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birdy May 2022
a smile --- like a star
fools only from afar
Sharon Talbot Apr 2022
A Beautiful and A Bitter Shroud

When I was little, I found a magic box,
tucked under the eaves where
we were told not to go.
Something compelling about the
forbidden, triangular space,
sealed off by lath and plaster,
made me resolved, beyond curious.
I kicked and pulled until plaster shattered
and wood cracked, delightfully.
The large box was filled
with silk, organza and tulle,
the proud-worn gowns
of my mother's college days.
At those ***** she danced
in them, hair coiled up
and earrings sparkling.
It was not about the men, I knew,
but her need to be admired.
I don't recall a punishment
for opening the box
but she relented and allowed
my sister and I to put on
her finery and pretend.
We wrapped them round us
and twirled to imaginary waltzes,
stepping on long hems so many times
that  the gowns all came undone.
The rags were put away
and the room sealed up.
In my youth I recall but a few
times Mother gave in
and let us be children
or fairy princesses for a while.
Now she is old and finally
trying to wrap me in her shroud,
to make resentment drag me down
and envy of me, crippled with self-hate.
But that no longer works
and I tell her, finally grown
that this is not allowed.
I summon up pity and vague sympathy,
even if love left long ago.
I tell myself that
everyone dies alone.
It's a cold winter night,
Everything seems to be foggy white.
In this frosting moonlight,
The dark horizon's fading out of sight.

Like a caterpillar in its cocoon,
We're chilling at our hot room.
To some, this night is a boon
But for some it's a night of doom.

Looking through my window-pane,
I'm enjoying the dew-drops as the drops of rain.
Some men are sitting down the lane,
I can see them shivering with cold and pain.

Shivering under that cold and open sky,
They're yearning for some fiery eye'.
Their lips are getting pale and dry,
This cold night is torturing them to die.

They're slowly dying in this freezing night, yet pretending to be okay...
Facing this terrible situation, don't know, how to get away?
Neither questioning the situation nor knowing, how long like this they've to stay?
They're just hoping for a sunny tomorrow where they can enjoy the warmth of the day...
Fiery eye' here refers to help.
Truth of every winter night where we enjoy the nature while the homeless ones suffer...

Obviously another flow of rhymes 😅
Nikkipopgun69 Nov 2021
A Curse of falling in love with the right person wrong time.
Finally coming to terms you’ve lost your chance in this moment in time.
The heart aches comes running in ,
How can a heart hurt so much when they weren’t even yours?
Stuck within the feeling of wanting to wait around but you know deep down inside..
You need to just set them free, because you just want them to be happy. Even if it comes around to pretending you’re happy.
Even though you just want to scream
And shout why can’t anything go right for me?
Am I just too clingy? Or afraid of losing you?
Is it something I said? But after all this in the end I’ll never regret the time I said… love you while looking right into your eyes.
Brian Jul 2021
The world tells you to be happy
that you should be happy
you've said all the right jokes
made people smile
made them laugh
played the role well
you have good friends
and even a good family
and they all say they love you
and usually that's enough

But in the end
the lights will be turned off
the part over
and the crowd gone
then you find yourself
taking that long road
back to where you don't want to be
back to being alone

When you get there you'll find
that joy was merely in the moment
that happiness was not yours
you never owned it
and if you lean on it
trust it to get you through
you'll fall farther than before
farther than you knew possible
because all those people can say they love you
but it doesn't mean you do
Just something that kind of fell out of me the other day during my drive home. I hope you enjoy and can relate.
stillhuman Jun 2021
I'm a bit delusional
but i guess we all are

like how we shut the door
to stop thinking of death and the end

just to pretend for one more second
we can outlive it.
Yep, I'm in that mood
Robert meacham Apr 2021

I could pretend you’re still here,
me listening to the beat
of your heart while you sleep.
Inhaling the scent of your body
As I lay next to you,

I could pretend hearing your voice,
Telling me that you love me,
Catch your eyes in the mirror
Flirting with me while I watch
As you dress and I sit

I could pretend holding you,
Embracing your hurt away,
Drying your tears with a kiss,
Sweep your hair from your face
As you look at me,

I could pretend and not live the truth
The truth is you were temporary;
like signature in the sand
erased by ocean's tide,
or autumn wind that carried you away
like golden leaves in flight.

I could lend pretending for faith
on whose wings your soul
has risen beyond the sky
And waiting patiently
my selfish heart beats
cassandra Mar 2021
lonely in the sea of people
overwhelmed while being alone
craving you to like me
while praying that you don't

didn't know the colors
seeing in black and white
all the flaws seemed see through
despite hours sacrified to hide

naked between the sheets
pillows soaking the tears
and all this because
mirror was my worst enemy
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