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Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
I've stopped time in fantasies
What can I do to make it real?
Is it a crime to be honest
Expressing how I feel?

Been solving puzzle since day one
Haven't made much progress
Has love become an object to you?
You no longer want to possess?

Different creatures
Hard as I tried to resist
Clock hands pushing us forward
They felt more like fists

Have problems gotten the best of us?
Way over our heads
Dissolving our hopes and dreams
Drowning in separate beds

No reason to keep fighting
Nothing left to continue reaching for
Were unwilling victims of change
Still hold onto the life we knew before
I still am not used to sleeping alone every night
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
If you cannot find strength to keep pushing along
On the right track or wrong
The beliefs and feelings you believed you once knew
All that in your mind the only thing stopping you
Sometimes you just have to let go of everything
Glenn Currier Mar 2020
So many hours of each day
I go about doing all the things I want
accumulating long moments
without a thought of you
but when I do stop to notice you
to commune I am again renewed
and filled with your love.

May I take a few long or short moments
with you each day
for refills.
Arcassin B Jun 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Holy unholy matrimony in love.
cozy like a feather under rain where my
heart Is.
stopping all the violence in the world
where it all begin.
love everyone love noone at all for this
is trust.
your dreams soaked in tar where it does
not see the light of day again.
Holy unholy matrimony in love.
theres no where to hide,
no where to run,
officially stuck.
Holy unholy matrimony in love.
Holy unholy matrimony your in love.
Holy unholy matrimony be in love.
AllAtOnce Apr 2018
Everything stops.
Rain stops falling like
a two-year-old’s tantrum tears,
and rocks stop skipping when
inertia gives in to gravity.
Clocks stop ticking when the
gears start to rust,
and hearts stop beating, like
a melody too tired to play.
Just as “I love you” stops buzzing like
insects in my head,
and you stop caring whether or not
we see each other that day.
Eventually, our time here will stop, too.
And looking back,
maybe you’ll wish
that I never stopped and that
you never gave yourself
the chance to.
Téa Rhyno Feb 2018
sometimes I think I miss you
but then I think again
and realize that I don't need you
as a "buddy" or a "friend"

You hurt my heart
you hurt my soul
but without you here
I am still whole.

You can take yourself away from me
and try to make me mad
but it isn't gonna work, ya know
Because I'm all done being sad

I'm happier without you
and I dont care what you believe,
my life's only gotten better
since I stopped stopping your leave
I missed you for months. You ruined me but all I wanted was for you to come back. *******.
OnyxSea Nov 2017
The spreading of wings,
to cover the night of day.

The overbearing clouds,
keeping the sunrise at bay.

All things great, and all things good,
are things by all means, probably should.
Lead to happiness, prosperity, and joy within me,
or a simple contentment, a peace that will be.

Yet no matter what strives,
no matter what comes to be.
The characteristic of things,
is that they all cease to be.

Happiness. Sadness.
All good and bad.
Like the time of midnight,
vanishing in seconds.

Burning the fuels, and pushing the lies,
we strive ceaselessly, towards countless lies.
Of messages of a future we think we understand,
A glimmer of hope which we barely comprehend.

Needlessly striving, continually pursuing,
we arrive at the destination,
burning, smoldering.
Our wayward soul,
all the burns that follow,
and we look upon, to truly behold.

What we see are the joys,
temporary pleasantries,
a series of countless,
wastes and toiletries.

When we realize the path that we sowed has been done,
and all that we wish for, coming undone.
We begin to regret,
not knowing back then,
that a path which burns,
will lead to ashes in the end.

Yet it is not too late,
for there's always a chance,
that the truth will shine,
bright as the sun.

It is the moonlit night,
the salient breeze.
Which cools our hearts,
and soothes the feels.

When we release the burdens which have cindered us for so long,
what is left, is to go where we belong.

Peaceful and free, cool and placid,
it is then we can say, "Cooling down is worth it."
To cool down from the vicissitudes of life is not easy... but it is worth it.
To all those who read this poem, may you all experience relief from the stresses of life.
Lex Nov 2017
We live in a world full of everything
we have the happy
we have the sad
we have the angry
we have the glad
we have food
we have houses
we have feuds
we have spouses
we have the glowing
we have defeat
we have the outgoing
we have those who retreat

As we go through life
with our eyes pressed forward
we never stop to look at the ones who "don't have"
those who are hurting
those who are sad
those who are crying
those who are mad
those who have no houses
those who have no food
those who have no spouses
those who live in a constant fued
those who are covered in strife
those who are broke
those who are done with life
and willing to choke

So my challenge to you is next time you walk outside
next time you start to ignore
instead of worrying of only yourself
help someone through the door
stop putting them on the shelf
help them off the floor
and think of something other than yourself
a lot more
I hope that when you hear a cry for help, you do.
Whether you're tight on money or not.
We can always afford to do something even a little.
Whether that's a conversation, food, shelter, money, or love.
When someone is crying out, ask yourself this.

What's stopping me?
ZT Nov 2017
A wall stands before me
I do not know what lies beyond
I remember what's behind me
But I can never turn back

A bird sings into the distance
A dog barks along the chorous
They're telling me something
But I can never understand
Just like how
I can never see
what lies beyond
The great wall that stands before me
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