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Traveler Nov 2020
Haiku’s are boring
I don’t like reading haiku’s
Haiku’s really ****!
This is a haiku
The cow jumped over the moon
Was it good for you?
Nature is beauty
Passionate aesthetic dreams
Haiku’s still **** though!
I don’t hate haiku’s
This is meant to be funny
Haiku still ***** though

Traveler Tim
Iska Sep 2020
The sunset was the kind that was like syrup dripping from the skies and if you were to drink it it would be the ambrosia that tasted like a life time
daycrow Sep 2020
oh, cyrus-
i know you never wanted to die.
     are you still in denial?
hades lives two doors down the street,
     and your bones are as cold as lenore's.
it was years ago, cyrus,
that they took you and hid you away.
Are you glad for the change,
     for the progress you've made,
or would you trade it all back for yesterday?
we can't help but look back

If anyone knows any other "oh" names I can use I would love to make this a 3-part series
Safana Sep 2020
between sun rise
and sunset
there is a passing
sun ray over the
apart from,
sky darkness and
the sunlight bring
bluish of the sky
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Do not shun your aspirations
Must have sights set high
Hold a chance at succeeding
Your unwavering dream can fly

Wonder hard
Ponder long
Believe in imagination
Is there limit to what you can achieve?
Pursue your hearts creation
Trying to motivate/inspire others
Poetic T Feb 2020
The best sight at a sunset is you,
     I'll never let the sun drop below us.

I'll hold up the day just to see you.
      Because observing your beauty is
the rising and falling of my life.

Your on the first rays of daylight
                    and I'd  never let it set on

you & me...
John McCafferty Jan 2020
With not much clarity
A guess is worth its weight thrown
But no one ever really knows
Unless the game is read or set
To take or give
Conditions met
I keep the rest to go against
The sense between the self and less
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Grey Dec 2019
If the bar is low,
maybe I won't disappoint
you with my failures...
Erian Rose Oct 2019
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
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