna ask myself
why did not you say anything at    
                   her face?
    why did I accept that as  
                    my fate !
I want to know are you happy  
     are you ok with all those    
    with all those myths and.    
                 blatant lies,
   that has nothing to do with us    
                   my friend //
   Then I realized its not that simple
   because you and I , we all belong to
              this Cruel society
     where still some mugs live/
    with their long straucht arms
        to condemn you and me,  
   to outcast my you and your me
    Still I want to ask you dear
why could not you dare to ask
     if not them atleast to me
   it was  really  you or your me
    that asked me to leave ? maybe
its the  differences that told us to  
       apart or  its the society who
               played her tricks,
  to safeguard her  status-quo and  
                   age-old bricks //
    I wish We  had been born
              as adam and Eve,
    I hope  we were  born in that
     where hardly any differences
this mismatch is nothing only the    
                icebergs' tip
      differences are more than
       that we could ever think
  God has not set the barriers we did,
                 you and I did //
This poem is written to address a particular aspect of our life.
no political or hatemongering motive behind this
Andrew Durst Nov 2019
You know that old saying
"Actions speak louder than words"?
Well, I've learned to observe
the behavioral patterns
of when our conversations
become a burden.

I am a professional at
reading the signs
of unamused eyes
and you just stare
right through me.

I guess that is fair play.

After all, I used to say
too much
and you cared
when you could.

Foolish of me to think there would
ever be a middle.

We left on words
and nothing more
would follow.

You had a boundary
that I overlooked.

I guess
was all
"I haven't heard from you in 2 days."
Annie Apr 2019
If I melt underneath you
you will pick me up again
and hold me close to you
like you always do,
how I imagine it as I cross the boundary
I have unintentionally laid down
between my own world
and our world.
Umi May 2018
Beyond the boundaries of our restricted life,
Lies a world of pure fantasy, majestic and venurable in size,
You don't have to die in a dream, were the words pushed into me,
Because I was weak, such was a limited set of mind, bound to earth,
"Oh heavens, oh earth" I said, " take me in, let me enjoy the beauty and joy of what's beyond my fragile body once more, just for this moment, I would like to lose myself in the melody of life and death"
The boundary of day and night, determined by the worlds spin gifts us fascinating sunrises, and a starlit nightsky filled with great glory,
Seen and unseen, fantasy and reality all kept from interfering with one another by complex mechanisms and borders, orderly stuctured!
The boundary to another's heart however is crossed by emotions,
Emotions which are to be kind, pure and sweet, ah, phantoms!
Phantoms of the past conveyed by memories long gone corrupt judgement; when I knew the meaning of eternity you were no longer there, such the serenity of silence rules over this deserted border.
The border of conciousness.

~ Umi
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