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Mae Feb 22
they call me
drama queen
because they can’t see
my real pain within
Kyle Duran Feb 1
She walked alone

Wearing a winter
jacket in fall

Poorly dyed red hair
and old makeup

All she wanted
was to be loved
Saw this girl as I was walking to work and this poem is for her.
hannah Dec 2017
As we all wake up
But we aren't the same
Continuously living the same as we did yesterday
Dying inside cause we feel we have nobody
Everyone not caring what they say
For some people, fight to save their life
Giving her life
Her life is now actually being noticed
Inside her, a fire raged
Joyfully she would lay it all down
Killing her soul softly
Love didn't win
Mending broken hearts
Never thinking of herself
Out of the ashes
Placed others needs before her own
Quitting the pain
Ripping through a past of scars
Shutting out others thoughts
Unlike all the others
Violence would cease
Was it all in vain
Xyst: something she has always wanted to see, now she can
Yellow, blue flowers and many more flowers to see
Zymotic is something she felt
Xyst: a garden walk planted with trees
zymotic: relating to or being an infectious or contagious disease.
Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
sad, sad life
they always say to me
i don't go out to parties
or scream aloud my worries

i don't talk in and out of echoes and walls
that stand still and look tall
just to tell you
they can have your trust

sad, sad life
they always say to me
i can't stand loud spaces
or the loneliness that is loudness
in excess

i can't fix my naked holes with short-term lust
or strangers on the move
that only harp on my crutch

sad, sad life
they always say to me
i don't like the wind that the world carries
when i feel like i'm begging on its knees

my sad, sad life
words, words, words
they heal a thousand wounds
but can never seem to heal
the shallow hearts that create them

i count the days
until someone sees
that my sad, sad life
is happiness to me
Logan Robertson Oct 2018
It was a Saturday night  in the park
his trees were singing
out of tune
his clay pigeons needed to come out
of his closet
for he was parked
on a stool
at his favorite watering hole
amongst a full house
where pairs beat singles
and there he was
shooting blanks
drowning in his sorrows
on his nine lives of lowlife
hoping for a sitting duck in despair
the kind that waddles right up to the Romeo's
with suspense in their hearts
and spontaneity in their wings
a cackle
that he can tackle
to take home
to his garden bed
for him to be fed
but what he got
was for not, naught, knot
wistful thinking
sitting in a bar sinking
for the jukebox played a broken record
finding love in the wrong places
and the joke squarely was on him
for thinking, he could round the bases
looking no further than the escape of his glows
or a crutch of decoys
and sitting ducks
for he was no Romeo
there he was still, like steel,
a stole away in society
forlorn, preserved
like mamas mothballs tucked away
in basement storage
squandering the forage
for there were no triple treats
tonight for him
or forever sounds grim
for his reality check gone dim
no eye candy
for his heart beats
no picnic
for his ****
and all the bottled whiskey
could not drown out his pain
as his eyes were slain
as the sitting ducks turned
from his fantasy corner
and though
he's sitting at the bar, a loner
reminded that in cards of life
pairs beat singles
and in his worn hand
familiarly holds a lonely joker
for it's like he tries
and its
like his sitting ducks
are like hoofed deer
and his little sweets,
are spooked
away from his
now darken forest
like red ants at his picnic
and the gleam in his eyes turned
to the poorest
as if his life and watering hole
was condemned
his garden bed cut at the stem
it is as if he has a red vest on
and a rifle don
and all the hoofed deer
looking at him in fear
like he's manic
or maybe it's his eyes
that hold dark skies
he orders another double
for what else is there to do
on his Saturday night
than to sit in a bubble
forever sounds grim
but sing him a sweet hymn
he says please
to wit as he steals peeks
at the bartenders triple treats
like a bee to a hive
his joker still strikes a beat
if only he can find a bolster
for his gun needs a holster
and a deer in the headlights
would be hard to find
the confession now told, tolled, towed
through tears
the guy in the bar window
is me, sitting

Logan Robertson

If I could wish upon a star I wish the next man happiness.
Sky Apr 2018
met up with an old friend

says he wants to be an artist
born starving,
he says he
wants to be an artist
born starving

his hair,
bleached bone
and bitten-up
looking like a
lead sketch
"am i high-brow yet?

cause i'm


but not really, know what i
mean, mean things.

like art,
the girl next door,  
and life. yeah
******* life
that i'm all about.
to change!"

"to change?"

watch me
like a ******'

"--marker-lookin ***."

Poor Goose-Goose is a marker-lookin ***
ZT Feb 2016
Maraming kainuman
Ngunit konti lang sa kanilay yong kaibigan
Ikaw nga ay seksi
Pero ito namay walang silbi
Kung sa pagdating ng gabi
Wala ka namang katabi

Kasi panandaliang ligaya lang pala ang kanilang habol
Sa kakaunting oras ginawa kalang palang pamparaos

Kasi katawan mo ay pwede nang e.ulam
Pero mukha mo ay parang kinulam

Sa kanyang katawan napapasabi sila,
"Uy, wow. Ang seksi"
Pero pagtingin sa mukha, panay sabi
"I'm fine. Thank you" dagdagn pa ng "sorry"
The Retard Apr 2015
It's a new beginning,
A happy new life
My dreams have new colours
They are more beautiful now
My hopes have new strength
They are stronger now
My mind has new wings
Its flight is higher now.

Life was sad like a cold winter wind
Harsh and dry and blowing hard
Dreams were being crushed like withered leaves
Had no hope, had no zeal
Mind buried under that lonely feel
Heart beating on sad symphonic tunes
And soul calling those cosmic beings

Met them i don't know how,
Talking to them i felt alive,
A lonely spark into  fire,
A dreamless man began to aspire,
A foment on my wounds
And a way out of confound
I smiled again
At what I had found

-The ******
Jean Sullivan Dec 2014
It was different then,
It was pure then,
It was kind, sweet, new, romantic,
It was good,
Peach lotion,
Distant trees,
Close enough to catch,
Cats, dogs, rats, snakes,
We were part of the world then,
A small part,
But we were in it.
What do we have now?
Nothing but plastic in hand,
Put your shoes on,
Put your virtual toy away,
Enjoy the air,
While there is air to enjoy.
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