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Isabelle Jan 2017
Narinig ko lang pangalan mo
Kumirot na ang puso ko
Akala ko okay na ako
Akala ko lang pala
Masakit pa rin bes.
ZT Oct 2015
Forgetting you seems harder, As the days pass by
For your voice in my head seems clearer, I cant erase it
No matter how hard I try

Like your favorite song played on replay
Its there stuck on my mind, and there it stays
To forget about you someday is the thing I pray

Your voice
Time tells me to forget about it
But rather it just becomes clearer

I miss that voice
Even the nagging that made me tired
Still at least to make our relationship work out, we tried

But came the day
When you didn't even say
When you didn't even tell
What  I didn't do well

You just left. No proper farewell. Not even the reason why you wanted to leave.

Time tells me to forget about you
To forget That voice in my head
that is clear as always
Time tells me to forget about It
But rather it just becomes *clearer
inspired by the song a guy like me by im chang jung.  The feeling of missing someone and the memories getting stronger as days pass by.
Dianne Jan 2015
Fast forward to
a few years later and
you'll suddenly hear
he's getting married.

The emotions you've been
suppressing in
your almost-hollow chest
will all resurface
and you will want
to do something you know
you should've done before.

But you won't do it.
You will cry it out, instead.
He might invite you.
And you will take that
perfect opportunity
to flee.

Just like what you have done
rewind to a few years before
and have been doing
The sum of having Adele's Someone Like You on repeat.
Lunar Jul 2014
Only a thousand miles apart but you still feel like worlds away.
Six months gone but I still remember you like yesterday.
You left me, but I'm still here to stay.
I'm all alone, yet I still feel the same way.

— The End —