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ZT Apr 2020
Di ko mawari kung bakit mas masakit
Ang mga katagang "mataba kana"
Pag sa bibig mo galing ay mapait
Gusto ko lang sana'y madama
Na sayo ako'y may halaga
Ngunit imbes na matatamis na salita aking madinig
Ang pagtaba ko lang iyong bukambibig
Kung sa ibang tao ay kayang palampasin
Pero pag ikaw ang nagbitiw,
Kaya akong inisin

Oo, maari
Sa timbang akoy nadagdagan
Aba'y sa quarantine nga naman
Oras di mo na malaman
Minsan di mo na nga namamalayan,
Dalawang beses kana palang nag hapunan.

Pero kasalanan ba talagang maituturing
Ang makailang beses kong pagkain?
Eh sa may kaya kaming ihain
Afford po namin
Ang ilang beses na mag saing

Mas pinipili ko kasi magluto
Kasi la pa ako lakas ng loob mag TikTok

Lalo pa ngayon nasabihang mataba
Aba aba
Hampasin ko yang pangit **** baba

Pero joke lang kasi mahal kita, kahit na bash moko miss pa rin kita
Kaya hayaan mo ako magtampo ng konti
Bukas baka humpa na ang inis
Kasi di kita matiis
Ikaw ay aking miss
Marupokpok paminsan minsan. O baka madalas.
Mitzi Ambrad Apr 2020
I saw the red flags. I ignored.
You were what this heart is yearning for
I tried to stop, override it but it said error.

Now I'm filled with ache and terror
Coz I know you're not meant to stay
I'm only your temporary fix
Someone you can call when you've got nobody.

My heart beats twice its regular speed
I couldn't calm it down nor ease the ache
I can't stop the tears, the fears
I'm addicted in this sad unrequited vice.

A temporary fix, a temporary fix
That's what I am
It hurts but it's the only way I could reach you, touch you.

I should walk away but my heart wants to stay
In this setup where the high is all about pain
Where rains on my pillow's won't stop
For loving a stranger who doesn't know how to value me.
There are times when we just ignore the way someone treats us poorly because we love them too much that it hurts but we still stay.
Christian Living Sep 2019
I loved you too soon.
Fell too hard, I feel so weak
My heart can’t guard.
What a shame, for time is not the one that I can blame,
Believed to something that is supposed to be a game.
You’re like a lion that is so hard to tame,
You wont even look at me even if I call you by your name.
No matter how many competitions I win, and a genius that I became,
You will always be the trophy that I can never claim.
I wish that I was good enough,
So, you won’t drag me down, but instead just pull me up.
Pull me up from the sea of sadness.
Cuz your lie is like a water,  
And I am a sinking iron hammer.
I’d like to see the end, the end where you call me ‘love.’
A fairytale that my mind made up from not giving up.
But I just realized that all of it was just a bluff.
I am so dumb for not to notice that you’re the cousin of Plod and you wanted me to stop.
The pain when you left clings to me like a pro killer,
Anxiety torments, wanting me to beg for mercy so that they can now pull the trigger
But Fear, from dying can’t be found, anywhere
Cuz I know what they’re trying to do is just a bloodless ******
Sadness holds me a hostage,
Almost made me feel that I’m a ******* garbage
It was a disaster, my worst emotional carnage.
From where does this depression arise,
Is it because the current me would not suffice?
Most fires require at least 16% of oxygen content to burn,
But give me just 1% of your attention, and I’ll have my unending yearn.
I know my sadness is nothing compared to the sorrows of the world
But what can I do? You are my universe, cuz I still believe in you, and your word.

— The End —