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You'd think by now
I'd have learned
Not to think
And I swear
I try
But sometimes in
Moments when you
Like I'M
There's no way to
Me from coming alive
Read the capitalised words again.
Sophia Nov 9
I always hope
You're looking
At me while
I'm looking
Nina Oct 2019
It's been a month
Look at me
I'm doing fine without you
Look at me
Smiling and you're not the reason anymore
Look at me
I got a new haircut
Look at me
I've gained some weight
since the last time you saw me
Look at me
There's been so many changes
Since you left
Look at me
Look into my eyes
No matter how hard i try to lie
You'll  Know im not fine without you
Look at me
I miss you
And i want you
To look at me once again
Alaska Nov 2018
When's the last time you looked
at me?
Like really looked at me.
Nobody looks at each other
we always look down at our
phones instead of looking at
the people we
love and care
Look at me.
Why is that so hard?
We don't have to say anything.
We can speak and feel
with our
Look at me.
Inspired by Marina Abramovic' s ," The Artist Is Present".
E B K Jul 2018
Look at me
you've seen my face
hundreds of times

Look at me
without your dead eyes
as if my body was
filled with empty space

Look at me
we are not strangers
I know your dog's name

Look at me
without talking to your friends
laughing the laughs we used to share

nothing is the same

Look at me
I know those laughs have ended
those memories more filled with grey

But stop being the eraser
that wipes me all away
This is about a friend who "broke up" with me.
Elaine May 2018
If I told you all the things I wish I could
Would you look at me differently
If I told you all the things I wish I could
Would you look at me the way I look at you
I want to tell him I love him so badly. But that wouldn't be fair to him, so I write sad poems about it instead
Unicornsoul Mar 2018
I don't want to be loved just because of how i look
I wanted someone to read me like a book.

Search for my darkest secrets
My weaknesses and all of my regrets
Accept all the pages bout how I'm flawed
and doesn't matter how it is so broad
Cite all my never ending thoughts
Like how universe being explored by cosmonauts
Highlight all my deepest fears
That whispers like the music of spheres
List down all your favorites of me
write them all like ABC’s
Bookmark all my childhood memories
my nostalgias, experience and discoveries
Fold all the times i feel the world is against me
and how the universe won't notice me
Underline all my scars and how i got them
connect my moles and freckles like a poem

But last and foremost is that someone I look,
who will patiently wait and stay for one book,
and that is me,
To finish every page of my story,
even though it is not infallible,
but after all the wait, it's worth it.
Samantha Feb 2018
I wish I was my mother's daughter
The real one, to be sure
I wish I was the baby
To which she had birthed
I see the way she looks at me
With love, but differently
Than the love that I see
When she looks at her real baby
I wish I was my mother's daughter
The real one, to be sure
ZT Dec 2015
Can you please,
Just even once
Look at me

Seeing your back look sadder
Seeing your silhouette grow smaller
You left without looking back

So I ran fast
as fast as I could
To catch up to you
To run ahead of you
And here I am in front of you

But why cant you see me?
Why wont you even look at me?
ZT Jun 2015
Him around
Heart starts to pound

Fast, faster
Loud, louder
Hard, harder

Wildly now my heart’s pumping
To my face blood keeps rushing
My cheeks starts flushing

My chest now aching
I stop breathing
Now I’m hyperventilating

This is embarrassing
What if he’s looking?

Oh no...


Nah, I’m just joking
Who am I kidding

He didn’t notice
He doesn’t care
He doesn’t even know I exist
Ever felt like this? Or similar to this? If you haven't experienced one sided crush/love, either you're lucky or you don't feel anything at all.
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