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Ashita 3d
You see,
I may come off as strong,
But the problem with being "the strong one",
The one who always offers a hand to everyone,
Is that, t have no one to hold mine.

They think I don't need anyone,
They think I have no problems, no worries,

even I fall asleep crying,
And say nothing's wrong,

Because nobody knows,
That I really am lying,
That no one is so strong......
The daily struggle of thousands like me,  who have a tough exterior, and hard walls around themselves to protect the fragile heart from breaking again,
Also to not to show our emotions and stress,
So our friends and family are not burdened....
Envy Mar 11
Pretending to be okay
But deep inside there is
A monster wants to come out.
Hollow in this body
Emptiness and void
The pain, the fear

But it's true, it's real

Pretending I'm fine
But all I do is lie
Will it ever end?

The void gets bigger
It's swallowing me whole
Will there be anything left?

Suffering endured
Endlessly forever
Death will be thy end.

Tacopie5244 Feb 24
Trust me
Im ok
Oh no im not in pain
I have been running for a while though...
No no ! Its okay
Im alright
Just a bit exhausted...
...I want to stop...
—oh what?
Ha ha im just kidding!
did you really believe that !!
Dont worry i’ll keep running
...if you want me to...
you want me to?
Oh no! Im not complaining!
Ha ha sorry if it came out like that
Its just that...

...never mind.

lol seriously
dont worry
im fine
trust me.
Morgan Feb 8
Sometimes I like to play games with you. I like to stare into your eyes silently, allowing you to do the work for me. I’ll pretend to be her tonight. I’ve always had a big imagination, it’s really not that hard. For me. To pretend to be, someone else.

Their name was Barns
I was dancing when I decided to meet your gaze.
Hypnotized by the music
Moving like the drinks in our hands that coated the dance floor.
You were different, thats why my attention was given.
I learned your language was not mine when you spoke for the first time.
But that did not matter to our tongues
Who kept dancing
To her song.
Poems about lovers past
girasol Jan 31
I love you. Still.
Forever a secret
Between my heart and
The silence that engulfs me
nightdew Jan 25
she laughs, she smiles, she pretends.
but if you look a little closer,
stare a little intently,
you can see the cracks on her features,
the upward grin,
is really just upside down.

if you listen a little closer,
hear the soft gasps of murmurs,
you can hear her soft cries that echoes,
into the relentless sea,
put your ears on her chest,
and listen to her heart cracking,
piece by piece.

if you ask her what's wrong,
she'll shrug her shoulders,
a ghost of a smile displayed before you,
and she'll let out a hollow chuckle,
and ask you if you're crazy,
then reassure you that she's fine.

if she catches you peeking at her,
she'd offer you a shy grin,
just to make you
believe that

but don't fall for it,
for a professional
is always good at
their profession.
and hers is mere
i fell for it.
Amanda Jan 19
I will write poems
For you to pretend to read
Every lonely night
You never even read them
Back up and take a breath
Who are you pretending to be?
Someone who is loved by everyone when you cant even stand yourself
Your happiness matters and you are allowed to feel things
Go and cry
Don't be afraid and have to hide
You are human and no one has it worse than others
You are not selfish for wanting to cry for wanting to leave.
Let it all out

Back up and take a breath
You don't have to please everyone
Who only matters is yourself.
So go ahead and cry.
And say how you feel
Because no ones opinion matters.
No one else.
Dealing with a lot of stuff right now
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