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Brett Jul 20
I’m slipping slowly down the drain. The night is dark
And the face in my reflection, doesn’t look at me the same.
Cold disdain; no recollection of the last time I heard my name,
Spoken with grace. My faith is misplaced.
Not even a narrow escape through these castle gates would find me saved.
Only open plains await; with pain pouring down like acid rain.
These fields,
Will never flower. Just rest my head on a feathered bed,
As the world drowns around and drags me down beneath its depths.
Sand and shells in this silent hell. Darkness rings her dinner bell,
As sunken souls grab their hold, stripping my youth.
Used, abused, weathered, and confused; they never taught me the rules
Of how to save you
From you.
Colm Aug 2020
Your clouds need not seek
Just as shadows need not flee
From the falling rain
All that a running soul needs
Is to in acceptance be
A tanka for those who are tired and in need of rest. To reassure the weary that their time of rejuvenation will come. Be it tomorrow or in eternity. Free.

God bless.
SpiralDancer May 2020
I got wet.

Then I got more wet.

Then I lost my keys.

And my shoes were filled with rain,

chattering teeth, soaked to my thighs

through to my skin

shrivelled up feet, trench foot set in

but then I think about real trench foot
and silently apologise to the poor sods
who died with wet feet

I cried when I peeled off my clothes

I felt sorry for myself

But the little un had made me a hot drink

So I thought myself lucky

I am not native to wet and cold

The sun is needed for us growin' old
When you've been rained on so much it feels like emotional damage!
Undead Nomad Dec 2019
floating on a sea of blood
born of our heart's sins
drifting slowly while faced apart
in boats of our own skins

like memories dropped on still waters,
we become cognizant of each other
by the echos of our waves

filled with but an anamnesis of us
this liquid plane;
landless space between,
our forms become intoxicated
as if they were soaked in gin
the taste transmuting
from pungency to bliss

churning tides of rumination,
hurricanes of emotional rot
eddied at our shores
from hair's end to finger's tip

soaked, we are
in the torrents of our yearning
waiting for the maelstrom of appetency
to catch us in remission
Poetic T Oct 2019
Clouds linger earthward
   Gentle breeze

Trees soak unsuspecting.
Anastasia Jun 2019
Watch a night
With memories like stones in my stomach
Flashing lights
Of a police car as I leave
Stars dimmed
By ink-soaked clouds
You're different
Than before
Sinking into my brain
Is it you?
Or someone
Infinite impossibilities
Stretch across my head
Drips across my lips
From biting too hard
Miles to go
Before I get home
wrote this last night. why do you keep coming back in my life when you don't even want to
Anastasia Jun 2019
in the  rain
i walk with you
an orange stained sky
cloudy and dusty
with nothing but grey ahead of us
soaks my clothes
my hair
my heart
i'm warm
and covered
with the misty,
and you laugh
and stick out your tongue
and i do
and the sky does
and i walk home with you
in the rain.
just walked in the rain, now i'm soaked but warm. hot-cocoa and Gilmore Girls for me.
Madeleine May 2019
You walk your soaked
You run your wet
You wait for the bus
You have your shower for the day
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