The way, she did to me
Is the way I did to her
The way, where hearts broke
The way,
I will never return to

The way where
Sun used to long last
The days spent in the past
Still, when thy feeling arises
My day neither sets, nor rises

Poets frankly speaks about an injury he inflicted to his beloved to take revenge.
George Krokos Dec 2017

For what does the sun rise and for what then does it set?
is it not for Heavenly Love which it cannot ever forget?
The moon and stars are also subject and don't seek a release
until that love beckons them to find rest in its bosom of peace.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Serinda Marie Dec 2017

You were my bushel kept my light from shining
You were my kryptonite kept me from flying
Yes puppeteer I'll do as you say, but I can finally smile when you look away.

Eliah SolRae Nov 2017

(L)ovely, you are as beautiful as the stars.
(O)paque, your skin is soft and alluring.
(V)ow I vow we will be together forever.
(E)xcite, you set my body tingling.

Beauty  comes from brokenness
Repairing  a fractured  heart.
God's Love reaching  out  in our pain
All our failures turned into success
Our mourning into joy.
A life transformed
Through our Lord Jesus Christ.

There were purple clouds high in the skies
With the sun setting down in front of my eyes
Fading away becoming smaller and lighter
Making the moon shine bigger and brighter
Because in every darkness
there is always some light
Light of hope to win your fight

BladeRunner Aug 2017

What do I do with all the words that I have left unsaid

The shit I want to say
But cant and wont

As if I was filling a bucket with teardrops

Keep telling myself
That one day Ill say it all
Its just that that day
Will not come


Writing is the only way I can
Let go of half of the burden
I set the words free
Even though
They never
Make it
To you

But somehow I feel
That they now
Are closer to you
And therefore
Am I

Elin Roberts Jul 2017

living on borrowed time
trying to my make you mine
but fear looms in the eyes of
my demons and they're pure
and they're real
and i am not
but you are, yet
don't you see all
i could make this be
make us be
set me free
i know to swim when you're around
the depths of this nothing
it sees no limit
but neither does my emotion
this raw emotion that is so very
very real
it's my reality and it lets me be
the person i know i am
the person i know i'll become
if this borrowed time lends me
some more

food for thought
A Jul 2017

I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.

you are strong; you are the sun.
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