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Laokos Sep 12
~           *light on,
still-frame freeze of black bodied eight-legged life
     clinging to stained acrylic. we stare at each other pretending we're not real
until one of us moves.
it was me.
Mrs Anybody Jul 10
she acted
like everything
was fine
when she
clearly wasn’t
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Tompson Jun 23
Everybody always telling me
That I’m young
That I can do anything that  I want to
Should I be excited? Right?
But I can only think that I should die high

I’m so afraid of those feelings
Why I still killing me
Don’t leave me alone with me

If you stay by my side
I’ll break you so hard
So go away,
go away
I don’t wanna make you feel my pain

Don’t worry baby, I’ll be okay
Living with my fake face
My fake friends

I’ll be okay
Diána Bósa Jun 14
He is waiting for someone else
to put the words into his mouth
instead, he would say out loud his own.
And as pretending the singing,
he merges into unpossessed voices
hiding his song in the noise.
I cannot make out his words, though:
I misread his lips - mistaking a pop song for a pray;
a lip-synced psalm,
and believe every word he shares.
Nai Sam Jun 9
You wanted this
Try to remember
Before you close your eyes
You wanted this

What is freedom
If you have to abstain from dreams
With these unknown schemes
What is freedom

The rock is an anchor
You are not sinking
But you are drowning
The rock is an anchor

Pretending is not being
You taste but are deprived of indulging
Your only option is clinging
Pretending is not being

To whom will you run to
With your weary legs
And tired arms
To whom will you run to

You wanted this
Seek refuge in your past ambitions
Forget about the contemporary conditions
You wanted this
Grand Piano May 20
Today is one of those days where it’s just harder to pretend.
Ive played this role a million times over
But today  I’m just having a hard time keeping my smile in place
I’m trying but every time I pull myself out of the water
I sink right back down to where I started
I wrote this when in the bathroom stall at work yesterday. Today I’m aiming for a good day. The water hasn’t risen yet.
Heyaless May 1
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
I have given myself a mean role and cannot now stop enacting it.
Oh if only I could get out! 
Trapped in a game inside my own skin. 
shackles of my isolation holding me back to conquer a living life .
Every day i woke up among a innocent world leaving my mask on the other side of a locked door .
This poem is actually referring to one person with multiple personality . He have to smile even though he doesn't want to , his responsibilities are getting havier day by day . He plays characters he's not
Mrs Robota Apr 13
if freedom is a
state of mind
then I am a prisoner
trying to find peace
by avoiding life;
the things I can't have
aren't worth having,
but I want
It pretends to be one of us, but it’s not quite human.

It masquerades as a person, wearing skin that
mimics our flesh, with joints designed to rotate and
glide like ours. It listens to the changing cadences
and tones of our voices, measures our temperatures
and respiration and blinking rates, and then reacts.
And when it behaves, it does so on accumulated
data, learned and converted into best practices.

But it does not have fantasies. It fills its shoes
with synthetic muscle and steel but never wears
another’s. It does not look at birds and wishes
to fly, nor looks to the moon in hopes of someday
making the lengthy trek to wander the gray crust.

It pretends to be one of us, but it’s not quite human.

Not yet.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
Queen on an old dime
Imprint of past time 
Empty emotions 
Acts of a fake mime 

When singing was living 
And dancing was playing
I’ve been all the art forms 
But now I’m all nothing 

I’m asked my profession
But not my real passion
I draw in the sand now 
To cry my confession 

Is denial a big crime 
The church bells they will chime 
For innocent souls 
Will they also ring for mine
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