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Realize that the loving
Sea lulled my burning body
And its crashing memory,
Echoing with illusion.

Me, an obscure jewel
Hidden beyond the world;
Changing, wandering
Without form.

And the shore still
Spoils me with hope.
For “R” series
Kiss in flame,
An unending blaze.
A sleek smoke dance
Gently spun
Changing to a sweeter one.

His body enfolded
In a warm glow;
Fire resonates within us.
Passion fuel without smoldering;
We make love while the world’s unfolding.
For “R” series
He breaks my heart
And peels my eyes
Open to the world,
No, I’m not a broken girl.

He’s the reminder
That my mask can be removed;
I don’t have to hide,
In him, I confide.

Emotional chaos
Disguised as playing victim.
He called out my delusion,
It was no intrusion.

He softens my feelings
But hardens my spine;
He nurtures me to health
And teaches me of my wealth.

Yes he breaks my heart,
He tears it wide open
So that the rivers may flow again.
He makes me feel whole again.
All the wild inside me
Didn’t know what to do
When this adventurous heart
Made a home out of you.

I saw myself a caged
Beast, newly set free
When the universe
Gifted you to me.

A true blessing;
I swear you’re divine.
You make everything
Feel like springtime.

Cool, collected,
Constantly blooming.
Your love, the nectar
I’m ever consuming.
For “R” series
Nerve wracking,
Gritted teeth
Fascinating and

A kid in a toy store,
Overwhelmed and
Joyous, I can
Feel the magic
Surrounding you.

Violet hue around
A face of blue,
No one wears excitement
Like you do.
How I want to kiss you.

My hands aching,
You’re breathtaking.
Touch me so that
I may stop shaking.
I’m yours for the taking.
For “R” series
I wanted to scream
Until I heard the
Whistling in my ear.
I wanted a song
To pair with the freight
Train crashing through
My heart.
I wanted to feel my
Bones shatter
At the impact.

But instead,
I implode
And my lips pull
Into a smile.
"Don’t worry,
I’ll be fine
In a while".
I tremble between sheets
And a devoted lover.
Our minds, a canvas,
Crashing into color.
His kiss lingers;
Touch, patient and tender,
Seeking to paint
The cold night.
Oh God,
Is it true?
Dear lord,
I’ve fallen for you.
Paper thin,
You’ll see right through


The birds chirp
And I’m reminded that
I haven’t slept
But it didn’t bother,
Because at night
I was the light
Of your world,
And darling,
You’re mine.
For R series
A knight pretending he
Is imperfect,
Surrendering the bind
For softeness and
Passing his earthly
Emptiness to the
Sleepy sea.

A surreal muse for
This rejected girl;
Emotionally abandoned
And feeling discarded.
A knight armed
With charm
Was gifted to me.
For “R” series
Thin skin,
Self infliction;
Melancholy oozing
From my pores
Like a leaky bandage.

Self esteem,
What a dream
To feel like someone
Beautiful, instead of
Feeling invisible.

Feel like ****,
What a trip.
Do I look just
As lovely
Wearing all my wounds?
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