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Mirror, mirror
on the wall
why is she not the fairest of them all?
Mirror, mirror
why can't she see
the image of the person she wants to be?
Mirror, mirror
if she closes her eyes
then, will you stop telling her lies?
Mirror, mirror
set her free
and let her know; she's just as she should be.
But mirror, I know, it's not your fault
that I'm the victim of my own
mental assault.
Your words
always remind me
of poetry.
Just how beautiful and true
they are
and how they set
me free.
Some words can set you on fire. Some words can put your fire out.
Watch which ones you use.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
How long is one day?
Some say it's a day
others say it's a day
with a night but one
is yet to figure it out.

Every day the sun sets
precisely at the end.
Only to rise new again
at the end of the night!
A day is never enough
to count a day.
gabrielle Jan 15


then sets

stays with me
then leaving me

i love thee
both not loving me
it's a cycle
they leave me
they be with me

it's not a cycle
when i love them
but they don't love me
gabrielle Jan 8
the sun
must set to rise

must wilt to bloom

my love
will set because of you
and it will rise just for you too

my love
will set
and soon will not rise

for i haven't got the reason to.
i'll set. i'll rise.
i'll set. i'll not rise.
you. aren't. there.
Yan F Jan 7
     sorry i'm replying late
  well, maybe it isn't too late yet?
but at whatever time you may read this
               i'm just certain
                    that it is not a good time.
but i'll say it anyway:
       always drink in moderation--
                   i know you like to act
like you can take it
                                but honestly,
        you say the stupidest things drunk.
especially when you're alone.
    i just doubt you'll be able
            to find a couch like mine
that you can just crash on
                     whenever you were wasted.
         not wherever you'll be going anyway..
        i know we like
    joked about this a lot
                    a little too much maybe?
           but if ever you think about
trying it,
         you know i've been there too
               we both know how much
of a pain this has been
                but please
put out the cigarettes
before you throw them
                  in the trash
              and just one stick a week
         well maybe not that strict...
      it will be hard to keep living
             in an innocent and pure life
well, without me of course--
                      i've been such a good
          role model for you after all.
                  but remember your promise:
     never ever get a tattoo
                   not even if its something
             or maybe a meme
     or even if it is in memory of me,
                        you're way cooler than
  any ink that would scar your body for life
                   no matter how rebellious
you think you could be
        don't do drugs.
                          got that?
     don't think about even sowing
the same seeds i'm now reaping.
           i guess i got someone like you?
           so maybe it is worth it...
but being left behind makes it
                 maybe even more painful
than is should be.
                              and hey,
                i know we made
     all those
i'll never love anyone else...
                      not the way i did with you.
           and i'll always be here for you
and that i'll never ever send you away.
                    but look
      i broke the pact already didn't i?
                                   so please,
fall in love.
                           and if ever
    you get in a fight
                     or any other chance
                           to prove to this lucky guy
how much you love him...
              do it.
                             and ps.
     never let him see you wasting away
                      lie if you have to hide
all the bottles of gin
                and febreze all over
           the smoke perfume swirling around you
                                  just never
       let him see you break.
                       thank you.
good bye.
this has a moral lesson. don't do drugs.
The Sun only knows how to shine
Furiously, intensely so and so
Why would that version of love
and loving be wrong?
The Earth only knows how to dance
to the tune of set and rise,
It revolves, all her life, around
her lover, spinning around him, her star
And, yet, to each other, that is
more than enough that they give
that they take from, to, one another
to them that is love, to them
that is living, that is life.
Mei Jul 2018
An empty cage stand on the lawn,
Wet, rusty and old.
Longing for his bird,
Yearning for her lonely songs.
Without her, he's no longer his purpose.

Perhaps his heart wasn't really made of steel.
Perhaps being selfless is better
Than being himself.
Perhaps she is somewhere
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