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Jay M Mar 22
I swear
With every fiber of my being
I will always and forevermore
Be there, even without seeing
Through the great many days
I shall stand with you evermore

Through a howling, relentless storm
Through a shaking of the world
Through a fiery blaze and falling embers
Through silence echoing across miles
Through shouts of chaos and pain
Through pounding fists again and again
I shall hold you, safe and warm
I shall sit with you, our fingers curled
I shall walk with you through the vast centers
I shall call out your name through the most excruciating of trials
I shall shelter you, even if I am to be bound with ball and chain

You will never be alone
I will be with you even if our souls have flown
You will never lose me
Together again we shall one day be

Know that I am right here
You haven't a thing to fear
My spirit is always near
To wipe away every tear
In my heart I hold you most dear

From the rising of the sun
To the fall of its golden light
Trust that I hold you safe throughout the night
In my wildest dreams we run
Across the sands of an endless beach
Wind whispering in our ears
Far, far away are our fears
There, for your hand I have only to reach
Turn to gaze into your eyes of life
Darling, we shall make it through any strife
Trust in me and you shall one day see
That we can be again, just you and me

- Jay M
March 22nd, 2021
Don't you fear, I'm right here.
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
Embodying love
In a world of hate
From a family of love-hate
to a people who are bred for love and still hate
Is incredibly tiring
And yet,
With blackened eyes
I will still continue to love
I will never truly know
how much I am needed
by someone who is dangling
over the same edge
that I once fell over.
Choose love with your heart
and with your mind.
You never know.
CAS Oct 2017
To the one I loved, sometimes a little, sometimes equal to depths unknown-
I carry you in my purse, and I often wonder why I liked to collect people instead of diamonds that shine brighter than all of you.
The postcards I sent with little rose petals stuck on them, did you throw those out?
I wonder if you still forget where you placed the wallet or your keys.
Most days I imagine your voice floating through the air and kissing my skin, and in that moment- I am the happiest.
I try to imagine your lips, the taste of it.
How every touch of your skin made my body burn like wildfire-
Late night muse, late night desires.
And then I lose you,
much like how the night loses it's stars to the blue of the dawn every day.
...I never liked Blue.
Come back, Baby
s u r r e a l Jun 2016
whilst they chase us,
and murmur hymns 'neath swollen wings,
they guide us,
with beckon words.

for the birds of baby eyes,
and elderly minds,
they wish for and dream just as much as we,
and ask many questions 'neath--therein--night.

who are you?
who are we?
who are they?
who is may?

simplicity within sliver tongues,
and nocturne in starry eyes,
we learn,
and grow,
listening to the native tongues from the birds of age.

for they speak in rhyme,
and rhythm--you see,
and bless us with the ability.

highlighter eyes blind we,
our neon stoplights, we see,
our teacher--our father--our mentor,
that wishes we move as he does.

for he feeds us rats!
and breaks his very neck for our arrival,
'my child--my pupil--my daughter--my son--welcome'
ever he always,
'mind you--mind you--your eyes beg wonder--sleep waits not for the lazy!'
and with a hardy laugh he bellows, the wind whips its hair as pompously, and only then his feet grabs for our shirts as we soar.

with darkly snoozes,
and sickly snores,
our teacher--our father--our mentor,
cares for us dozens!

for our wings dance lots--dance lots!--midst the rocky blue sun,
and our hearts shriek with candy teeth,
at the earth swimming below our dusty feet,
and clouds preach hello in wonder.

for the twilight knows of many bodies,
of many hands,
of many feet,
of many faces,
for they look up and see moving paintbrushes 'ganist canvas!
and wish for many easels.

and the earth knows of many tired bodies,
that the night has sickened,
with drooping eyes,
and legs a-limpin',
for they become the elder too,
as they play it and earned it well.

and the night sky argues and blinks many,
and births a new globe all and of its own!
as the olden wings guide us,
and our beings ache the part,
with sliver tongues,
and nocturnal starry eyes,
whom sweeps us into Forevermore.
For the elders of the night.
Jasmin A May 2016
You are my winter.
You are my summer.
You are my autumn.
You are my spring.

You are my rain.
You are my heat.
You are my clouds.
My everything.

You are my snow.
You are my shore.
You are my heart.
MaryJane Doe Mar 2016
I ask not
For your hand
In marriage
I long
For so much
Wont you see
These hands
As ours
In life
CJ M Feb 2016
If she lies once more about where she was, I swear I might hit her.
She’s playing with my emotion, a force she’s never extracted from me before.
And It bothers me.

If she lies about why she smells like cologne again, I might get on my knees and cry.
She knows my delicacy, yet she still is determined to melt my silicon soul.

Jilted presence, ever-present guilt in her eyes, I can taste the sweat of betrayal on her cheeks.
She has broken my spirit and my longing for love.

If she breaks me one more time, I just might leave…. But I always come back. She has become my only reality, the only thing I’ve really claimed to love. And I’ve given her so much power that now
I need her
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