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Amanda Apr 11
Do not shun your aspirations
Must have sights set high
Hold a chance at succeeding
Your unwavering dream can fly

Wonder hard
Ponder long
Believe in imagination
Is there limit to what you can achieve?
Pursue your hearts creation
Trying to motivate/inspire others
Poetic T Feb 22
The best sight at a sunset is you,
     I'll never let the sun drop below us.

I'll hold up the day just to see you.
      Because observing your beauty is
the rising and falling of my life.

Your on the first rays of daylight
                    and I'd  never let it set on

you & me...
With not much clarity
A guess is worth its weight thrown
But no one ever really knows
Unless the game is read or set
To take or give
Conditions met
I keep the rest to go against
The sense between the self and less
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Grey Dec 2019
If the bar is low,
maybe I won't disappoint
you with my failures...
I stare at the big, bright sun
Bleeding my eyes out
Making me blind
Wanting more
Basking in the light
Fighting the dark

Until it starts to set
I scream and I kick
It's dying, but there will be a new one tomorrow
I can't see anymore
Only purple and green blotches
Nanny #5 comes in
She pours cold water into my eyes
"Calm down." she says
"It will be here tomorrow."
I don't talk
As I rest my burnt eyes, I think about reincarnation
If I die, will I come back?
Guess what a heliophile is? It's a person who loves the sun. But this one was a bit mentally damaged living in the asylum.
Erian Rose Oct 2019
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
“So, what’s the case?”
‏                    “Regret, stupid ******* regret.”
“Anger talked in your place?”
                     “Including hate and more hate after being set.”

Finally deciding to show that I am not ok.
Uncovering what I was so good at hiding.
Expressing in the wrong way,
Always had me ended up crying.

I had to say what I was supposed to hear.
The unbearable was mine to bear.
There is nothing between the truth and the lies but thin lines.

Hate ran through my vines,
One that I wasn’t capable of holding.
One thing was for sure; I was terribly hurting.

No one is every the villain of their own story.
Nevertheless I was the villain in mine.
By the time my tears were wiped in the lobby.
I had built an impossible wall to climb.
We all build walls around our broken hearts, although we sometimes wish someone will care enough to brake us out.
Allesha Eman Jun 2019
I found all your written letters,
The ones coloured with flowing ink.
Creating abstract memories on paper,
Sewing together every bone in body,
and weaving together fragments of forgotten seconds.
Wherever you were, I found your ink traced flowers,
Preserved within pages of foreign stories,
Resembling the token of lost time,
Covered in graphite that has travelled seas,
Oceans made of everlasting memories.
And with every word I read,
I set a dozen flowers free.
The ones traced in scribbled ink,
And watch them as they aged.
Hoping if I let them go, I would find something new,
And that time would set you free, every time your words reached me.
Ditte Jakobsen Mar 2019
Mirror, mirror
on the wall
why is she not the fairest of them all?
Mirror, mirror
why can't she see
the image of the person she wants to be?
Mirror, mirror
if she closes her eyes
then, will you stop telling her lies?
Mirror, mirror
set her free
and let her know; she's just as she should be.
But mirror, I know, it's not your fault
that I'm the victim of my own
mental assault.
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